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The Queen of Guess the Song

Hayley's P.O.V

It’s been about 2 hours since we’ve been in the club. The boys are pretty much drunk because Ana said that people who are wild and relaxed always drink. So, thanks to her we can’t get drunk and we have to get our mates home.

The club was filled with people dancing and there were a few live games going on around us. The one that caught my eye was ‘Guess the Song!’ and yes, the game exactly what it is named after.

I know it sounds stupid but I know every single song on Earth. Yep, I’m being serious. People constantly kept on loosing to this boy called Sebastian. To me, it seemed like he was just getting lucky. But to them, he was the King of Guess the Song!

About 30 minutes of random songs later, Sebastian was ‘Crowned’ (yes, crowned with a paper crowned of course) as the King of Guess the Song! Bullshit! He missed 11 songs! 11 freaking songs that I could’ve gotten right. He and his friends were walking around saying about this.

“That’s a load!” I said to my friends and they nodded in agreement.

“Yeah! You could beat that guy easily,” said Mel which made me smirk. Unfortunately, one of the guys who were walking with Sebastian, saw our little chat and apparently, snitched.

“I heard that a lovely lady here has the balls to challenge me in a game of Guess the Song,” Sebastian said, walking up to our island. All attention was turned to us because of his stupid, loud voice. I felt Damien tense next to me and I squeezed his hand and he relaxed.

“That would be me!” I replied putting my hand up while Damien smirked.

“Well, sweetheart, would you like to play a round?”

“First of all, I’m not your ‘sweetheart’. Second, yes, I would. Third, what’s in it for me?” I retorted.

“If you win (which is definitely not going to happen) you’ll be crowned as the Queen of Guess the Game.”

“Fair enough.”

“But if I win… “ he pretended to think whilst eyeing me from head to toe and I cocked my head to the side. “If I win, I get to kiss you!”

I replied without thinking, “Deal!” No way, this bastard was going to win this game against me because of his luck! Sebastian started walking towards the booth where a girl was sitting with a laptop in front of her (which she was playing the songs in). I had to get up from my seat, so, I was a bit slow.

“You sure about this? What if he wins? Are you going to cheat?” asked Mel.

“Don’t worry, I’m pretty damn sure about this. By the way, he didn’t specify which part of me he wants to kiss, so, if he wins, he’ll just have to kiss my foot! Plus, I can’t cheat, I’m tame, remember?” I whispered, getting a chuckle out of Damien who hasn’t spoken the whole time.

I walked up to Sebastian and stood next to him.

“You sure about this?” he asked with a smirk.

“Are you?” I snapped and everyone around us said “Ooooooooooh!” By now, everyone in the club was practically circling us both. This was certainly going to be interesting…

About 30 minutes later, I was in the lead, obviously. The score board looked like: Sebastian= 10 and Hayley= 30

“This is the last song. It would give you 100 points so that we can be finish for today. Ok, the next song is…” said Diana (the girl with the laptop) as she played it. Easy! This is one of my favourites! I was about to press my buzzer when that moron, Sebastian, pressed it. Oh, no! He’s going to win! Dammit!

“Um… um…” he stuttered. “22 by Taylor Swift?”

“No, your opponent gets a turn!” Diana replied.

I pressed my buzzer and said, “We are never ever getting back together by Taylor Swift.”

“Correct! So, tonight’s winner is Hayley!” Diana announced and everyone cheered but Sebastian glared daggers at me which I quiet honestly liked. Damien and Liam came behind me and picked me up.

“Long live the King of Guess the Song!” they said in unison as the people cheered and someone placed the paper crown on my head.

“Queen,” I reminded them as Sebastian and his friends exited the club.

“Queen!” Damien and Liam repeated. This was the best night of my life!

“So, what do you even do as the Prince?” I asked. Damien and I were walking towards his house. Apparently, tame people are supposed to take care of wild people when they’re drunk or something happens to them.

“Well, I basically do the same things as you but for a lot more people and I have to attend some stupid council meeting every month!”

“Damien, you have a place in the Ruler’s court! That’s being a part of leading the entire paranormal world!” I nudged him.

“You would definitely not sound like that when you meet them!”

“When I meet them?”

“Yup! When you come to rule the paranormal world with me and we get married,” he smirked and I gave him a look that said ‘Really?’

Wow! I never thought about marrying the Prince or marriage for starters! I decided to brush it off.

“That must be the Rum talking!” I said trying to hide my flushed face. He chuckled which caused my face to redden even more.

“And that,” he said pointing to my face which was probably redder than the demon’s ass, “is a tamed girl.”

“Shut up!” I narrowed my eyes playfully at him which made him put his hands up in the air in mock surrender. I giggled. Damien was plenty of fun.

We finally arrived at Damien’s house. He was still too drunk to get the key out from his pocket so I had to use my telekinesis to open the front door. Damn! The living room looked stunning. It had white walls, black carpet, a 50-inch (I think or bigger) TV next to the wall, beautiful paintings on the walls and a few black leather sofas. Not too fancy but not too junky at the same time. Not at all what I expected a Prince’s house to be. Ok, I needed to stop staring!

“Come one, let’s put you in a bed!” I said as I hurriedly rushed towards Damien’s side. We went upstairs (yes, his house obviously has a 2nd floor) and the corridors were decorated with beautiful and modern paintings. If I thought his living room was beautiful, you should’ve seen his bedroom. He had a king sized (obviously) bed that could probably fit 4 people (not that I was ever going to let him), another 50-inch (I think or bigger) TV, 2 black (of course) beanbag chairs next to his bed, a work table with a MacBook on it, a closet that was filled with dark coloured clothes (mostly black, yay) and a door that probably leads to a bathroom (which God knows how fancy!)

“Ok… Not at all what I expected,” I wondered out loud causing Damien to chuckle. I walked with him toward the bed and placed him on it. “I’ll make some herbal tea. It’ll help you get sober.”

“Can I help?” he offered.

“The only help that I can really use right now is you trying to get sober. So, if you do that, then it’ll be a huge help.”

“Fine but what if there aren’t enough ingredients for you to make an herbal tea?” he asked as I started to walk out.

“I’m a witch, what do you think?” I called over my shoulder which made him smirk.

About 10 minutes later, I walked up to Damien’s room using my powers to carry the tea in a cup. As soon as I walked in, Damien jerked up in his bed. He changed into his joggers and a black t-shirt to be more comfortable or to probably win our challenge whilst he still can.

“That smells amazing!” he complimented.

“Thanks! You can compliment my mom about it. It was her recipe,” I huffed which made him frown. “Don’t worry! Once you get used to it, it doesn’t…” I tried to find the right word.

“Sting?” he suggested.

“Yup!” I nodded as I gave him the cup. He took in a sip and smiled.

“Woah! That’s a load of flavours!” he commented.

“That’s the trick! It distracts your body from absorbing the alcohol and instead it absorbs the tea so the alcohol just burns off as energy.”


“I know right?” I spoke. Damien finished the cup of tea, put it on his bedside table and laid back on the bed. “Anyways, I should get going,” I suggested and tried to get up but he pulled me down to him by my waist and embraced me with his warmth.

“But I want to snuggle with the Queen of Guess the Song!” he whined causing me to giggle. Wow! The Prince was practically begging me to cuddle with him. “I thought that tamed people were supposed to be taking care of wild people and nice girls are supposed to make others feel happy. I just really want my mate now.”

Thank God, Lily is out with her new friend and my Dad is working late as usual so I can spend some time with my mate as well. “Fine, you, big baby,” I teased and he chuckled. I turned my whole body around to face him and he caught my lips with a passionate kiss. We pulled back and embraced each other. I think I’m falling for the Prince…

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