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Damien's P.O.V

Wow! I don’t feel the least bit stressed. I feel like everything, the Hunters, my powers, my duties or the entire paranormal world didn’t exist. Hayley and I were the only people important. Got to stop that thought before it comes true! I snuggle a bit deeper into my pillow.

“Oh my god, Damien! Do you have to bury your head into my chest?” Hayley chuckled. No wonder why my pillow felt softer than usual.

“But I love my new pillow!” I whined and snuck a glance at her face which looked like a tomato.

She quickly hid it and snapped, “My chest is probably flat, thanks to your big head!”

“I can check for you, you know!” I replied smugly causing her cheeks to turn to a darker shade of red. With one swift motion, I propped up on my elbows so that I was pinning her against the bed. “Morning, Cupcake.”

“Nope, way too early!” she groaned as I leaned in and kissed her. Her lips, god her lips! Why do they have to be so damn perfect like the rest of her? I know one thing for certain… I’m falling for this goddess!


Damien’s lips found mine. Every time we kiss, it just gets even better! I can’t think of anyone more perfect. My arms went around the back of his neck and my legs involuntarily wrapped around his waist. Our mouths opened to let our tongues fight with each other. Suddenly, I rolled us over so I was straddling him. One of his hands moved down to my waist and the other found its way to my ribs. It wasn’t touching my breast (even though I wanted him to) it rested just below it, reminding me that he has dominance. One of my hands tangled itself in Damien’s hair and the other one went down to his chest. I wish we could stay like this forever but oh no, it just had to be interrupted!

“Hey, dude- Whoops! Sorry!” Liam said as he teleported to Damien’s room. I quickly got off from Damien and felt my cheeks flush.

“Great timing, Liam!” Damien sarcastically commented.

“Well, Lily must be home by now. I better go!” I said and teleported myself to my room without waiting for a reply. I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding and turned around to face none other than my 3 best friends staring at me expectantly.

“What the absolute fuck are you 3 doing here?” I whisper shouted (if that was possibly a thing). Cat all but jumped up and tackled me to the ground.

“Cat… you need to… let… go or I’m gonna… die!” I managed to gasp out. She finally let go.

“We’re so happy for you, bitch!” Cat exclaimed.

“You three were watching us?” I asked as my cheeks heated up.

“Technically it was the boys and us but we didn’t watch… we only felt! Plus, it wasn’t my idea. It was these 2!” Mel added.

“One, saying that doesn’t make it any better! Two, I can’t believe you guys would do this. Three, where are the others? Four, ever heard of this thing called privacy? Five, why and how did you even get the idea?” I retorted.

“Look, we’re sorry! The boys are right now at Damien’s room probably getting shouted at. Sorry again about the privacy thing. Ana and Liam had a message for you two but we all wanted to hang out with you guys, so we came. We couldn’t all just walk in on you; it would’ve roasted your whole body so we decided to wait. Then we got the whole idea and Liam was kind enough to walk in on you guys before it turned into something more.” My cheeks could probably be used as dog food considering they are so warm that they’re probably cooked because of what Cat just said.

“Anyways… What was the message?” I asked trying to change the subject as I turned my attention to Ana.

“Oh, you are invited to the Royal ball, again. It happens next week. But this time, you can’t make up an excuse to not attend it. Helen especially asked me to say this and Queen Casandra personally asked for you to be there.”

“Wait Queen Casandra as in Damien’s mother?” I asked feeling pretty mortified. Casandra Quinn, the kindest, most intimidating, loving and thoughtful person I know (apart from Ana) has personally invited me to another one of her balls. Why though?

“The very same!” Ana exclaimed.

“Why did she personally invite me to one of her balls? I know the fact that we absolutely love each other but why?”

“She wanted to see the future Queen to-be!” Mel contributed.

“O-K,” I replied not entirely sure how to act in this situation. “Didn’t know that our Bonds actually had mouths the size of black holes!” I muttered causing them to snicker.

“Oh come on! It’s not that bad! Plus, you’ll get the perfect chance to win that challenge of yours!” Cat added.

“You knew about it too? Do the boys know about it too?” I asked feeling curious.

“Yup!” they all replied at the same time.


I wanted to face-palm at my friends’ actions. They were feeling what we felt! They have their own mates! Why can’t they just make-out with them if they wanted to feel what we felt? Liam told me that mum wanted to see their future queen once again. I didn’t know that Hayley and my mum adored each other! I just hope that she won’t show Hayley my baby pictures.

“So, as I was saying, the ball is next week so we don’t have to be wild or whatever! Your mum said that she was going to ask Hayley to come to the Royal palace to stay there for two days before and after the ball.” The devilish smirk Liam had as he finished speaking gave me an idea of what he was implying. Believe me, I wanted nothing more than to take Hayley completely and mark her. But even I didn’t know what was stopping me from doing so. Was it the feeling that she wasn’t ready? Nope, not even a little bit. The way she kissed me, there was a lot of desire. She wanted to make love too. Did it have anything to do with my duties? Again, nope! Did it have anything to do with the fact that my dad keeps on inviting his best friend’s daughter to every one of our events, trying to make Veronica my girlfriend? That’s pretty much it!

In case you’re wondering who the hell Veronica is, Veronica is the most annoying girl that I’ve ever met. She is my dad’s Bond’s daughter. He’s been trying to pair me and Veronica together. She’s had a huge crush on me since BD! I try to avoid her as much as possible but my dad invites her everywhere. I tried to explain to him that I clearly didn’t have any interest whatsoever for her but he just says that I’m being silly and that he’s doing it for my good. But now I’ve got Hayley and I actually like her, so I can take her to the ball and I can get rid of Veronica for good.

“Damien? Damien?” Ryder called as I snapped my attention to him.

“Huh?” What was that? I’m a freaking Prince! What kind of reply was “Huh”?

“You zoned out. Don’t worry about that bitch Veronica! I’m pretty sure that Hayley can take care of that,” Devin added.

“Meaning?” I asked.

“Meaning Hayley might appear sweet but she doesn’t take shit from anyone and there is a very bitchy side of her that you haven’t yet seen. She will be possessive and she always takes what she wants but for your sake, she’s gentle,” explained Liam causing me to feel proud and smirk. I hope so for her sake…

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