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Damien's P.O.V

Wow! This girl is absolutely incredible. Hayley is currently making quiche as my dinner. Is there anything she’s bad at? She finished her part of writing the papers about 15 minutes after using telekinesis. Then she asked if I was hungry and went to the kitchen to make quiche. I couldn’t ask for a better mate.

“Damien?” Hayley called.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“Your dinner’s ready!”

“Ooh! Coming!”

I sat down at the dining table and there was a plate of quiche with ham and cheese topping. Yum! Hayley cut out a piece of the quiche and served it on a plate for me to eat.

“Aren’t you gonna eat?” I asked her.

“I have a quiche problem. If I start eating now, then I might not be able to stop. I know it sounds stupid but no one else has it!” she sounds frustrated with herself but that caused me to grin.

“O-K,” I took a piece of the quiche and tasted it. Hayley watched my every movement and every reaction. Oh my god! Best dinner ever! “Am I dreaming? I love this!” I commented with a mouthful of quiche.

Hayley blushed and chuckled. “You’re not dreaming and thanks.”

“How did you make this within an hour? I mean, it would at least take me 5 hours to try and make this. But by the end of it, I’d be covered in flour!” She laughed. God, I want to hear that sound every day.

“I guess being telekinetic has its perks!”

Dinner finished shortly after that. Then Hayley left after we made-out for about 30 minutes. Tomorrow, Hayley and I are going to the Royal palace. I hope everything goes smoothly for her sake…

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