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Too Competitive


“Surprise!” our friends shouted. They were all there. Why though?

“What does ‘Surprise!’ mean?” Hayley questioned. “You guys are never up to anything good! This better not be another one of those stupid pranks!”

“No, silly! It was a last-minute invitation! Queen Casandra let us stay here for the whole week instead of just coming to the ball. She invited us just 20 minutes ago for us to keep you guys company!” Cat said which made me want to deadpan. I knew it!

“But- Casandra said- I knew it!” Hayley exclaimed. Everyone except Hayley and I, laughed causing the both of us to roll our eyes.

About an hour later, we were all playing Game of Life (Simpsons edition) sitting on the floor. Never thought these games could be actually fun. We were playing in pairs as in mated partners.

“If this game was for real life, I wouldn’t even be able to rest for a second!” Ryder said with a sigh. Apparently, him and Cat got 5 children.

“What’s really interesting is that you two didn’t argue over anything, not even whether it should be a boy or a girl! Coincidence? Or did you two have plans for future already? I’m going with the second one,” Hayley smirked causing Cat to blush and Ryder to roll his eyes.

“Well, you two haven’t argued either!” Cat shot back.

“It’s because we’re taking turns choosing each time and we both really don’t care,” I defended making Hayley smile at me. So far, we’ve got 2 children. What if this game was real? Ok, if I think anymore, I might make it real! I really wish we weren’t interrupted the last 2 times. I wanted to touch her so badly. Her top hugged her curves perfectly. I desperately wanted to remove all the barriers between us and claim her in every way possible. I wanted to mark her. But what if she doesn’t want to be marked? What if she wasn’t ready? What if-

My thoughts were interrupted by another knock at the door. “I’ll get it.” I walked up to the door and opened it to see my mother with a smug look on her.

“Good after noon!” she greeted.

“Afternoon,” I replied. Why does she have that look on her face?

“Um… Is Hayley in there?”

“Yup,” I responded and opened the door fully to see everyone’s eyes focused on Hayley as she slowly stood up from the floor.

“Dear, I believe that I made a promise to you. I’ll fulfil it.” What promise did my mom make?

“Which one exactly?” Hayley eyed my mom with playful suspicion.

“The one about the piano.”

“Really?” Her eyes grew with excitement. “When?”

“How about tomorrow 12 pm at my study?”


“See you all at lunch! Which would be in an hour.” That was all she said before she turned around and left. Hayley squealed in excitement.

“Someone’s in a good mood!” Devin commented.

“You finally got what you wanted from Queen Casandra. Nice job!” Ana chimed in.

“Um… care to explain?” Ryder said looking just as confused as all of the boys in the room (including me).

“Yeah, we’re all kind of lost here.” I added.

“Your mom promised me that when she thinks I can do every spell in Harmonics; she’ll play any song on her piano that I want.”

“What’s so special about her playing the piano?” I asked.

“Have you seen your mother play? She is amazing!” Hayley replied. “I literally begged her to play but she said that I had to earn it so, I did!”

“Pretty sure that she’s just being sweet on you because you’re my mate.”

“Oh yeah? Want to see who’s better at Harmonics?”

“Anytime, Cupcake!”

“Why don’t we go to the music room now?”

“Great idea!” I hope I don’t lose against her…

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