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Are we going to do it?

Hayley's P.O.V

I swear, my heart rate is probably 1000bpm! I really hope I don’t lose. We all finally arrived at the music room. It was just like I remembered it.

“How about we up the stakes a bit?” Damien asked.

“I’m listening,” I responded.

“Why don’t we do it as a group so it can be girls vs boys and test out which group can create more energy?”

“I love that idea!”

“Who goes first? Coin flip?”

“How about I just let you guys go first?”

“Absolutely, Cupcake!” he did a mock bow and I rolled my eyes at my mate. He still managed to look sexy.

Devin sat in front of the piano, Liam took the drums then Ryder and Damien pulled up stools, took the guitars and sat next to their friends. Me and my girls sat on the sofa overlooking the guys and crossed our arms waiting for them to start. I mean, they’re boys! Boys that I’ve known long enough to know that music isn’t-

My thought are interrupted by the amazing melody that they created, it has me and the girls sharing a few worried glances. I knew exactly what this song was! Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars! It’s my favourite. But somehow, they made it sound much more dazzling. That’s until they started singing and boy, do these guys have the voice? I hate the fact that they could definitely beat us. But their voice was just… mesmerising. Soon, the four of us started singing with them. After their song finished, they smirked and we glared daggers at them.

It was our turn. I just hope this turns out right. This time, the sat on the sofa and I mind-linked the girls to tell them which song we were singing. We all loved it, especially Ana. It’s Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. Cat sat down in front of the piano, Ana just sat next to her (to help her) then Mel and I were the ones who sang whist moving around. We finished and I took 1 quick glance at Damien; he was gaping at me like a fish. Dammit! How does he manage to still look so damn cute? I wanted his lips on mine and mainly, I wanted his shirt off. I wanted to run my fingers down his muscular chest and his sexy abs. Ok, that’s it! I need to stop thinking these perverted thoughts!

“So, let’s check the power rate, shall we?” Cat said as she hurriedly walked up to the power meter (something that we check energy in) and checked her face fell. OMG! Did we lose? She gave us a smug grin and I rushed up to her and checked it. What the hell?

“We gave off the same amount of energy.” Cat just made me feel like someone punched a hole in me.

“I guess we have the same amount of power, huh?” Damien asked staring at the power meter.

“I guess so,” I replied. “But what number is it on?”

“1000 bites!” Cat responded causing my eyes to widen. Wow!

“There you are!” said a voice from the entrance of the music room. I know that sound anywhere. Rosette Quinn. A total sweetie (only with me). She’s Damien’s younger sister. They share the same emerald green eyes but Rosette had dark black hair with purple extensions. We’re sparring partners and I’m her mentor at BD. She’s a perfect mix of Cat and Mel’s attitudes. That’s why everyone loves her. She loves my singing and I love her fighting skills. She’s only 15 but we’re really good friends.

“Rosette!” I exclaimed as she ran towards us and hugged me.

“Hayley oh my god, I’ve missed you so much!” she replied.

“Um… I still exist, you know?” Damien said in pretend annoyance.

“Sorry, but Hayley is just way cooler,” she replied causing me to smirk and everyone else in the room to look like my boyfriend just got dissed.

“Rosette Darcy Quinn! Did you just diss your own brother?” Damien asks while he places a hand on his chest dramatically. The chest that I desperately want my hands on. I’m never going to admit this to him but I want him to do things to me and touch me where no person except myself has touched. I want him to claim me completely.

Rosette and I giggle and the rest of the room snorts. “So, how bad was the camp? But most importantly, did you play nice?” I asked her as we pulled away. Rosette might be a sweetie to me but she is a total delinquent to everyone else. That’s another part of her that I love and will never admit.

“Urgh! It was torcher. The old people were whining on and on about how to be responsible and kind. Like I don’t get enough of that here! I had to play nice like you said.”

“How about we go shopping tomorrow?” I offered.

Por favor!” she replied. Rosette basically said please.

Muy impresionante!” I replied with very impressive.

“So, that’s where you’ve been learning all the Spanish from!” Damien looked like someone who called check mate before their opponent even knew that they were playing.

“I tried my best every day to annoy her but she just responds in Spanish which makes me want to speak back to her in French then we end up having no idea what the other one said,” Damien whined causing the whole room to chuckle.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give her free French lessons too so she’ll understand what you said, but if you want Spanish lessons, you’ll have to pay me! Before you say anything else, no, the sparring sessions don’t count because it’s healthy for both of us,” Now everyone (yes, everyone) were laughing their asses off.

The rest of the day was basically Netflix and chill. About 7 hours later, we all finished dinner and everyone went to their own rooms for their own personal stuff.

*mature scenes, just warning you*

Damien had me pinned against the door in his bedroom after we changed into our pyjamas. I was wearing only a black over-sized t-shirt and decided to remove my bra as usual. Damien was only wearing grey joggers, he decided to go shirtless and I wanted his hands all over me. His lips crashed onto mine and his hands travelled from my back and down to my thighs urging me to jump. I hopped onto him. Damien’s hands were on my ass, my fingers found their way to his hair. His throbbing cock was pressed up against my wet core. I wanted these damn clothes off. He walked us towards his bed and gently placed my on it. He crawled on top of me and kissed me like he had a hunger for it. Damien’s hands reached the end of my shirt. They slipped under it, one hand snaked up to find my right breast and teased my nipples, the other hand slowly slid inside my panties and rubbed my clit. I moaned into his mouth. No man has ever touched me there. Are we really going to do IT?

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