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Each other's: Soul, body and mind

Damien's P.O.V

*very mature scenes*

I’ve never wanted her more in my life. Hayley was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. Everybody loves her and she’s the perfect girl.

Hayley parted her lips from mine and reached down to pull her t-shirt over her head and removed it. Boy, was she beautiful? If I thought she was amazing before, then that was an understatement. She looked absolutely stunning. Her perfectly round breasts and the curves of her body were amazing. Now she is mine. Her pussy was barely covered by her lace panties. My blood rushed to my southern regions. She grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down for a deep kiss. How did I even have the mind to resist this girl?

Hayley's P.O.V

His lips met mine and I felt like I was falling for him all over again. Damien took off his joggers. He was now in his boxers and I could feel his throbbing bulge pressed up against my thigh. I nearly smiled at how turned on he was. I’m glad I had this effect on him. Time for me to take over.

I’ll admit, I’m not a saint, I’ve seen porn and masturbated before so, I’ll know what to do. This is the part where you think that whether Ana knows about this and she’ll be awkward around me. No, she won’t because I put up mental wards to block my most perverted thoughts and all the activities I’ve done. I rolled us over so it was him who was on his back. I had the upper hand. I crawled down and slipped my hand inside his boxers to hold his cock. Damien took off his boxers and I took off my panties. He was huge. I stroked his shaft and heard his breath hitch. Boy, did I love it? I lowered my head and ran my tongue down his manhood. Then I took him into my mouth and started sucking gently causing him to moan slightly. I’ve NEVER done this before but according to the response I was getting, I wasn’t half bad. He throbbed in my mouth and I went faster. Damien moaned out loud before using his hands to try to gently lift my head up. I knew what was coming next. I pushed his hands away and kept on bobbing my head up and down. His salty, hot seed filled my mouth and I swallowed it. It didn’t taste bad. This time, he flipped up over so that I was on my back.

Damien leaned down to my ear and whispered huskily, “Time for me to return the favour.” He parted my legs and swirled his tongue around my wet folds. A moan left my mouth because of the pleasure. One of fingers entered me and I gasped. Then he entered a second finger and started rocking them in and out. Damien started slowly at first but it got fasted and harder until I came. He lowered his mouth to taste my cum then looked up at me and licked his lips. Slowly, he crawled up and sucked one of my nipples and teased the other one with his hand. He reached out to his bedside table, opened a drawer, pulled out a condom and slipped it on. I felt the head of his cock touch my opening. It slide in easily, thanks to how wet I was. The pain was almost unbearable. His size made me feel like I was being teared apart from the inside but the pain soon turned into pleasure.

“Is it alright?” Damien asked. It was so sweet that he was asking me this. I nodded in response.

I cocked my head to the side and said, “You said you’ll take me until the only thing I can say is your name. So, come on, Prince. Show me what you’ve got.” Some stupid part deep in me almost made me regret my words. Key word: Almost.

He smirked as he pulled out and slammed right back into me. I yelped at the insatiable pleasure. My boyfriend’s thrusts were slow and sweet but I wanted it rough. I rolled us over so he was on his back and I was riding him. I controlled the pace now and leaned down to kiss his neck as I grinded my hips against his. I moaned out loud. How will I ever get enough of this? The orgasm tore through me. Even though Damien was wearing a condom, I could still feel him hot inside of me. I collapsed onto my side and he turned to face me and caressed my cheek with his hand. That was the moment. Both of our right hands went to sides of our necks and white glows emerged from them. We both wore each other’s initials. We were each other’s. Soul, body and mind.

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