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Morgana's P.O.V

I felt like my eyeballs were going to pop out of by head! Then again, considering how close my jaw was to the floor, they might as well be about to.

My bestie found her mate! Can you believe it?

As much as excited I was to celebrate the news, I wondered how this guy knows that Hayley is his mate, when there is no magical energy whatsoever radiating from him! Plus, he looked oddly familiar! Like really, really familiar!

I looked at him and he plastered one of the most picture-perfect smiles on his face. OMG! He’s got dimples! I can’t possibly think of anyone more perfect for Hayley!

I think that I’m a little jealous but I clearly shouldn’t be, considering I already have a mate!

I decided to mind-link Hayley so that she wouldn’t stay stuck (clearly not in a bad way) staring into his eyes.

“Earth to Hayley!”

“Huh? Oh! What?” she finally snapped it although she did sound a little embarrassed when she realised that they had been staring into each other’s eyes.

“Well, don’t just stand there awkwardly! Talk to him!”

“What do I say?”

“I don’t know! Introduce yourself and then ask his name or something!”


“Um…Hi, my name is Hayley,” she very cautiously said as she held a hand out for him to shake. He just stared in to her eyes with a lot of confusion for a moment. Hayley put her hand away after he firmly shook it. Uh-Oh! Her face was starting to turn red when she tried to look anywhere but at him. I started to get really, really annoyed at this man that I wanted to turn him into something very slimy! I mean come on! The girl is hot as hell and he hasn’t even spoken a word to her yet! Wait a fucking second! Omg! Is that Damien? No. Fucking. Way.

Damien's P.O.V

I was star-struck by the beauty of my mate! She had chocolate brown waves, bright blue eyes that made the sky look like she owned it, and oh my god! Her top was hugging every curve in her body! I wanted to worship that goddess! I didn’t even see a hint of makeup on her face, another thing that told me she was irresistibly beautiful.

But as much as I wanted to take her into my arms and adore her, I knew I had to keep a distance from her and see if she was worthy of ruling the entire paranormal world with me.

I decided to just give her the best smile I’ve got and she held out her hand for me to shake so, I shook it firmly. Then I used my powers or at least tried to. Usually when I use my powers to read someone, I could hear their thoughts and every emotion but for Hayley, I can’t feel a damn thing. I mean there is no way that a person can’t feel anything at a time.

What is she?

I guess I’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way!

Hayley's P.O.V

“Hi, I’m Damien. Your new huh?” he asked.

“Yeah!” I said not knowing how to make this conversation any less awkward. Come on, come on! Think of something to say, Hayley!

“Try reading his aura!” Ana exclaimed (in the mind-link of course). So, I started doing that. Weird! I can’t sense any magical energy whatsoever.

“Um… I can’t sense any magical energy from you,” I said feeling very confused. I mean, how can a person know that paranormals are real and not have any magic in them!

“Oh… I… I usually put-up wards.”

“Oh… ok,” I scratched the back of my head awkwardly. “I’ll- see you around!” I walked back to my house without even waiting for him to reply.

“What was that???” Ana questioned after she turned visible again.

That was a whole world of awkwardness with my mate!” I answered sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes at me, “Go out there and talk to him!”

“Why? To make it more awkward?” I shot back.

“Well, you kind of have a point.”

“He is my mate, Ana! My next-door neighbour is my fucking mate!”

“OK! I get it! Liam was my best friend before I found out that he was my mate! So, I can relate!” I think that was her attempt to calm me down.

“Ok. So, what do I do now? You are the one who said that you will be there every step with me! So, tell me????”

“First of all, calm down. Your hands are starting to spark!” she reminded me and I took deep breathes in and deep breathes out. “Perfect. Second, he’s just a guy! A guy that I think I might be familiar with.”

“What? Why didn’t you start with that instead??”

“I said might not am, ok? So, don’t burn me!”

“What? Why do you even think that I will burn you?”

“Ahem! Your hands are on fire!” she reminded me. Once again, I took deep breathes in and out so the flames disappeared.

“Ok. So, what do I do now and how exactly do you know him?”

“You need to go grocery shopping, then introduce me to Lily so that she would calm down about the whole friend thing and after that, you are going to ask Lily about your mate and obviously don’t use the word mate! I’ll tell you more about him after all this because you need to calm down and what I’m going to say, will definitely freak you out!”

“You sure about the whole me introducing you to Lily thing?”

“Hayley, we’ve discussed this over a million times!”

“Fine! Fine!”

About two hours after this, Ana and I finished shopping and we headed home.

“Lily. Lily.” I called as I walked into my house holding the bags of grocery. I couldn’t shake this feeling that someone was watching me. I walked into the dining hall. “Lily? Oh, there you are!” I exclaimed.

“Did you buy everything?” she asked.

“Yeah, and this is my friend!” I instantly said (gesturing to Ana), not giving Lily any time to ask me anymore questions.

“Hello! Nice to meet you! I’m Morgana, but my friends call me Ana!” she said plastering that signature smile of hers.

“Nice to meet you too Ana! I’m Lily!” Lily replied plastering her signature smile. I mentally rolled my eyes at them.

Knock! Knock!

“I’ll get it!” I said and hurried to the door. I opened it to see the most unexpected face of all. His face.

“Um… Hi Damien!”

This is going to be one long day.

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