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A Long Night

Hayley's P.O.V

“Oh my god! Aren’t you two the sweetest things I’ve ever seen!” I exclaimed. Well, technically the future me because I was in Damien’s bedroom and all of my stuff was here. I looked over to his desk and saw a picture of us getting married. Me in a majestic, white dress whilst he was in a black, shiny suit. We were kissing like it was for the first time. I turned towards future me as she looked at two cradles. Twins. One boy and one girl. They looked a LOT like Damien and me. That’s when it hit me. My guardian. If I think about something so much, then I’ll be able to see it’s past, present or future. I thought about children. Damien and I were having twins. Ok… That’s a load of information to take in! First, I found out that he was my mate. The freaking Prince was my mate. Second, we had sex. My first time was with the freaking Prince! Third, I found out that he married me. Now, we’ve had twins?!

“Hey, Cupcake!” I’d know that voice anywhere. It was my Prince. I felt a pang of jealousy when he kissed her on the lips but I shouldn’t feel like that. It was technically me. “How’s my Queen?” he asked future me. What the hell? How did I even forget that part? He was no longer a Prince… He was the King and I was the Queen.

“I’m fine thank you very much. How’s my King?” she asked and a smile made its way to my lips.

“Hmm…” he tapped his index finger on his chin pretending to think. Wow! It doesn’t matter how much older he gets; he’ll always be cocky and smug. That’s one of the many things I love about him but will never admit, “I’m a bit stressed but all of that will go away if I get some alone time with my Cupcake.” They need some alone time meaning privacy. I focused my energy on snapping out of the future and my vision began to clear. I opened my eyes to see Damien’s worried face.

“What happened?” he asked.

“I saw the future.”


“Well, we had-“ I cut myself off.


“If I say it, then there’s a chance that it’ll change but for now, all you need to know is that it was beautiful even though I freaked out a little. It was… Perfect.” He grinned and kissed me.

About 45 minutes later, I finished eating lunch and was ready with Rosette and the others. I wore a white turtle neck to cover all my hickeys, black, wide-length pants and white stiletto sling backs. I looked hot.

“Ready?” I asked Rosette as I opened up a portal.

“More than ready!” she replied. We all carefully stepped into the portal and ending up in the town of this realm. It was beautiful. Big buildings everywhere, people chatting, a huge mall in front of us and sunshine everywhere. Now you might think how in the hell vampires can resist sunlight. Simply because they’ve got the rings to prevent it. It was gifted to all vampires so they could live their lives like everybody else. Rosette dragged me inside and I chuckled, “You know that you’re acting like toddler, right?”

She smiled sheepishly, “Sorry, just excited.” She pulled me to our favourite shop. I loved that shop partly because the dresses were amazing and partly because the shopkeeper (Ariel who was a witch and a friend of my mother’s) treated us like we were normal people instead of Royalties.

“Wonderful to see you two again!” Ariel beamed at the two of us. “By the way, congratulations! I heard the news!”

“Thank you?” I replied feeling confused and Rosette nudged my arm. “Oh, that news.” I slightly turned my head around to Ana and Liam then glared at then and mouthed, “You two are dead.” They just smiled timidly. How did the words travel all the way to Ariel? I turned my attention back to the shopkeeper and said, “We have a ball to attend tomorrow and were wondering if you had the perfect dresses.”

“And tuxes!” Devin added.

“And tuxes… I guess,” I said feeling very confused. I never heard anything about buying tuxes. I thought they were just coming to help us pick.

“Well, I just happened to have both of those. Why don’t you guys take a look?”

About 20 minutes later, we were all picking dress after dress. Ana said that the boys shouldn’t look at the girls because our dresses were a surprise. Thankfully, the men and women’s sections were at the opposite sides of the rooms.

“What about this?” I suggested to Rosette. It was an open-back, glittery, purple dress with a slit that would show until the middle of her thigh. Not too girly and not too bland. Rosette style. “Try it on.”

She tried it on and oh my god! “I think I just found the most beautiful girl in the universe!” I exclaimed causing her to blush.

“Tyler is going to flip!” Mel commented. Tyler McKenzie was Liam’s cousin and Rosette’s 16-year-old mate. He is the heir to guarding one of the 10 realms that was handed to the 10 original warlocks. Rosette’s cheeks turned to a deep shade of pink.

“Is Rosette Darcy Quinn blushing?” I asked dramatically.

“Shut up!” she groaned and we giggled.

“I think I found the perfect dress for you Hayley!” Rosette exclaimed. She pointed towards the most elegant and sexy dress I’ve ever seen. It was a long, mermaid, dark blue, lace dress.

“Wow!” I commented. I changed into the dress and oh. My. God! It clung to my body and brought out my curves. I walked out of the dressing room to see the girls gawking at me.

“I think I just found a goddess.” Rosette made me blush. “Damien is gonna freak!”

About 3 and a half hours later, we returned to the Palace with all of our shopping bags. Damien paid for mine even though I insisted on doing it myself. Turns out, my mom was really, really rich so when I came to BD for the first time, I basically felt like Harry Potter.

We all walked up to our rooms. I put the bags in Damien’s closet where my suitcases are and a pair of strong arms wrapped around me. His refreshing, citrus scent enveloped me. I turn around and wrap my arms around him and Damien picks me up. I giggle as he places me on the bed and kisses my neck and sucks on my skin. I wiggle beneath him; I could feel him smiling to my neck and his growing erection. Suddenly, a knock on the door interrupted us. Both of our heads snapped in the direction of the door.

“I’m coming in!” Casandra said as she opened the door and walked in. Damien and I sat up quickly and fixed each other… Or tried to by the smirk on her face.

“Sorry if I was interrupting anything but your father just arrived and he want to see Hayley. We’re having barbeque.” That was all she said before she abruptly left the room. I looked at Damien to see that his face was just as flushed as mine. Caught by mother-in-law. To be. Fortunately.

“Um… We should get changed and head downstairs,” I suggested and we both went to the closet to change. About 10 minutes of kissing and changing later, we headed downstairs and saw that Devin and Mel were waiting for us whilst making out.

“Caught in action!” I teased and they quickly loosened their holds on each other causing me and my boyfriend to smirk.

“Let’s go!” Mel said as she dragged me outside.

“Hayley! It’s good to see you again!” King Aaron greeted.

“The feeling’s mutual,” I replied and he smiled. King Aaron is one of the most intimidating people ever but we were on good terms.

“And I’m invisible again!” Damien groaned. We all (yes, everyone) looked at him with a confused look then burst into laughter.

“Oooh! Is someone jealous?” I asked sarcasm dripping from my voice.

“Hmm… I don’t need to be jealous. I got everything I wanted about 1 week ago. So, why would I ever be jealous?” he grinned mischievously at me. I felt my cheeks flush. The whole eye-locking thing happened exactly 1 week ago.

About 15 minutes later, we were all chatting and eating when Damien came behind me and showed me the time on his phone. 7:55pm. It’s time I finish another thing on my schedule that might take me all night. I just hope I’ll be able to walk tomorrow…

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