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Hayley's P.O.V

Damien and I said our goodbyes to the others and went into the house. I race him halfway up the stairs until he caught up and picked me up. I giggled and he carried me the rest of the way.

He kicked open his bedroom door, entered then closed it. This was going to be long night…

I woke up the next morning feeling quiet sore around the leg area.

“Morning,” Damien greeted.


“Aren’t you gonna run off to complete your schedule for the day?” he teased.

“Yup… As soon as my legs start working.” We both chuckled.

“Well, do you want me to do something to give them an energy boost?” he offered as he rolled on top of me.

“Sure, that’s just what I need to wake them up.”

He put a condom on and slid inside me. Every time he does that, I feel like I’m complete. Like there was a big hole in my life (which I didn’t even notice) that only he could fill. I’ve never been attracted to someone this much. His thrusts got harder. Every time he hit that sweet spot deep inside of me, I wanted to make us the only people who existed. Without any duties, Hunters, events or disturbance. Soon we both came to a climax. I remembered all the other orgasms we had. We probably used 20 condoms yesterday. I know, expensive but the pleasure was too good to lose. A knock on the door, ruined our moment.

“It’s Rosette. Look, I’m not gonna come in because I don’t want the picture of what you two are doing in there in my mind but mom wants to speak to Hayley and she says it’s very important. By the way, breakfast is starting. So put some clothes on and come downstairs.”

I had to bite back a snicker. We practically ran to the closet, got dressed and teleported downstairs. Thankfully, I wore a black turtleneck top to hide all the new hickeys that my beloved boyfriend gave me. We reached the dining hall. King Aaron sat at the head of the table, Casandra sat to his right and Rosette sat next to her. Damien sat to the opposite of his father and I sat to his right. Rosette (that little demon) winked at me. I knew everything about dinner with Royal families. The most important people at the in the room would be sitting at the head of the tables. Since Damien’s dad was the King and he was the heir they’re the most important people in the room. According to the rules, no one else except an heir can sit opposite to the King because if they do, it’s basically like challenging them. Casandra was the Queen and I was the next Queen so we were the next important people even though the rules clearly state that the King and Queen need to have equal amount of power. Devin sat to King Aaron’s left and Liam to Damien’s. Ana sat next to me and Mel opposite to Rosette. Ryder next to Liam and Cat next to Rosette. There were a few spaces left in the middle but no one bothered to sit there. If you sit there, then it basically meant that you have the least amount of power but we were all very powerful.

Sitting next or opposite to a person also meant that you’re showing the fact that you could take them on and since we’re both blessed ones, Damien and I could have a pretty crazy fight.

About 10 minutes later, the tension in the air broke and everyone started chatting. I was comfortable once again. Breakfast ended soon and Casandra asked me to meet up at her study.

I was sitting on a chair opposite to her.

“Hayley, I have a favour to ask you and I know this might be something that you will be uncomfortable with but-“

“Casandra… Just rip the band aid off,” I said calmly noticing her nervousness.

“Ok… Can you please give Rosette the talk?”

“WHAT? Why me?” I questioned as my eyes widened.

“Well, you are the one of the very few people that Rosette is sweet to. Every time I try to talk to her about these topics, she brushes me off.”

“I have a confession to make,” she nodded and I took that as a sign to continue, “I’ve never gotten the talk. But please don’t ask me why because I really don’t want to think of the reasons why. So, I’ll try to give her the talk but can I ask the girls to back me up?”

“Of course! Thank you so much!”

With that I quickly left the room feeling very awkward. Somehow, I convinced my friends to join me (girls of course, no boys, never boys).

I knocked on Rosette’s door and she opened the door. This was going to VERY awkward…

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