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The Talk

Rosette's P.O.V

“Hey, guys!” I greeted. They look a bit worried. Hayley looked like she was clutching onto her Gem for dear life. “What’s wrong?” I ask because they look like they’re gonna puke.

“Nothing! Can we come in?” Mel asked frantically. Mel was never like this. She was always cool. I stepped aside and welcomed them inside. We took our usual spots on the beanbag chairs at the corner of the room.

“I’m just gonna get to the point! Casandra asked me to give you the talk,” Hayley blurted out causing my eyes to practically bulge.

“She did WHAT?” I questioned. “Why couldn’t she give me the talk?”

“She said that you felt uncomfortable and you kept brushing her off,” Cat answered.

“Don’t worry! We’re not gonna be as weird as our parents! Now, let’s just get this over with and have some fun before the ball,” Mel added. That calmed me down. I couldn’t even have the picture in my mind! My 4 closest friends, giving me the talk!

“We’re not gonna pry into your life but we just wanted to say that… If you’re doing it, then do at the right time, place and most importantly, with the right person,” Ana said.

“Not to invade your privacy but have you done it?” Mel asked and my cheeks went red.

“Melanie Carter!” Hayley whisper-yelled.

“What I was just-“ she broke off when she saw my face.

“Oh my fucking god!” Ana exclaimed, “You have, haven’t you?”

“It was just a blow job! Nothing really happened!” I tried to defend myself. They all scooted over to me.

Something happened! Why didn’t you tell us?” Hayley whined.

“What was I supposed to say? ‘Hey, there! I just sucked my mate’s dick. Want to know all the details?’” I shot back.

“Are you willing to give us the details?” Ana asked smugly.

“Absolutely not!” I replied.

“Rosette’s cheeks are red!” Mel teased. Suddenly, we heard a shuffle outside the door. Hayley opened the door and the 4 boys were standing there. My brother looked pissed off whist the other three were looking sheepish.

“And my life is turning into hell!” I groaned.

“Rosette! What. Did. You. Do?” Damien asked. The look on his face and the pauses between his words told me exactly how angry he is. To say that he was ‘very angry’ would be the biggest understatement in the entire world.

“Damien calm down,” Hayley tried to reason with him but I knew what was coming next. All the pillows in my room (which was a lot) levitated and came crashing down on me. I hate him!

Hayley's P.O.V

The entire room burst into laughter and the pillows came flying towards each one of us. Of course! Rosette Darcy Quinn always gets revenge.

“You wouldn’t mind if I have a talk with Tyler. Do you?” Damien asked Liam.

“Knock yourself out!” Liam replied not wanting to get on Damien’s bad side.

“I swear, if something bad happens, Damien, I’ll personally burn down your gym!” Rosette threatened.

“Oh please! You’re as threatening as a new born baby. Besides, the gym is my second most favourite thing now,” Damien shot back.

“What’s your favourite thing?” I asked.

“You,” the siblings (who were currently glaring at each other) both replied at the same time. It was creepy as fuck but I couldn’t help but blush. I was the Prince’s favourite.

“And person, not thing,” Damien added not taking his gaze away from Rosette.

“O-K… I’m just gonna ease the tension,” I said as I tried to move Damien by pulling his very muscular arm but he wouldn’t budge. Seriously? I set up the pillows and beanbag chairs in front of Rosette’s TV (with my powers of course) and moved the siblings to the end of the fort. We all sat down and I turned on Netflix.

“What should we watch? Friends or Dynasty?” I asked. “Hands up for Dynasty.” All of the hands shot up. “Dynasty it is!”

I put it on and as I went to sit down beside Damien, he pulled me onto his lap. My cheeks burned as Mel smirked at me. A few episodes later, I looked at my phone to find that it’s 5:30pm. The ball starts at 7! I quickly go off of Damien’s lap and paused the video.

“What?” Cat asked in annoyance.

“It’s 5:30 and the ball starts at 7, dumbos!” I exclaimed. All of the girls got up we rushed to get our dresses. But, the boys just stayed and continued watching the video.

“Oh and by the way, your tux will be in Damien’s room, Liam!” Ana quickly said as she popped her head in the room. I chuckled and went to pick up my dress. This is certainly going to be one interesting ball… I just wish I didn’t have to see that idiot’s face…

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