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Falling for Him

Hayley Chapter 32

Before I even knew it, I had handed myself over to the girls. Mel picked everything, Rosette unpacked my dress, Cat did my hair and Ana did my make-up. Soon, I found myself staring at the girl in the mirror. This was not me! Well, it was but a totally different version of me. The dress was hugging every one of my curves. My eyeshadow was silver then it faded to black. The eyeliner was done in a double flick style. Ana did some amazing work. My hair was curled slightly and fell down my shoulders. Cat was awesome. Mel picked the silver hoop earrings that I was wearing and the silver chain (of course they weren’t made of real silver) with the navy-blue crystal on the pendant.

“I love you guys!” I said and I felt my eyes water slightly. I’d never be able to thank them enough for this.

“Oh, don’t cry… You’ll spoil the makeup,” said Ana causing us all to burst into laughter.

“I do know 1 way you can repay us. Make casseroles!” Rosette added.

“Sure!” I replied chuckling. I helped them get ready by using my telekinesis and we headed downstairs at exactly 6. Shit! I forgot my Gem.

“Guys, I’ll be right back. I forgot my Gem.” They nodded at me and I went back to Ana’s room to get it. I looked for it for about 10 minutes before I found it stuck to the back of my phone. I took it and stuck it to the inside of my heel so that I wouldn’t lose it.

By now, I’m 15 minutes late. I headed to the ball room and as soon as I stepped inside, all eyes turned towards me. I need to straighten up. Chin up, darling because it’s just getting started. I found the most beautiful pair of green eyes staring right at me with a LOT of lust. Damien was wearing a light-grey tux that brought out his muscular arms and chest. He looked at me from head to toe and drank in my form. I smirked. Right now, I was the future guardian of Earth, the one person that everyone loved, the future Queen, the Blessed One, the one with the sexiest Prince, the most popular witch and most importantly, Ms. Hayley Denvers: the only one who would have a fighting chance against the most feared warlock.

I made my way over to him who was standing at the corner of the room.

“See something you like?” I teased and my Prince seemed to snap out of whatever trance he was in.

“I do, very, very much actually,” he smirked and pulled me in for a kiss. Damien wrapped an arm around my waist possessively. I loved it. I belonged to him and him only. I caught a glance of Veronica glaring daggers at me and I just smiled innocently. Everyone whispered about us and that kiss. I wanted to lower my head and hide away but I can’t, I’m a very important person in society and if I back away because of some silly whispers, how would it affect my image and mainly, my enemies will win. I looked the people in the eye and they all went back to minding their own business instead of butting into other people’s stuff.

“Do you want me to lose control right here right now? Because it would be very easy to undress you now,” he whispered huskily into my ear. I felt my face flush. My nipples hardened and my panties were getting wet.

“Well, I was hoping you would but let’s see how long it’ll take you to lose every amount of self-control.” My voice and body-language was screaming ‘Confident bitch who has more than enough balls to challenge the Prince’ but my mind was saying ‘I’m a giddy teen who falls for the Prince and gets aroused every time he’s around’. I knew that both of them were true but my words were like adding petrol to an inferno. Yup, you guessed it, Damien’s desire is the inferno.

The grip on my waist tightened and he spun me around so that his bulge was pressed up against my ass. Thank god we were in a corner. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head in the crook of my neck where he had marked me. He rubbed his (surprise, surprise) newly-throbbing bulge to my ass. I gasped.

“You feel that? It’s all because of you, Hayley. So, I suggest you play nice if you don’t want to be sore for a whole week.” I knew he was a bit serious but I also knew that if I keep up my game, I can win this. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt if I was sore for a whole week.

I leaned towards his body and rubbed my ass on his crotch making him throb even more and my panties soaking wet. “Hmm… I don’t really mind being sore for a week if I get what I want.” We looked into each other’s eyes and I bit my lip seductively. His gaze instantly darted towards my lips.

“Get a room, you two!” Mel snapped causing the both of us to return to our previous position. All of our friends walked towards us. I looked around for Rosette and my eyes landed on a girl (who appeared to look sweet if you didn’t know the fact that she was Rosette Quinn) laughing and chatting with her mate, Tyler.

“Well, that’s a sight you don’t see every day.” Damien’s gaze followed mine as soon as those words left my mouth. He tensed. I rubbed his hand and he immediately relaxed. I loved this effect I had on him. I loved his voice, his touch, his presence… Him. Oh my fucking god! Am I falling in love with Damien?

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