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Falling for Her

Damien's P.O.V

The girl was driving me crazier by the second. I just wanted to undress her here and fuck her right here, right now. That dress clung to her and exposed all her curves. Her brunette hair was curled perfectly. I just wanted to bury my head in it… and other parts. Sometimes, I caught a few perverts eyeing her. I wanted to kill them. She is mine. Only mine. Wait a second! Why am I being so possessive? Am I falling in love with this Goddess…?

Hayley's P.O.V

Every once in a while, I caught people staring at me. Oh my fucking god! I saw him. Brandon Norwood. To me, he was the most annoying asshole who can’t seem to stop hitting on multiple girls at the same time but to other girls, he was the sexy Prince of dragons. I quickly averted my gaze and muttered, “Dammit!”

Ana quickly saw my problem and said, “Calm down! Your skin is burning up. Deep breathes.”

I did as she said and it worked. Damien looked at me and asked, “Why exactly was your skin burning up? And one thing I’ve been meaning to ask, why haven’t I seen you girls at any other balls?”

“Well, my skin was burning because I saw someone I hate and we only came to probably 5 of Casandra’s balls because I don’t want to see Brandon Norwood. Even if we did come, I don’t think you’d notice.”

“Oh, I’d definitely notice you. And why do you not want to see his face? Apart from the fact that he is an arrogant asshole? By the way, have you seen the video that they posted online of the one where a girl pushes him into a lake?” he tried to cheer me up.

“Oh, you have no idea, Damien. Do you?” Mel asked.

“Um… Explain,” he replied.

“Do you know the fact that he hits on every girl?” Cat asked.

“Yeah, he tried to hit on Rosette once but she dumped pie on his face. Why did you ask?” Damien questioned.

“He tried to hit on me once then I said no. He asked me on a date then I said no. He tried to kiss me and I pushed him into the lake then Ana caught the stuff on video and we posted it. Ever since then, he’s been following around like a lost puppy. But the video was pretty hilarious.” I caused all the boys’ mouths to drop.

“He did WHAT?” Damien would have steam coming out of his ears if he was in a cartoon right now.

“That’s one of the reasons that I don’t come to most balls,” I tried to change the subject (also from Damien to go over there and kill Brandon) and it worked.

“What are the other reasons?” Ryder asked.

“Look around, what exactly can you see?” I challenged. The boys looked around.

“A bunch of old people,” Liam replied.

“Arrogant assholes who tries to bother people and succeeds,” Ryder gestured to Brandon and his posse.

“A very boring ball with some very boring people,” Damien added nodding at the people flirting and dancing.

“A very pissed off Veronica scowling straight at you, Hayley,” Devin chimed in.

“Now that’s something I actually want to see,” I responded causing all of us to burst into laughter.

“Ok, so, does it seem like we fit in here?” I asked sarcastically.

“No, you stand out,” Damien smirked causing me to blush.

“It’s cute how they flirt!” Cat exclaimed. Suddenly, A Thousand Years by Christina Perri played and people began slow dancing.

Damien held a hand out to me and asked, “May I have this dance?” I placed my hand in his and replied, “Yes, you may.” Am I going to impress everyone and find my rhythm? Or will I fall flat on my ass?

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