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Damien's P.O.V

I leaned in and I desperately wanted to kiss her but it’ll all be too quick for her. Plus, she blushed so hard that it was almost impossible to stop the grin from spreading on my face. So, instead of going for her lips, I leaned towards her ear and whispered. I felt her breath hitch. “I know everything,” I emphasised the word ‘everything’ to kind of give her a hint that I knew how aroused she was. When I pulled away, I couldn’t stop smirking at her bright pink cheeks. Just when I thought that she couldn’t get any sexier, she bit down on her lip, hard.

Hayley's P.O.

Damien is driving me insane! In the good kind of way. His smirk (the one only he could rock in), which is supposed to be downright obnoxious was the hottest thing a guy could do. Come on, Hayley! Focus! We’re supposed to drive each other insane, it’s not just one way! I bit down on my bottom lip. Yes! It worked! His gaze was now on my lips.

“Nicely done, Hayley!” Ana said to me through the mind-link.

“Perfect timing, Ana!” I shot back.

“Hey! I was just trying to encourage you. Uh-oh! Lily is coming! So, stop staring at each other and straighten yourself!”

“Lily’s coming!” I quickly told Damien and we both stood up.

“Well, I need to get going!” he said but I clearly saw that he was disappointed even though he tried his best to hide it.

“Sure, we can talk later!” I replied.

“Bye, Hayley!”

“Bye!” and with that, he turned around and left. I feel like all the heat that was in my body (when he was near) has been drained out. I spun on my heels and turned around to see Lily and Ana both smirking.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing!” they both replied at the same time and I walked past them into the house rolling my eyes.

“Ana, you coming?” asked her as I started climbing up the stairs.


We went into my new bedroom. Time for interrogation!

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