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Hayley's P.O.V

“Oh, my fucking god!” Ana exclaimed. “Do you have any idea who you were just sitting with, Hayley?”

“Um… my mate?” I said and Ana gave a look that said ‘seriously?’. “I think he is Prince Damien. Is he though?”

“Duh!!!” she replied. “How could you not know with those high cheekbones and that very obvious “fuck you” attitude!”

“Um… First, thanks for pointing out his very obvious good looks but I thought that he was just a normal guy. Second, no, he didn’t have a “fuck you” attitude, he was very nice.”

Amazing! My face must look like a beet right now because of Ana’s little smirk.

“Hmm… Nice? In what kind of way? Like physically? And exactly how much?” this time, she was full on grinning. I felt my cheeks heat up.

“Shut up, Morgana!” I knew she hated when I called her by her real name. “He was nice in a kind and a bit physical way not fully what you are thinking!”

“No! And don’t call me Morgana!”

“Stop whining! It’s really not a big deal. Plus, we decided to start over. We’re gonna to get to know each other before the whole relationship thing!”

“Well, I’m really happy for you!”

“Thanks! By the way, he said he came to Earth because he couldn’t stay at BD but he also said that he is technically 21 in human years so, why did he say that he lived in our high school?”

“Omg! You haven’t heard the rumours?”

“What rumours?”

“Well, his family does own the BD and- “

“Wait, his family owns the BD?”

“Yup! So, when you two get married, have a few kids and he becomes the king, you will own BD too, along with a bunch of other stuff!”

My eyeballs were practically going to pop out! “Morgana Collins! I thought I told you that we were getting to know each other first!” I could practically feel my face growing hot. Ana smirked, not like her normal little smirk but the full-on mischievous smirk.

“As I was saying, I got interrupted,” I shot her a look that said ‘really?’ “Some people think that there is a set of tunnels under BD and Prince Damien’s lair is basically in one of them.” I wanted to say WTF but hey, it might be a normal thing for people who have been in the paranormal world longer than me.

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