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Hayley Chapter 7

“Anyway, what are you doing here, in this part of the park where absolutely nobody comes?” I asked feeling a little like a detective.

“I needed a distraction.”

“By distraction, you mean staring at girls?” I teased. Damn, he is really getting into to my mind. I’ve never teased a boy before!

“Well, I don’t usually stare at normal girls, I only stare at the strongest and the most powerful girls,” I could tell by the smirk on his face that I was probably looking like a beet.

“Oh, so you usually stare at girls?” I shot back, knowing that he’s impressed because no one spoke to the Prince like that, people usually kissed his ass. Hell, even I’m impressed by myself! Where did I get all this courage from?

“Jealous?” he asked catching me by surprise.

“You wish!” Ok, I was officially going crazy today.

“I think I do, very much actually,” he replied taking a few steps towards me until we were practically inches away. “So, how did you even get all this equipment out here anyway? Those look really heavy.”

“Nothing is impossible with magic.” He didn’t reply, Damien just smiled. That’s when I realised that this guy had dimples. Wow! Can he actually get anymore sexier? Do I even deserve someone so amazing?

“So why are you working out here? In the middle of a park? Why not at a gym or at your house?” Damien asked.

“Battle exams would be taking place in about 2 weeks so, I need to be fit. Plus, a gym or my house, would feel kind of claustrophobic!” I replied and he nodded in understanding. “So, why are you here? Other than for staring at the most powerful and strongest girls?”

His eyes flashed with pride. “Well, I needed to drain some of my energy,” he said.

“What were you even going to do?”

“I was planning on doing the same thing you were doing… just, underground.” WTF? He was digging tunnels in Earth??? The look of horror on my face must’ve told him what I was thinking because he quickly added, “Oh, don’t worry! I’m not digging underground tunnels in Earth! I usually come here to do meditation. But today I came here to use the portal entry that I’ve created to teleport to BD and then train.”

I sighed in relief. “So, it is true, you really do have access to the tunnels under BD and apparently your “lair” is there too.”

“Yup! But there really aren’t any magical traps! And Hayley, don’t worry about the Battle exams. They are easy and I’m about 99.99% sure that you’re going to win.” I chuckled. But hearing those word from him gave me comfort that I needed, “Oh and, one more thing,” he said as he walked towards a tree that now looks like a bright, white light (in the shape of a circle of course) started spinning in a clockwise direction. There was something about it that didn’t make sense. “I can help you with your training if you want. I’ve attended those exams just 3 years ago and I passed with flying colours!”

“Sure!” I replied with a chuckle and he walked into the light.

This is going to be interesting...

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