Waiting for your love

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Push into an arrange marriage, she has no interest in falling in love with her husband. But what can her husband do, he loves her a lot and want to be with her forever. Caught in a dilemma, he doesn't know if he should wait or set her free

Fantasy / Romance
Avantika Rani
Age Rating:

Love at first sight.

He looked around him again , making sure if no one is there, he quickly drank the medicine. He is sick, but he acts strong and cold towards his employees. Maybe he don't want any one to see his weekends.
Just when he is sitting down, someone knocked, it has to be his personal assistant.
"Come in" He said in his usual cold voice.
" Please sir, is time for your meeting with Mr. Aidoo. " Ronald the pA said.
" Alright , prepare the car, I will be at the parking lot in a minute" he replied.
"Alright sir" Ronald bowed to Sandys .

At Mr. Aidoo office, he is trying to convince her daughter to go in his place.
" But dad, this is my first time in the company, am still learning, why don't you go yourself? Precious asked.

". My dear, I know is your first time, but you can still go. This all part of the learning. And you know this company will soon be yours, so please go" explained Mr. Aidoo.
"But dad.... " Precious couldn't continue, she was cut off by her dad.
" My dear , there is no but in the business, I know you are the best and you can do it. Don't worry you are not going alone, I will make Rahim go with you " Mr. Aidoo said.
"Alright dad, if you insist, I think it is almost time, can we get going" She asked the question directly to Rahim the personal assistant.

Sandys glanced at his watch again, this is the third time he is doing that. He is not the type of man who will wait for anyone, even if it is a big offer. He values his time a lot, the reason he is still waiting is because he knows Mr. Aidoo to be a man of his words, but why is he keeping me waiting" He thought.
"Ronald, let's go, I can't wait anymore" He said whilst frowing
" That's like my boss" Ronald thought, before replying" Alright Boss"
But just when as he stood up, a voice stopped him" Hello, you must be Mr. Sandys" she said facing him. "Sorry for keeping you waited, my dad is really busy so he sent me in his place". But whilst precious is busy apologizing, Sandys couldn't stop admiring her beauty. He hates women, but it seems this girl is different. She has a gray eyes which add more to her beauty, she is not wearing any makeup, maybe that is the reason why she attracted him.
"Mr. Sandys are you listening? " Precious asked , getting Sandys out of his thought.
" It okay, please sit down" He said making his assistant choked, this is the first time his boss ever talk to a lady so nicely, then it only means one thing, that this lady is really special.
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