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The White Wolf is a legend that all wish they were. However, the most feared wolf is only a myth. A story told to scare children on Halloween. What if it isn't a myth? What if The Blood Wolf really does exist? Hanson Tanner is the Alpha of the Lupos Pack. The first time he shifted everyone was in shock. After all there hasn't been a male White wolf in three hundred years . Which is why he is feared by everyone. White wolves are powerful, aren't they?   Isabella Donavon Is hiding from her pack. Why, because she is The Blood Wolf. The myth that causes nightmares. After years of living as a rogue she finds her mate in the most unlikely way. How will things play out? When a legend meets a myth.

Fantasy / Romance
OmaSue Johnson
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Hope Donavon had been driving all day. She was exhausted she also needed to eat soon. It had been just under two months since her mate rejected her for the Alpha's daughter. If it weren't for their child growing in her stomach she may have fallen apart. As it stood she refused to fall apart. He would never have the pleasure of watching that.
It was still unbelievable to her that he wanted her to be his mistress. That would most definitely be a cold day in hell. Just because he was the pack beta's son didn't give him the right to treat his former mate like a whore. So, she packed everything up, leaving with out a word. She would just find another pack to join. Hope certainly wasn't going to raise her child as a rogue.
She turned off the interstate looking for something to eat. Then she would find somewhere to sleep for the night. Tomorrow she would drive all day again so she was far enough away from Hank Branton that he wouldn't find them. No way was she going to tell him about their baby.
Pulling through the drive thru of a fast-food restaurant she waited to place her order. Thinking 'How did my life end up this way?"
Hope ordered her food, as she paid for it she asked "Where's the nearest motel?" The employee told her so she headed straight there.
Hope had gotten a room, ate her dinner then went to bed. Deciding she would shower before she left in the morning. No sooner had she fallen asleep. When she was standing in a clearing. In the middle of the woods.
Suddenly she heard the most beautiful voice say "Hello, dear Hope." Looking around she saw a large pure white wolf walking out of the woods. "Who are you?" she asked. The wolf shifted into the most beautiful woman. She had long white blonde hair and crystal blue eyes.
Hope immediately knew it was Selene, The Moon Goddess. Hope kneeled down baring her neck in submission. Selene reached down. Placing her hand on Hope's head she said "Precious child, please stand." As Hope looked up she noticed an, eight foot tall, blood red wolf standing just behind Selene on her right. On her left was a large pure white wolf who bowed to Hope.
'Well that's odd.' Hope thought. Selene began speaking "Precious one, I am sorry there is not much time and I have a lot to say. You must not tell anyone what I am going to tell you." Hope nodded at her unable to find her words. Selene continued extending her hand to the bloodwolf "This is Xavia (Zah-vee-ah). She is the blood wolf." Hope nodded again saying "I have heard the myth. They are the most feared wolves. They kill without bias or remorse." Xavia growled at Hope's comment. Hope took a step back. Selene sighed looking at Xavia she said "You are not really helping your case." Xavia huffed but lowered her head.
Selene then turned back to Hope saying "Xavia is the only Blood wolf she is not a heartless murderer. She is more like, Selene tilted her head in thought, a super soldier. I believe that is what humans say." Hope nodded again still cautious of Xavia. Selene continued telling her "I am afraid there is a great war on the horizon. I must send Xavia back to the human realm. She will be your daughter's wolf." Hope instinctively placed her hand on her stomach. Which caused Selene to give her a heartfelt smile and nodd.
Hope was in shock she was having a girl with a powerful wolf. Selene continued in a hurry time was running out "Hope it is vital that Your daughter live. She will be the deciding factor. She must not fall into the wrong hands. The werewolves' survival depend on it. Now I am also sending back Samson" she extended her hand to the White Wolf next to her. "He is her enternal mate. He will die before allowing her too. I need you to go to the Shadow Mountain pack. They are not far from where you are now. They will protect you both until she is able to shift."
Hope had finally found her words asking "Goddess why me, why my daughter?" Selene smiled "Because I know you will do as I asked. Also Shadow Mountain will train her making her strong for the war." Suddenly everything faded away. As Selene did something Hope could not believe she said "Thank you, Hope."
Hope bolted up in bed, had that really just happened. She looked at her phone sitting on the night stand. It was eight o'clock in the morning. She quickly got out of bed.
After taking a shower then getting dressed. She pulled up Shadow Mountain on her G.P.S heading out. There was a lot to be done.
Two hours later Hope reached the pack border of Shadow Mountain. As the guard tapped on the window she rolled it down. "Hello, my name is Hope Donavon. I need to speak to your Alpha." she told him. His eyes went blank for a moment before he asked "What is this about, ma'am?" Hope simply said "I would like to join your pack."

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