The Hearth

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Welcome to the Hearth; the home of lost stories of every world. There is a story for every reader, so I'm sure you'll find something you like. Sit by the fire and enjoy yourself.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Keeper of Fable's Hearth

Welcome, visitor.

You’re not quite certain of where you are yet; how could you be, you’ve just arrived. If I’m being honest, this is one of my favorite moments. The rush of discovery is still fresh, without quite knowing what it is you’ve discovered. There is no need to panic; this place is not dangerous, nor am I, not to you at least. You can reach many dangerous places from here, but while you are here you are safe from everything. This place is a hub of sorts, a central point from which many paths lead. Paths to where? Well that, my new friend, depends entirely on you.

Ah. The inevitable question: what is this place? I shall leave aside my earlier expose; my answer and your question are entirely different, I suspect. This is the Fable’s Hearth. You see the shelves, yes? They seem to go on forever, don’t they? Everyone has the same thought when they first visit this place. The truth is, they do go on forever; these shelves contain every untold story, every fable lost to time and memory. These stories range from the dark and terrible to the serene and heartwarming, and many in between. Some have called this place the House of Lost Stories; but I think Fable’s Hearth has a homier ring to it, don’t you? No, I don’t own this place; no one does. I simply care for the stories, and the visitors that come here every so often. As to why you’re here, that is for you to decide. Whether you came here of your own will or simply wandered here by accident, you are here, and free to do as you wish. You may look around; there are refreshments just off to my right. I’ve compiled quite the selection, so I’m certain you’ll find something you like. You can rest by the fireplace. I’d highly recommend selecting a few of our stories for some fireside reading. You can take one of the many paths that branch from here and continue your travels, wherever they take you. Or you can simply go back the way you came. You can leave, without opening a single book.

That would be quite a shame, wouldn’t it?

Here you are. Every visitor gets a key, so that, no matter what they choose to do, or where they choose to go, they can always come back when they want a good read. Enjoy yourself. We have some wonderful stories to choose from, and if you want my recommendation, the fifth shelf has some excellent reading, especially for your first visit. I’ll be at the desk if you need me.

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