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Mates are said to be the ones that love, care, cherish and protect you. That once you meet them your souls instantly connect and you will do anything to protect them from any harm and keep them by your side forever. But that was not the case for Mahnoor, the moment she saw Badar all she felt was anger, betrayal and sadness. Her mate was not there to protect, care, cherish and love her but was there to take over her pack. Her mate like everyone else thought that she was too weak to be an Alpha, too weak to lead a pack. Will Mahnoor ever forgive Badar? Will Badar ever regret his decision? Read to find out

Fantasy / Mystery
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It has been two years since my father passed away, i was 18 and in China when i got the news that my father is dead. It has been a difficult year for the pack without my father. We all missed the Alpha greatly but now things are running much smoothly. I am now the new Alpha of the Moonstone pack, me Alpha Mahnoor daughter of Alpha Liam and Luna Sara,

I know what you all might be thinking , that a girl should not be an Alpha, Alphas are supposed to be strong and girls are too weak to lead a wolf pack. It is due to the same thought that my pack is facing constant threats and danger from other packs. But what they don’t know is that I am a warrior. I have traveled far and wide and learned the different fighting techniques from different countries. My father knew that one day I would have to lead the pack and become an Alpha , so he made sure that I was trained to be wise, powerful and strong.

I was lost in my thoughts when a knock on my door brought me back to reality

“Come in...” i said knowing who it was.

The door opened and a tall handsome man of about 23 years old walked in.

“You called me Alpha?“it was my beta London.

I have known London my whole life, we practically grew up together since he is the son of the former beta of the pack. London has a tall masculine body, honey brown hair and deep blue eyes. He always has the professional look on his face but only when discussing pack matters, otherwise he wore the most warming smile making him easy to speak to.

London is also my best friend and was also my personal security when i was travelling abroad for my training. He is the only one I share my secrets that nobody else knows about, you can say that I could trust my life with London.

“Yes! Have you finalized the people who will be travelling with us to the World Alphas Meeting?“I asked him.

“Yes Alpha , Jose, Noah and Ashley will be going with us”he informed me.

“Good, have you informed them that tomorrow we will be leaving for Newyork” I asked him.

“Yes Alpha”

“Thanks London you may leave now and please make sure that everyone is ready to leave tomorrow by 10 a.m.

London slightly nodded and left me alone to prepare for the World Alphas Meeting, which will be held two days from now in Newyork.

Every 10 years all the Alphas from around the world gather together and choose an Alpha to be the head of all the Alphas and to be titled as The Alpha’s Alpha . The Alpha’s Alpha has the job to maintain peace among Alphas and solve their disputes. There is only one way the Alpha of the Alphas is chosen and that is by fighting other Alphas , by showing that you are stronger than the rest of the Alphas, strong enough to lead other Alphas and strong enough that other Alphas listen to you and respect your decision.

Never has there been an Alpha of the Alphas who is female, but I intend to change that this year by becoming the first female Alpha of the Alphas , to be called The Alpha’s Alpha.


“So tell me Alpha Frank, will you hand me your pack and territory the easy way or will you continue with your resistance”. I said with an evil smirk on my face.

“I mean the choice is yours, if you choose the easy way i will let you live and control this territory as my beta and John here will be your head as the head of all the beta’s of my territories. And if you choose the hard way then i am sorry to say that you will not see the next sunrise. You have till before dawn to give me your answer, I mean I have to make sure that if you choose the hard way then you don’t see tomorrow’s sunrise, you see I always do what I say “.

Alpha Frank stood in front of me with a shocked and feared expression at the same time.

Oh! I didn’t mean to hurry you but the thing is that tomorrow morning i have to leave for Newyork for the World Alphas Meeting, i am sure you know about that “.

I was just turning to leave when Alpha Frank’s voice stopped me.

“Oh you won’t have to wait till dawn for my answer “. He said with an attitude which gave me the idea on what his decision would be.

“You see Alpha Badar that i was a born Alpha so i never learned to bow before anyone. So i think i will choose the hard way, i would rather die than bow before you”. He said with his Alpha attitude.

“Ahh! Such a shame to see a young Alpha such as you to die. You know I really liked you. I thought you would prove to be a strong beta”.

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but as i said i would rather die than to live under someone else’s rule”. He continued to say with attitude and as proudly as an Alpha.

“Have it your way then” and within a blink of an eye my hand changed into a paw and sliced the Alpha’s body into two, separating his head from his body. I then took a handkerchief from my pocket to wipe the blood off my hands.

I turned my head towards my beta John ``See if his beta agrees to become the beta of this part of my territory. If he doesn’t agree too like his Alpha then kill him too, also see to it that all people see me as their new Alpha. If anyone rebels then make sure they don’t see another day”. I said in my Alpha tone.

“Yes Alpha ” he bowed his head slightly and left me alone.

Due to my fear the beta agreed and so did the other pack members accept me as their new Alpha. So I returned back to my mansion with my beta leaving some of my soldiers to maintain peace.

We reached the mansion by 1 a.m. I instantly fell asleep as soon as I hit the bed due to the long and tiring day.

Suddenly loud screams woke me up from my sleep. I instantly looked outside the window to see where the screams were coming from only to realise the screams were coming from my nightmare.

It’s not the first time I’ve had this nightmare where I hear a female scream, I’ve been having these dreams since I was 10. I looked at the clock to see it was 5 in the morning.

Not being able to sleep again I went to my office to finish some pending work before leaving for the meeting. I had been in my office for 4 hours , I was just about to leave my office to get breakfast when my father Alpha Ryan entered my office.

“Morning son, I presume that you took over Alpha Frank’s territory without much trouble? “. He asked while walking towards my desk.

“Yes. Alpha was resisting a bit so I had to kill him, but other than that we had not much trouble .”

“Good” he said with a smile on his face.

“I suppose your visit to me has some motive?” I asked.

“Yes, i just found out about a pack not too far from here whose Alpha is a young girl about your age.”

Really! A female Alpha? Which pack and what’s her name” i asked

“Alpha Mahnoor of the Moonstone pack, daughter of Alpha Liam. ”

“Alpha Liam? Didn’t he die two years ago? I never knew he had a child, especially not a daughter. ”

“Yes he died two years ago. Nobody knew about his daughter because he never introduced her to his fellow Alphas, guess he was disappointed that he hadn’t got a son as a successor. ” he said with a smirk.

But why is he telling me all of this, knowing my father definitely has some motives for telling me “So may I know the reason behind your sudden interest in the Moonstone pack?”

“Well according to my information we have all the packs near the Moonstone pack so this pack should be our next priority. And how hard could it be to take a territory from a young girl.”

“Ok! When we return from the meeting then we will work on it.” I said.

“Good, by the way she will also be attending the meeting so we will see for ourselves what she is capable of.”

I nodded “We will be leaving for Newyork in 2 hours so let’s go and get some breakfast. ”

“No, I’ve just had my breakfast, I will leave now and I also have to finish my packing. ”

As father left I got out of my office and mind linked with my beta so that he can inform others that we will be leaving in 2 hours.

The only people going with me to the meeting are my father, sister, John and some of my trusted soldiers .

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