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**Mahnoor’s pov**

London came running to my office with a worried face.

“What happened London, why are you looking like this?”

“Mahnoor...” he said but didn’t finish his sentence.

“What London!!!” his worried face was making me worried too.

“Mahnoor, Badar got into an accident, he is severely injured...” he said

I didn’t listen to what he said after that but i do know that my whole world just got shattered.

I sat there unable to breath after listening to the news. Just then Olivia came crying, London must have told her the news too.

London was trying to comfort her, but who would comfort me.

This is all my fault, if i had forgiven him earlier then he wouldn’t be finding weird ways to get to me and traveling everyday to my pack. I would have been with him but instead I chose my ego over him, even after he apologized to me a thousand times.

How stubborn and selfish have I been.

If something happens to him I won’t be able to forgive myself.

“London, please take me to him” London just looked at me and slightly nodded.

“I’m coming too.” Olivia said.

Soon we were on our way to the Moonknight pack.

London was sitting on the front passenger seat while me and Olivia were in the back seats.

I was silently crying when Olivia gave me a hug to comfort me.

“Shhh...... he will be ok. Badar won’t give up easily. He is very stubborn and the best fighter in the whole world. He will fight this too, i’m sure of that”

A new stream of tears left my eyes.

“Olivia I won’t be able to forgive myself if something happens to him. He was coming to see me. If i had forgiven him earlier then this would not be happening. I was planning to tell him today that I was ready to give us a second chance” I said while tears were coming out of my eyes.

“And you will tell him, you’ll see when we get there he will be alright, and he will get even better when you will tell him that” Olivia said.

“Really!!!” i said while trying to whip my tears away.

“Really” she said and a small smile came on my lips.

After 30 more minutes we reached the Moonknight pack.

We went straight to pack hospital, and we saw John and Alpha Ryan outside the operation theater.

Olivia went straight to hug her father.

“How long have they been in there,” London asked.

“About an hour,” John replied.

We sat there for an hour more when the doctor came out of the operation room.

“Doctor, how is he now?” Alpha Ryan asked.

“Alpha had severe injuries and had lost a lot of blood, he is better now but he suffered a traumatic brain injury which has sent him into a coma.”

“Oh My God!” I fell down and burst into tears.

“When will he wake up?” London asked the doctor while Olivia tried to calm me.

“I can’t say when Alpha will wake up, it is up to him as to when he wakes up, you can meet him after an hour” the doctor said and left us.

“This is all her fault” Alpha Ryan said while pointing his fingers towards me.

“Since the day he found out that she was his mate, all he would do was to follow her so she could forgive him, everyday he traveled to her pack just so she could accept him. My strong and powerful son became weak because of her” he said with hatred to me.


“Dad stop it, can’t you see that she is already very frustrated because of this” Olivia said to his father.

Alpha Ryan humphed and left from there.

It has been 5 days since Badar went into a coma. I have been staying in the Moonknight pack since then, or let’s just say that I have been staying with Badar at the hospital. I occasionally leave his side to go to the washroom or when Alpha Ryan comes to visit Badar.

Lets just say that he is not very fond of me, maybe because he blames me for Badar’s accident.

London and Olivia have gone back to handle pack works in my absence, and visit every other day.

By now I’m sure that Badar’s pack must have figured out that I am his mate because every nurse, doctor and anybody else who comes to visit Badar keeps calling me Luna.

Everyday I would do some pack work sent to me by London online, talk to Badar about random stuff like my likes and dislikes, funny memories and how all of us miss him, read books to him and pray that he wakes up.

I have set my seat near Badar’s bed and I am wearing one of his shirts which John has brought to me after I asked for it and shorts.

I have been wearing his shirts a lot nowadays, it helps me calm down.

It is 10 p.m. right now, and as usual i take Badar’s hand in mine and place my head on his arm to sleep, as i have been doing for the past few days.

“You know Badar. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you at that meeting, but when I found out about the attack I felt heart broken, even after you told me the truth I let my stubbornness get in the way. My ego wouldn’t let me forgive you easily. I guess ego and love is not a very good combination” I said with a little chuckle and soon after I fell asleep as I was confessing my feelings to him.

“Good night Badar, i love you”

As I was sleeping I felt that my pillow was moving to get my head away from it.

Wait why is my pillow moving, pillows don’t move.

And why is my pillow so hard?

Wait, I wasn’t using a pillow to sleep, I was sleeping on Badar’s arm because he was in the hospital and I was sleeping next to him.

Just then realization came to me and I was wide awake, it wasn’t my pillow moving, it was Badar.

I turned my head to look at Badar, and yup he was awake.

He smiled at me and said “Good morning baby”

As emotional as i am, i burst into tears “Oh My God, you are awake”

I grabbed his face and kissed him on the lips. Badar didn’t respond at first because of being shocked that I kissed him, but soon after he responded by kissing me back.

I pulled back as I was out of breath.

Oh My God!

I just had my first kiss and it was with Badar,

In a hospital bed, and damn was it good.

I quickly got up thinking about what just happened while he was smirking.

“I’ll call the doctor” and i got out of there quickly as i heard him chuckle.

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