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“Dad, can you please leave me and John alone, I want to discuss with him what has been going on while I was in coma,” I said to dad, I really wanted to know what was going on between Mahnoor and dad.

“Sure, by the way Olivia said that she will be coming to visit you later in the evening” he said and left the room leaving me and John alone.

“So, tell me everything that happened, and don’t you dare take dad’s side for my sake , I want to know the whole truth” I said to John.

“Ok! So when you got into an accident, I of course informed Mahnoor about it immediately. When she got here you were in the operation room and doctors had said that you are in a critical condition. So when Ryan saw Mahnoor he took out all his frustration on her, saying that she is the reason you are in this condition and that she should get out of your life” he explained.

“And you guys didn’t say anything to stop him?” I asked , getting angry.

“Dude do you think that any of us had power to speak in the presence of an Alpha who is angry, although Olivia did manage to speak and stopped him by saying that she is already frustrated and that he should not make it more difficult for her”

“I can’t believe that dad could say that to her, even though he knew that she is my mate” i said while trying to control Leone after hearing how dad treated Mahnoor.

“Ok man, i am going to go now and take care of some of the pack’s work, Mahnoor must also be waiting to come back inside. Get well soon bro, bye” and he left the room.

A few seconds later Mahnoor entered the room.

“So i have talked to the doctor and he said that all your wounds have healed and you seem fine but he will take some tests today and if the results come out good then you will be allowed to go home by tomorrow” she said happily.

“That’s good, will you be going back to your tomorrow?” I asked while secretly praying that she says no.

“Yes, I guess. I have been away from the pack for too long, London is trying to run the pack in my absence but the workload is too much for him” She said with a small smile, it wasn’t her usual cute smile, i could see sadness in her smile.

Later that evening just after the doctors left after taking tests on me, Olivia and London came to visit me. Olivia came straight to hug me while London after hand shaking and wishing me a get well soon went to Mahnoor to discuss some of the pack’s work with her.

The way she was explaining to him the way to do something or how to solve a certain problem made me so proud of her. She had so much potential for being an Alpha, even better than most of the Alphas I know. I can’t believe that i had been so stupid before to even think that she would have been a weak Alpha.

So the next day in the morning i had been discharged from the hospital, i had decided to take a walk back to my house because i had been on the bed for too long, also because i wanted to spend as much time with Mahnoor, as she was leaving after escorting me back to the house.

“Your pack is very beautiful,” Mahnoor said while walking beside me.

“Oh! Thanks, well i guess it is because i think that since most of us spend most of our time in the pack’s territory, we usually don’t like spending our time in human territory unless necessary, and if we go in the woods that is not our territory then we have the danger of rouges, so i try to make the pack’s territory as comfortable and pleasant as much as i can make it” i said while giving her a small smile.

“That is very thoughtful of you, most Alphas don’t consider these things that much”

“Well i am not like most Alphas”

“That much i have noticed” She said in whisper, so softly that i barely heard it.

“Did you say something?” I said to tease her.

“Umm.... nothing” she said while a light blush came on her cheeks.

As we walked a bit further we came across some pack kids playing football or soccer, whatever you guys call it.

A ball came rolling towards us as I stopped it with my foot.

Right after it came Tom ran to get it. Tom is a cute 8 years old kid with ash blond hair and dark blue eyes, he is the son of one of the Omegas in the pack.

“Hi Tom,” I said smiling at him while ruffling his hair.

“Hi Alpha, can i have my ball back please” He said while giving me a cute toothy smile.

“Sure, but first tell me that have you been behaving well at school, last time i checked you were disturbing your teacher a lot” i asked with a questioning look.

“Yes Alpha, when you got into the accident i prayed to the moon goddess that if she makes you better then i will not disturb my teacher at school anymore” he said while giving me his cute smile.

“That is so kind of you Tom to pray for me, i am so proud of you” i said while feeling proud of my pack to care about me this much.

“Are you fine now Alpha Badar?” he asked me.

“Of course, I am good as new,” I said while giving him a smile.

“Are you sure?” he asked, not quite believing me.

I got down on my knees to reach his height.

“Hmmm.... Lets see, if my appearance can’t convince me that i am fine, then what can? Oh i know , can a sick person do this?” i said while i started tickling him, he fell on the ground not managing to keep standing any longer.

“Ahhh... they can’t. Ahhhhh.... please stop, you are not sick , i get it” He said and then i stopped tickling him.

Just as I was about to get up a bunch of other kids, about the same age as Tom came running towards me and tackled me to the ground.

“Alpha you are ok” a 6 years old girl said while they were sitting on top of me.

“Yes Areal, i am ok” I said smiling at her.

“Alpha everyone was so worried about you” Sam said, another kid from the pack.

“I know Sam, but I am fine , Now get off me you munchkins” i said while i pretended that i was about to tickle them while they quickly got off me screaming.

As I was about to get up I saw Mahnoor looking towards us with a smile.

I quickly got up and dusted my clothes to remove any dirt.

“Sorry about that, I kinda get carried away while with kids, they help me get away from all the stress of Alpha work.

“It is ok, it was kinda sweet on how you behave with the kids and how they are so free with you, most pack members are usually scared of their Alphas” she said

“As I said before, I am not like most of the Alphas,” I said with a smile.

“Alpha, who is this?” Tom asked me.

“She is so pretty,” Sam said.

“Is she our Luna?” Areal asked, which left me speechless.

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