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**Third person’s point of view**

“Is she our Luna?” Areal asked Badar.

“Yes sweetheart I am,” Mahnoor said while bending a little to reach Areal’s height. Badar was standing there with mouth open, this was not the answer he was planning to give to Areal, much less expect Mahnoor to say it.

“Yay!!! So will you be living with us now Luna?” Tom asked with much excitement, just like the rest of the kids for finally having a Luna.

“No Tom, I have to go today,” Mahnoor said.

“But why?” Sam asked with sadness, all the kids were sad as well as their Alpha.

“Well Sam, I have to take care of some things in my pack before I can come and live here” Mahnoor replied to the kids.

“Okay then, see you soon, Bye Alpha, Bye Luna” Sam said and ran away with the kids to play.

Mahnoor and Badar stood there watching the kids play when Badar broke the silence.

“That was very sweet of you to say that to the kids, to make them happy, but you don’t have to do it”

“I wasn’t saying that to make them happy Badar” Mahnoor said while turning her face to look at Badar.

“What do you mean?” Badar asked with the slightest hope that Mahnoor is ready to accept their mate bond.

Mahnoor started walking towards the pack house, seeing that Badar also started walking beside her.

“Badar, I am willing to give us a chance, but I have to go today to solve the pack problems and get it back in order. I have been away for a whole week” Mahnoor said as they reached the pack house. Well one of the pack houses, in which lived Badar, his beta and gamma.

“Oh My God!!, are you serious Mahnoor, you are not joking right?” Badar asked.

“No Badar, I am serious. Don’t make me regret it”

“You won’t, I promise” Badar said and gave Mahnoor a hug out of happiness.

As he broke the embrace he said. “I am so sorry but i just couldn’t help it, thank you so much Mahnoor”

They both stood there in silence, not knowing what to say.

“Umm.... I should get going now, and you should rest. I’ll come visit you soon.” Mahnoor said, finally breaking the silence.

“Ummm... Yeah sure, see you soon, have a safe drive” Badar said.

Just as Mahnoor was about to enter her car, she suddenly stopped and looked back at Badar.

“I totally forgot to give you this” She said while handing him one of his own shirts.

“John gave it to me, I didn’t have a night suit to sleep in so he gave me one of your shirts, hope you didn’t mind?” Mahnoor said

“Not at all, you can keep it by the way, it will remind you of me” Badar said while giving Mahnoor a wink.

“I don’t need a shirt to remember you,” Mahnoor said under her breath.

“What was that?, Did you say something?” Badar asked with a cheeky smile, as if he heard what Mahnoor said.

“Umm... nothing, thanks for the shirt” Mahnoor said with a light blush.

“Anything for you mi amore” Badar said.

Suddenly Mahnoor said “Shut up, will you?” In a low and harsh voice.

“Excuse me!!” Badar said with a confused voice.

“Umm.... Sorry, I wasn’t saying it to you, I was just talking to my wolf, Snow” Mahnoor said, getting red from embarrassment.

“Well, what was she saying?” Badar asked.

“Umm.. she is saying that she finds your Italian accent very sexy” Mahnoor said while blushing.

“Oh My God, you are so cute when you blush, and please tell Snow that I said thank you. And my wolf’s name is Leone, thought she wanted to know”

“Uhh... Ok, i should go now, bye” Mahnoor said and got into her car.

“Bye” Badar said as he saw the car going, taking his most prized possession with it.

As the car got out of the view Badar entered the house and started heading straight to his father. He knocked on his office door and waited for a response to get in.

“Come in”

As Badar entered he saw Rose “power hungry pack member ” get off his father’s lap and started heading towards the door.

“I’ll see you tonight” his father said just as she was about to get out of the door.

“Yes Badar, did you need anything, i thought the doctor told you to rest today” he asked

“No, i am fine”

“Then??” he asked

“I just wanted to ask what your problem is?” Badar said.

“Excuse me, what do you mean?” Ryan said

“Stop the act dad, you know what i mean. I know about everything that happened when I was in a coma” Badar said, getting slightly angry.

“What else was i supposed to do, you had gotten completely mad after that stupid wolf” Ryan (Badar’s dad) said getting angry too.

“Dad, you insulted her even though you knew that she is my mate. It wasn’t her fault that got me into an accident, I was the one who was going to meet her, she didn’t ask me to come to her” Badar said while his voice was rising.

“That b** ch has taken complete control over you, you can’t see what is right and what is wrong, you can’t even see how you are talking to your father. All the years of work that i have done on you is ruined because of her” he said in complete rage.

“She is my mate, your Alpha’s mate, your future Luna, And you will have to give her respect whether you like it or not. And if you have a problem with that then you can leave this pack” Badar said with an angry and loud Alpha voice, so loudly that probably the whole pack must have heard him.

“Wow, so it has come to this hun... I am so disappointed at you Badar. Well I can’t stay here to watch the pack I built fall. I am going to my brother’s pack tomorrow, I will return soon, when you will have realized your mistake.” Ryan said but Badar gave no reply and left his office to go to his room and rest.

As Mahnoor reached her pack she went straight to her office, sitting there and wondering if she did the right thing by giving Badar a second chance, thinking about thousands of possible ways he may hurt her again.

Her thoughts were disrupted as a pack warrior came running into her office.

“Alpha, we have a problem,” He said while catching his breath.

“What is it Noah?” Mahnoor asked

“Rogue attack Alpha” he said

“What, where?” Mahnoor said as she got up from her chair and started heading towards the door.

“South border” he said as he started following his Alpha out of the house.

As she got out of the pack house she shifted into her beautiful white wolf and started running towards the south border of the pack. As she got there she saw her pack warriors trying to fight about 20 rogues.

Although her pack members were very skilled fighters, but rogues were known to be stronger than normal wolves and are more vicious. It would take at least two skilled warriors to fight a rogue.

Snow ran towards the first rogue she saw, taking it by surprise and killing it, within half an hour Mahnoor with the help of other warriors was able to kill almost all of the rogues. As she was about to kill the last one of the he quickly shifted to his human form and surrendered.

“Take him to the dungeons and interrogate him on who sent them and what did they want” Mahnoor said to London.

Mahnoor went to her room and took a long shower, to take off all the sweat and blood from her body. After the shower he headed to her office.

“London, leave the interrogation to Ben and come to my office immediately” Mahnoor said to London through a mind link.

“On my way Noor” London said.

After 10 minutes London came barging into the office with a slightly angry face.

“Any casualties?” Mahnoor asked.

“Two pack warriors were badly injured but they are out of danger now, no one was dead” London said.

“And how many rogues were there?”

“25 including the prisoner”

“Has he said why they attacked?” Mahnoor asked.

“He said that he doesn’t know the name of their leader but everyone calls him the king Alpha, Also that he is planning to take over the packs and rule over the werewolves.”

“And how do they plan to do that, do they have enough rogue to take over a pack”

“All he said was that they were told to attack the pack’s borders so as to reduce the number of the warriors in the packs so that when they attack then there won’t be enough warriors to protect the pack.” London said.

“London can you please call and check if any other pack had rogue attack”

“Sure” London said and got up from his chair to get out of Mahnoor’s office, just as he was about to get out he turned to Mahnoor and said.

“By the way Noor great fight today” He said and left

“Thanks,” Mahnoor said even though London had already left. Come to think of it Mahnoor really did fight well today, Not that she is not a good fighter but today she felt a different type of power and strength in her body when she was fighting.

After about an hour London came back to Mahnoor’s office.

“Mahnoor about four of the packs had rogue attacks, and in all four of them the rogue just attacked the border warriors and left”

“London if what that rogue said was true then the packs are in real danger. Call all the packs and inform them that at the end of this week there will be a meeting to discuss this rogue problem. And which pack has the biggest pack house?” Mahnoor said

“According to my knowledge Badar’s pack has the largest pack house” London said.

“Ok, inform them to arrange for the arrival of the Alphas by the end of this week, and please call all the Alphas about the meeting today”Mahnoor said.

“And also increase the patrolling at the borders, and tell Gamma Jax to change the patrolling schedule everyday so that they cannot figure out when to attack”

“Ok, i’ll tell him, now chillax” London said and left the office

“How am I supposed to relax when the future of werewolves is in danger?” Mahnoor said to herself.

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