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Because of the rogue problem Mahnoor had been so busy that she was not able to visit or call Badar the whole week.

“Who on earth is so busy that they cannot find time to call their mate let alone visit?” Snow, Mahnoor’s wolf said.

“Well some of us are busy, unlike you. If you remember correctly I am the Alpha of the Alphas so I have many responsibilities, plus the rogue problem is keeping me a lot busier than before.” Mahnoor said to Snow.

“Last I remember I thought we were both the Alpha of the Alphas” Snow replied.

“My bad”

“But Mahnoor please let’s call mate. I really miss his voice” Snow said with a pleading voice.

“I miss him too Snow, but I can’t just call him, he may be busy with preparations for the Alphas arrival. Plus we will be meeting him tomorrow at the meeting” Mahnoor said to Snow.

“Okay, I guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see Badar and Leone.”

Just then London entered Mahnoor’s office.

“Mahnoor, you called me?” London asked.

“Yes, have a seat. So I am going to Badar’s pack tomorrow, you will be in charge of the pack while I am gone” Mahnoor said to Landon.

“Ooh la la, Mahnoor is going to visit her mate, what happened? You couldn’t stand being away from him? Don’t worry the pack will be in safe hands while you are away” London said humorously.

“I am going to discuss the rogue problem with other Alphas there you idiot. And the safe hands that you are talking about is the reason I am afraid to leave, at least Olivia is here now to stop you from doing anything stupid.”

“Okay, I get it, chill Noor I was just joking, no need to get personal about it. Plus that stupid thing that you are talking about was just a onetime thing. How was I supposed to know that potassium permanganate when mixed with glycerin makes fire” London said to Mahnoor.

“There is a thing known as research you idiot. Man I should really tell Olivia about this” Mahnoor said laughing.

“Hey, I was a teenager when it happened. Teenagers do stupid things okay. And I swear to moon goddess that if you tell Olivia about this I will tell Badar about all your embarrassing moments”

“You wouldn’t dare to,” Mahnoor said with a hint of fear in her voice.

“Oh I will, if you won’t tell mine then I won’t tell Badar about yours”

“Fine, anyways I will try to be back by tomorrow, if not then the day after that” Mahnoor said to change the topic.

“No worries, take your time Noor, plus Snow needs to stay with Badar as much as she can or she will start getting weak because of staying away from Badar for too long.” London said.

“Ahh.. Totally forgot about that. No wonder Snow has been bugging me a lot lately”

“Mahnoor, how will this relationship work, I mean you are the Alpha of one pack and he is an Alpha of a pack too” London asked with worry.

“Still working on that, anyways I am going to sleep now, I have to get up early tomorrow”

“K! Good night” London said and left the office.


“Hi Peter, is everything ready?”

“Yes my men are ready, as soon as they see her car they will attack it.”

“No, do not attack when she is going for the meeting, let her enjoy some moments with her mate before they get separated forever. Attack the car when she is returning from the meeting. And Peter remember I want her alive”


“Okay! See you when you have the girl”

The next morning Mahnoor woke up early. By noon they were able to reach the Moonknight pack, where every Alpha that arrived was escorted to their room to rest till the meeting started at 2pm.

But Mahnoor went straight to Badar’s office to meet her mate after so many days. Just as she was about to knock on his door she heard some sounds coming from his office.

“Son I just came to tell you that I will be leaving in a few minutes” A voice came, which she recognized as of Badar’s dad

“Okay!! Won’t you stay for the meeting” Badar asked his dad.

“No, it is better if I leave before she is here. I will end up saying something I won’t regret but you will not like it. So to avoid making our relationship worse, it will be for the best if I leave now.” Alpha Ryan said.

Just then he opened the door to get out and Badar was right behind him to see him off.

“Alpha Ryan!” Mahnoor shuttered.

“Well, if it isn’t the cause of the problems herself, welcome ALPHA MAHNOOR” Ryan said in a sarcastic voice.

“DAD!! ENOUGH” Badar said in a slight loud voice, and Alpha Ryan left without saying anything more, leaving me and Badar alone.

“I am so sorry for that Mahnoor, please come in” Badar said in a slightly softer voice than before. It could clearly be seen that he was trying to control his anger.

They entered the office and Mahnoor closed the door to get a bit of privacy.

“No Badar, I should be sorry. I had no idea that things were bad between you two because of me” Mahnoor said and hugged Badar to comfort him.

Badar hugged her back and tightened his arms around her, not wanting to let go of this moment and keep Mahnoor in his arms forever. Badar placed his chin above her head and gave her a light kiss on her hair while taking in her scent.

“Don’t be sorry, it wasn’t your fault. He just has a short temper, but he cools down just as quickly. Anyways, how are you?” Badar asked

“Good, just been busy with a rogue problem. I just wonder if what that rogue told us is true and if really they have gathered all kinds of supernatural beings then it could mean the end of werewolf species” Mahnoor said with worry in her voice.

Badar slightly pulled Mahnoor away from him to look in her eyes.

“Hey, nothing is going to happen, we will solve this problem I promise” Badar said and placed a kiss on her forehead and pulled her back in his arms.

Suddenly Badar lightly cleared his throat as if to say something.

“Mahnoor!, I have something to tell you” Badar said

Mahnoor pulled slightly back to see Badar. “Yes, what is it?”

“Umm… I might have a slight doubt that something like this was going to happen” Badar said.

“Ahh… What do you mean by that? I don’t understand” Mahnoor said, not understanding what Badar meant by that.

“When I was in a coma, the moon goddess might have visited me, she told me that something big was about to happen which could be dangerous for the werewolf species and that apparently we have some powers that can help us in this war. I thought I was just seeing things because of the effect of the medicines″ Badar said.

“Oh My God Badar, why you didn’t tell me that before, and what do you mean by powers, are we supposed to be some kind of superheroes”

“I don’t know, okay!”

“Fine, we will figure this out later. Right now I need to get ready for the meeting, see you later” Mahnoor said.

“Okay” Badar said and gave Mahnoor a light kiss on the lips.

An hour later all Alphas started gathering in the conference room for the meeting. Of course Mahnoor sat on the head of the meeting chair, while all the Alphas sat on either side of the table, and Badar sat right next to Mahnoor on her left side.

“Have all the Alphas arrived?” Mahnoor asked, turning to Badar.

“Yes, all the Alphas are here except for Alpha Alex, he has sent his Beta instead” Badar said.

“Is there any reason why your Alpha is not here Beta Carlos?” Mahnoor asked Carlos.

“Yes Alpha, Alpha Alex had some personal problem that needed his immediate attention, he sends his apology for not being able to attend this meeting”

The whole meeting went smoothly, Mahnoor told everyone what the rogue had told her, and they all came up with the same solution as Mahnoor to solve this problem. To increase the training of pack members, increase the patrol on borders, change patrol routine everyday so that the rogue cannot figure it out and of course to catch the rogue for interrogation. After the meeting everyone was welcomed for dinner after which everyone was free to go and rest.

“I think I should sleep now, it is getting pretty late now and it has been a very long day”. Mahnoor said getting up from the couch in Badar’s office.


“Yes Badar” MAhnoor said.

“Umm.. If it doesn’t bother you much can you please sleep in the same bed with me. Please don’t get me wrong, it’s just that Leone has been bothering me a lot lately and I just thought that maybe having you near him while sleeping will keep him calm for a few days” Badar said quickly.

“Umm… okay”

“Mahnoor please don’t…… Wait, what? Really” Badar said

“Yes, anyways Snow has been disturbing me too, maybe it will shut her up a bit for few days, but there will be no funny business, I swear the moment you try something funny I will leave the very instant and any chance you have with this relationship will be gone”

“Okay, let’s go then” Badar led the way to his room. His room was massive with white and grey theme. It had a large LED tv, a couch set, work table and two other doors besides the door through which they entered, one of which led to the washroom and the other to the closet.

“Umm… if you need anything to sleep in you can take whatever you find comfortable from the closet over there and the washroom is there” Badar said and Mahnoor instantly went to get comfortable after a long day.

As she got out of the washroom wearing one of Badar’s shirts that reached till her knees, she saw Badar laying on the bed wearing black sweatpants and no shirt, showing off his toned and defined abs. Mahnoor quietly entered the bed so that she would not wake Badar up. As soon as Mahnoor entered the bed Badar’s arms got around her and brought her closer to him.

“Goodnight Mahnoor”

“Goodnight Badar”

And they slept peacefully through the night. As morning came Mahnoor slowly opened her and saw that she is still in the arms of Badar just like last night, if not closer. While Badar’s face was buried in Mahnoor’s neck. Mahnoor started shaking Badar lightly to wake him up.

“Badar get up” Mahnoor said.

“Just a few more minutes”

“No, get up. I have to get back to my pack too”

“Please” Badar insisted.

“No, Get up this instant” Mahnoor said. They both freshened up and went downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast Mahnoor and the pack warriors that came with her started preparing to leave.

“Can’t you stay a day more here?” Badar asked.

“I am so sorry Badar but I really have to go today, I promise I’ll come visit you in a few days” Mahnoor said and they both hugged each other, taking in each other’s scent. Mahnoor lightly kissed Badar on lips before getting in the car.

Mahnoor was busy in her own thoughts when suddenly the car stopped.

“Leo why did you stop the car?”

“Alpha, there is a car in the middle of the road blocking the way” Leo said

“Leo go with Daniel and check what the problem is,” Mahnoor said. As soon as Leo and Daniel got out of the car suddenly they got surrounded by 30 rogue who started attacking them. Mahnoor quickly got out of the car to help them. She found the one that looked the largest to them all and attacked him.

As she was fighting she noticed that the rogue wasn’t trying to kill her but was trying to inject her with something. Leo and Daniel were lying down unconscious, they were alive and not wounded, and they were probably injected with the same thing they were trying to inject into Mahnoor.

As she was about to take down their leader she felt pain in her thigh, as she looked down she saw an arrow that had wounded her thigh. I was silver tipped and dipped in wolf’s bane. The moment her attention diverted someone came from behind and injected her in the neck and she instantly became unconscious.

After many hours had passed Mahnoor started gaining consciousness, as she opened her eyes she was welcomed with a dark, cell like room that was reeking of filth and blood. She was feeling very weak and her head was pounding. Suddenly the cell door opened and in came the person she least expected to be here.

“You!! What have you done to me? Why am I here?” Mahnoor shouted

“Welcome Mahnoor to the hell”

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