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After many hours had passed Mahnoor started gaining consciousness, as she opened her eyes she was welcomed with a dark, cell like room that was reeking of filth and blood. She was feeling very weak and her head was pounding. Suddenly the cell door opened and in came the person she least expected to be here.

“You!! What have you done to me? Why am I here?” Mahnoor shouted

“Welcome Mahnoor to the hell”

“You probably can’t remember what happened, so let me tell you what happened so you can catch up. You my dear have been kidnaped on your way back from the meeting, by now your guards would have woken up and informed everyone that you are missing. Oh and you will be staying here for a long time so you might as well make yourself comfortable here” He said with a sadist smile on his face.

“Why have you kidnapped me?, What have I ever done to you to make you do this to me?” Mahnoor said with not even a single hint of fear on her face or her voice.

“It is not what you have done to me dear but what you have done to Badar. Anyways I was just waiting for you to get up, so that you can see for yourself what we are going to do to you?” he said.

“What do you mean? What are you going to do to me?” Mahnoor asked

“Nothing much, don’t worry I am not going to kill you. I am just going to remove your bond from your pack and from Badar, which will make them think that you are dead and to make them believe that, you my dear will remain in this cell forever”

“How could you do this to me and to your own son. Do you have any idea on how this will affect Badar?” Mahnoor said not believing on how a man can do something like this to his own son.

“I am doing this for Badar, I know what is right and what is wrong for my son” Ryan said getting a bit angry

“Really?? Please elaborate on how this will be right for Badar, because as far as I remember if a werewolf loses his or her mate they go mad”

“Exactly, after losing you Badar will go mad and angry, just like his old self, destroying anything that comes in his way and going in war with other packs just so as to get to kill someone and let his anger out. Won’t that just be perfect?” Ryan said

“You are a psychopath,” Mahnoor said, getting angry at his psycho plan.

“Anyways, Maria come and take whatever that you need from her to complete the spell. I’ll be waiting outside, this place is making me sick” Ryan said and got out of the prison.

Just then a beautiful looking girl entered the cell, she was about 5’6” and looked about the same age as Mahnoor’s. She had long straight chocolate brown hair and emerald green eyes. One look at her and nobody would ever be able to believe that someone so innocent looking could be able to do an evil thing such as breaking the bond between makes and pack.

She came and sat near Mahnoor. She then took out a small flask and a scissor, and cut a small end of Mahnoor’s hair to put in the flask. She then took out another flask and a small knife. She made a small cut on Mahnoor’s finger to collect a few drops of her blood. She packed all her things back in her bag and got up to get out of the cell.

“What will you get out of this?” Mahnoor asked Maria just as she was about to get out of the cell.

“Pardon!!” Maria’s small voice came

“I said that what will you get out of doing this? I don’t know about Badar but I don’t think that you have some personal problem with me” Mahnoor said.

“You are right, I have no personal problem with you or your mate. I am not that evil to just do it for fun or money. Alpha Ryan has my parents and the only way he is going to let them go is if I do this spell for him” Maria said, getting a bit sad.

“But why you, he could have taken any witch who would willingly do this work for him” Mahnoor asked

“MARIA!!! WHAT’S TAKING YOU SO LONG” Alpha Ryan’s voice came

“I am so sorry, I have to go now. I am really sorry for doing this to me, I hope that you can forgive me someday” Maria and ran outside the cell

As she was left alone Mahnoor started sniffing the air so that she could know where she was. Werewolf have ability to know where they are by sniffing the air

“It looks like we are in the northern part of America, maybe Canada” Mahnoor said to herself.

“Ahhh….. What happened to me? Mahnoor what is going on?” Snow’s voice came a bit tired.

“Snow, you are awake. I thought something happened to you” Mahnoor said, relieved that Snow was fine

“What happened, why am I feeling so tired” Snow said

“We were kidnapped on our way back from the meeting, they injected us with something, whatever it was maybe the reason you are feeling tired” Mahnoor said to Snow

“Who the f*ck kidnapped us?” Snow asked getting angry

“Badar’s dad, apparently according to him we are making him weak, so he is going to break our bond” Mahnoor said

Suddenly Mahnoor and Snow felt immense pain, as if they were stabbed with a thousand knives all at once. Both were screaming in pain, they had never experienced anything like this before.

“Ahhhhhh……… Mahnoor what is going on? Why are we feeling so much pain” Snow said in pain.

“I don’t know, maybe the spell is complete” Mahnoor said and just as suddenly as the pain came it was gone.

“Snow, our bond is broken with the pack and Badar. I can’t feel the bond with any of the pack members or the mate bond with Badar” Mahnoor said, getting sad.

“I can’t reach Leone,” Snow said.

After seeing off Mahnoor, Badar went to his office to do some paperwork, since Mahnoor left he wasn’t feeling well, as if everything was about to go wrong. Maybe it was just the effect of staying away from mate.

“Badar, I’ve got a bad feeling. As if nothing is going to be alright” Leone said to Badar.

“You too, I have the same feeling since Mahnoor has left. But it is nothing to worry about, it is just the effect of staying away from our mate” Badar said to Leone.

“But I am also not able to reach Snow, Please call mate and see if she is ok” Leone said, getting worried about his mate.

“Maybe she is just busy or asleep, that is why she is not replying. Or maybe she is angry with you about something” Badar said

“Why would she be angry with me, I am not a jerk like you. Now stop being an even bigger jerk and call her” Leone said getting offended.

Just as he was about to pick up his phone to call Mahnoor his office phone started to ring.

“Alpha Badar speaking,” Badar said, picking up the phone.

“Badar, Mahnoor is missing” It was London speaking

“What do you mean she is missing, she left here 3 hours ago and maybe she is just in the way” Badar said wishing that London was mistaken.

“No, the pack members that were with her just reached here and they are saying that they were attacked on their way back from the meeting.” Worry could clearly been seen in his voice

Just then both Badar and Leone made an ear piercing scream. They were feeling pain, as if someone had stabbed them with a thousand knives all at once. He could feel his and Mahnoor’s mate bond breaking. Mates bond can be broken in two ways only, so either Mahnoor has rejected him as a mate or she is dead.

“Badar, Mahnoor’s bond just broke with the pack” London said on the phone

This cleared his dilemma on whether she rejected him or died. An Alpha’s bond can only be broken if the Alpha dies.

“No, she can’t be dead. She can’t just leave me like this “ Badar said not believing that his mate is dead, Mahnoor is dead

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