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“No she can’t be dead, she can’t just leave me like this” Badar said not believing that his mate is dead, Mahnoor is dead.

He suddenly fell on the ground as if all life had gone from his body, his heart rate increased, he felt as if he won’t be able to breathe again, he was suffocating by the mare thought that Mahnoor is dead

Badar was mixed with different emotions, he felt sad, angry, hope that Mahnoor is not dead and frustration. Suddenly a single drop of tear left his eye as he let out an ear piercing scream of “Nooooooooo”. He turned into his wolf as he jumped towards his office window, shattering the window’s glass as he ran towards the forest.

Badar had been running for about 1 hour, tears were flowing through his eyes from the loose of his mate, after about 10 more minutes of running as Leone reached a cliff near the coastline of Maryland. He let out a strong but sad howl at the top of the cliff, as he changed back to human and made a jump from the cliff, letting himself drown in the ocean of emotions, emotions that he had never experienced before.

As Badar got out of the water he changed back into jet black Leone and started running again. John and other pack members were constantly trying to communicate with him

“Alpha where are you?”

“Badar, please come back and we can talk about Mahnoor, Pack members are really getting worried for you”

But after sometime Badar had blocked their voices, He didn’t want to return, he wanted to run and run till he couldn’t run anymore

As night came Badar returned to the cliff from which he had jumped earlier and sat at the edge while still in his wolf form.

He watched moon and smiled internally as he remembered that Mahnoor’s name meant moonlight , he remembered her smile, her anger, the way she talked, the way she walked, how she blushed, the cute face she made when she was confused, or the adorable face she made when she wanted something from you or how she got angry when she was caught blushing

He let out a sad howl as tears were pouring from his eyes while he remembered all the moments he had shared with her.

Badar changed back to his human form to let Leone rest a bit after whole day of running and tearing apart any animal that came across him

“Why have you taken her away from me?” Badar said while looking towards the moon

“Hunn…. The Mighty Moon Goddess, is this one of your mightiness, separating mates from one another” He said getting angry

“Answer me goddamit” Badar said shouting towards the moon

“Is this your cruel way to punish me for all the bad deeds I have done? Is this how the mighty moon goddess does justice? Punishing someone for the crimes of someone else”

“If you wanted to punish me you could have killed me, torture me by giving me thousand cuts from silver knife, cut my hands, cut my legs, cut my fingers one by one, there are a thousand ways to punish me”

“Why did you kill Mahnoor, she was the most pure and innocent person there is, she was the last person who deserved to die, let alone die as someone’s punishment”

“You think that just because of some stupid bond you have created is broken, I’ll believe that she is dead, how do I know that it is some cruel way of yours to torture me?” suddenly a small hope lit in Badar

“Yah! That’s it, you are punishing me by making me think that she is dead. Well guess what, I am going to find her and you are going to lose in this game of yours” his red eyes from crying where now lit with hope, and with this hope he drifted into sleep

By 10 next morning there was still no sign of Badar near the pack’s area. John was worried that his best friend might get hurt or harm himself because of the sorrow of losing his mate

Suddenly he saw Badar coming towards the pack house for the Alpha, Beta and Gamma with anger and determination in his eyes

“Badar, where have you been? You were gone for a whole day, the pack was so worried for you” John said, trying to make him talk but Badar said nothing

He walked in the pack house and went straight to his room and came out after a minute changed into a sweatshirt and a camo pants.

He then went to basement where the torture room was, John was following right behind him.

“Tell the best warriors to be prepared and come to the southern border in 20 minute “ Badar said, looking at John through the mirror in front of him.

“Umm.. is it something serious Badar” John asked.

“We are going to find Mahnoor” Badar said while collecting some of his torture weapons covered in silver and wolfs bane

“Badar sit down and relax for a bit, I know it must be hard for you but Mahnoor is gone man” John said trying to reason with Badar.

“SHE IS NOT DEAD” He shouted at John while punching the mirror in front of him, shattering it into pieces.

“Have you seen her dead body?” Badar asked John angrily.


“Has London or anyone else seen her dead body?” Badar asked

“No,” John said.

“So, if you or anyone else hasn’t seen her body then how are you sure that she is dead. Now I’m going to find her with or without your help and if you have any problem with that then you can leave the pack” Badar said

“The warriors will be at the border in 20 minutes Alpha. Should I prepare too to come with you?”

“No, you will be staying here to take care of the pack while I am gone”

John let Badar be alone and left the torture room and head straight for his office to finish some of his work. As soon as he entered the office his office phone started ringing

“Beta John speaking” John said picking up the phone

“John, it’s me London. Just called to know how Badar is holding up, Olivia is so worried about him”

“Not good actually, he is just as any other wolf would be after losing his mate” John said in a sad voice.

“I’m sorry, it was a really stupid question of me to ask, and the pack members here are also very sad and disturbed after the loss of their Alpha”

“Badar is actually taking a search team to find her” John said

“Oh! I’ve also asked all the neighbouring packs to search for Mahnoor’s body and who did this to her”

“No I don’t mean that he is going to search for her body, he is refusing to believe that she is dead, so he is going to find her. It’s quite understandable seeing what he is going through, I would have refused to believe if I heard that my mate is dead”

“You are right, I don’t know what I would do if I ever lose Olivia. Anyways I am going with the search team to find Mahnoor and those bloody rogues. Take care of Badar, he will need his friend with him” London said and hung up the phone.

A 30 minute run from the pack’s border Badar and his team reached the nearest rogue village in no pack’s territory. The village seemed quite small with no more than 40 members including the children.

“Ask each one of them where Alpha Mahnoor is and if they refuse to tell or don’t know kill them” Badar said with hatred in his voice as they were still out of sight from the village.

“All of them Alpha” one of the warriors asked

“Yes, is there a problem?” Badar asked with a no emotion voice.

“But Alpha there are children who haven’t even shifted and pregnant women there” the other asked

“I don't f*cking care, just do as I say, or do you wish to lose your head too” Badar said in an Alpha voice which made them whimper in fear and hung their heads low.

“I didn’t think so, now go before I lose my patience” Badar ordered and the warriors attacked the village.

As Badar stood there watching his warriors attack he saw a boy of about 10 years of age trying to run away from the attack. Badar quickly caught him before he could manage to run away.

“What is your name boy” Badar asked the boy

“Xavier sir” the boy whimpered

“Xavier, tell me, why are you running away? Aren’t your parents here?”

“No sir, my parents died last year, my pack was attacked and they killed everyone there, so I had to become a rogue and this village took me in” the boy said.

“Xavier, wanna know a secret? I hate rogues because rogues have kidnapped and some say killed my mate”

“That is why I am killing every rogue that I see, but I feel sympathy for you” Badar said letting go of the boy

“I am going to give you a chance to live, I’ll count till 10, no 20. And you run as fast as you can in those 20 seconds, after that I’ll come to catch you and if I can’t catch you within 1 minute I will spare your life, understood” Badar said and the boy nodded his head with fear

“Good, now run” Badar said and the boy started running










20.. Ready or not here I come” Badar said with a sadist smile

“Oh, I do love a good chase” Badar said to himself and started running towards the direction the boy went taking in his scent.

After 30 second Badar was able to catch up with the boy. Badar had him pinned down while the whimpering in fear and begging to Badar for his life.

“I’ve already given you a chance Xavier, say hi to your parents from me” Badar said as he twisted the boy’s neck. Breaking it, making the boy die instantly.

Badar returned to the rogue village where he found his warriors standing among dead bodies.

“No information?” Badar asked and all the warriors said no

“No worries, we will get information from the next rogue village” Badar said as he turned into his wolf and started running towards the next rogue village.

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