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Mahnoor woke up with the ray of sunshine hitting her face from the small window in her cell. Mahnoor had lost the count of days that she has been in the cell.

The cells were small, dark and damp. All cells have silver bars all around the three sides of them and the small window that Mahnoor’s cell had to allow light also had silver bars on them.

Mahnoor’s body was covered in wounds from everyday torture, her legs were chained with silver chains. She got food and medical care enough to keep her alive.

Maria was also in a cell near Mahnoor’s. Apparently after breaking the bond when she wanted to return to her family Ryan offered her job to stay here forever so that he would be able to use her powers whenever he wanted, and when she refused the offer he captured her and threatened to kill her parents if she ever refused to do spells for him. Over the time Maria and Mahnoor have become good friends.

Suddenly footsteps were heard and Mahnoor knew that it was the start of yet another day at the cell. The cell’s door opened and in came Ryan.

He entered the cell, tied Mahnoor on the chair that was kept in her cell to tie her up when torturing and chained her to the chair with silver chains.

Sudden contact of silver on her arms, waist and chest brought immense pain to Mahnoor

“AHHHHH…………” Mahnoor shouted in pain.

Once her body got a bit adjusted to the pain she saw that Ryan was arranging his knives, whips and other torturing weapons on the table near the chair.

“Frank won’t be coming today? I really like his ways of torturing more than yours, no offense by the way” Mahnoor said sarcastically.

“Still the sarcastic b**ch aren’t you? Days of torture and your ego has still not reduced” Ryan said.

“Awww….. No need to get angry Ryan. I like your ways of tortures too, it’s just that I really like Frank’s torture more. I guess he is the meaner brother between you two”

“Don’t worry, I’m leaving tomorrow so Frank will be torturing you from tomorrow. Now, how about some breakfast? Let’s see, what should I serve you today?

“Better make it good, breakfast is the most important meal of a day for me. Gives me energy for the whole day” Mahnoor said.

“Oh! It will be. Let’s start with some silver knife, shall we?” Ryan said as he picked up a knife coated with silver.

He took the knife and started giving Mahnoor cuts on her arms

“AHHHHHH!!!!!” Mahnoor screamed in pain.

“Pathetic, can’t believe Badar is going mad because of losing you. He is just as pathetic as his mom, should have just kept my other son and made him the Alpha. At least he isn’t as stupid minded as Badar, and listens to what I say” Ryan said to Mahnoor.

Mahnoor’s eyes widened at Ryan’s statement. Seeing Mahnoor’s reaction Ryan said

“Ah! You don’t know about my little secret, do you? Well since you are never getting out of this cell there is no harm in telling you” Ryan said and he stabbed the knife on Mahnoor’s thigh

“AHHHH!!!!” Mahnoor shouted,

“You see, one year after Badar was borned my wife gave birth to another son, but he was so weak and small that I didn’t want him to be associated with me. So I gave him to my Beta and paid a witch to do a spell so that everyone to think that it was not the Luna who was pregnant but the female Beta, and therefore John is their son and not mine”

He then took out the knife from the thigh and stabbed it into the other thigh, and Mahnoor screamed in pain.

“I then started training Badar so that one day he can be the world’s most powerful and feared Alpha, but no matter how much I trained him he always had some soft spot in him because of his mother. As you know that I destroy anything that comes in the way of me and my goals, so I paid some Rogues to attack her while she was halving a walk in the gardens. Aliya’s death worked as a motivation for him to train harder and become the most fearsome, powerful and fearless.”

“You are a psychopath” Mahnoor said as Ryan took out knife from her thigh and stabbed Mahnoor in the stomach, Mahnoor’s whole body was covered in blood as Ryan started packing all the torture weapons back.

“I think that should be enough for now” He said as he started walking towards the cell door, he was almost there when he turned and said.

“Wanna know another one of my secrets?” He came near Mahnoor and whispered “Your mother is alive, I have her locked up somewhere nobody can find her.”

“No, that can’t be true, if she were alive and missing then father would have tried finding her” Mahnoor said not believing what Ryan just said.

“Let’s just say that I did with your parents the same thing I am doing with you and Badar, I broke their bond” Ryan said with a sadistic smile and walked out of the cell.

Mahnoor sat there crying from pain, not the physical pain but the pain she got from the new information she got.

“Shhh!!!! It’s alright” Maria said to comfort Mahnoor.

“How is it going to be alright” Mahnoor shouted “All these years we believe that my mom is dead while she was alive somewhere, maybe tortured everyday like he does to me” Mahnoor said as tiers fell down from her face.

“Do you remember her, I mean your mom?” Maria said.

“No, I was very young when she apparently died” Mahnoor said, just then a doctor entered the cell to attend to Mahnoor’s wounds just like every day, preparing her for the evening round of torture.

Just as the doctor left Mahnoor ate the breakfast {slice of bread and water} and fell asleep because of all the weakness she got from all the blood loss.

She woke up 2 hours later from heat she was feeling in her whole body

“Is it getting hot in here?” Mahnoor asked Maria

“No, maybe you are getting a fever from all the wounds you got”

Just then the two guards who were guarding the cells started walking towards Mahnoor’s cell with lust filled eyes.

“Umm…. Mahnoor, have you gone in heat since you met Badar?” Maria asked Mahnoor

“No” Mahnoor said as the guards started opening up the cell door.

As they got in, Mahnoor rose up her hands to stop them from coming near her. Just as she rose up her hands a powerful force of wind hit the guards making them hit their heads on the silver bars and fall unconscious.

Not paying heed to what just happened, Mahnoor quickly got out of the cell. She took keys from the pocket of one of the guards and started opening Maria’s cell door.

“Maria, moon goddess has given as a chance to escape, let’s go”

“Mahnoor how will we escape, you are in heat and will attract unmated males towards you”

“Your heat has just begun, the smell is not strong yet. I can stop the smell for an hour, you two get away from here as far as possible in this hour. After that I won’t be able to help you” Snow said to Mahnoor.

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