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“Hurry up Mahnoor, we are almost to the boarder” Maria said to Mahnoor who was getting tired from the intensity of the heat.

As they reached the boarder they saw that four guards were on duty. Maria raised her hand and whispered something that Mahnoor couldn’t understand.

“Hurry up, my invisibility spell only lasts for a minute only” Maria said dragging Mahnoor with her.

“You couldn’t have used the spell earlier to help us escape from the cell” Mahnoor said while running alongside Maria.

“I can only hide you not your smell, now that Snow has hidden your smell now my spell can work properly” Maria said as they escaped.

Mahnoor and Maria had been running for about an hour now, they were far away from Alpha Franks pack, not knowing where they were going, they just knew that Alpha Franks pack is in Canada so they had to run towards South to reach North America.

“Mahnoor, I can’t control your heat any more, your heat has gone very intense. I’m really sorry” Snow said to Mahnoor.

Suddenly Mahnoor felt all the pain from the heat, the need to see and touch Badar increased

“Ahhhhhhh……” Mahnoor shouted.

“Come on Mahnoor, just a bit more, there is a lake nearby you can relax when we get there, and maybe I will be able to find herb to help you with your heat” Maria said helping Mahnoor walk.

After about 30 of walking Mahnoor suddenly fell on the ground.

“Maria I can’t walk anymore, the heat’s pain is unbearable, my body is burning from inside” Mahnoor said.

“Come on Mahnoor, we are almost there. Look I can even see the lake from here” Maria said as she helped Mahnoor get up and walk up to the lake.

In 5 minutes they reached the lake and Maria helped Mahnoor get in the water.

“Soak yourself in the water, cool water will help you with the heat and the pain” Maria said to Mahnoor as she got out of water and started looking around for something.

“What are you looking for?” Mahnoor asked Maria as she was cooling down.

“Calorvotano” Maria said as she kept looking.

“English please” Mahnoor said.

“It a herb that can help with your heat, it’s a very rare herb and known to be found in this area…… Ahhhhha found it!” Maria said while Mahnoor looked at her with confusion

“I just need a few of these, 3 should be enough” Maria picked up the orange and purple color flower and started walking towards Mahnoor.

“Here, eat these” Maria said giving Mahnoor the flowers

“What? I’m I suppose to eat them like this?”

“Yah” Maria said while looking at Mahnnor weirdly

“What do they even do?” Mahnoor said while eating them.

“I told you they will help you with your heat, basically you will die, if you die you won’t technically feel any pain, right?” Maria said

“WHAT!!!!!!” Mahnoor said.

“Hahahaha……. Sorry just kidding, the herb will delay the heat that you are having for a month, but this herb only helps the heat once, next time it won’t be able to help you” Maria said.

“Thanks Maria, I’ve already started to feel better……………… Wait, what’s that noise?” Mahnoor said

“There is a rouge village nearby, maybe you are hearing noise from there” Maria said

“It’s not that, it sounds like people are shouting or screaming. They are being attacked, I should help them” Mahnoor said.

“No Mahnoor, you need to rest. You may be feeling better but you are still weak from the heat that you experienced plus your heat is still not over. The herb needs some time to work” Maria said to Mahnoor but she was too late, Mahnoor had already started running towards the direction from where the screaming’s were coming from and Maria started running after her to stop her.

As soon as they reached the village they saw Badar, John and some of the Moonknight pack’s warriors massacring the rogue village, suddenly John stopped and looked in the direction where Mahnoor and Maria where standing and said “MATE” while looking at Maria

“Where is Mahnoor?” Badar asked the rogue angrily just as he was about to kill him. Badar’s was covered in blood, he looked as if he hasn’t slept for days.

“BADAR” Mahnoor said just as Badar’s hand rose to kill the rogue.

Badar’s hand stopped midair and turned to the direction from where the voice came and he saw Mahnoor standing there.

“MAHNOOR” Badar said in disbelief, just then Mahnoor collapsed to the ground unconscious.

Pushing aside the rogue he was holding to kill Badar started running towards Mahnoor, but before he could reach her a woman he had never seen before had reached Mahnoor and was sitting beside her.

“Mahnoor, Mahnoor wake up” Badar said as he sat beside Mahnoor, pulling her in his arms.

“Don’t worry, she is just weak from her heat. She will wake up soon” Maria said to Badar

“And you are?” Badar asked.

“Maria, I’m Mahnoor’s friend. We were both captured by the same person, and we escaped together” Suddenly Badar got angry remembering that Mahnoor was kidnapped.

But before he could ask Maria who had captured them Badar noticed that afew of his pack’s warriors who were unmated were coming towards Mahnoor, their eyes were black with lust.

“LEAVE” Badar said in a loud and angry voice to them and a wave like thing formed in the ground which came towards them and knocked them of. It was like the ground was water and it was forming waves.

Badar turned back to face Mahnoor as if nothing happened while the others were shocked from what just happened. John told all the warriors to go back to the pack while he stayed back with Badar, Mahnoor and Maria.

Not a minute had passed when Mahnoor started gaining conscious, she slowly started opening her eyes and looked straight at Badar

“Badar” Mahnoor said

“Mahnoor” Badar said while creasing her face with his hand.

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