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Mahnoor started gaining conscious, she slowly started opening her eyes and looked straight at Badar

“Badar” said Mahnoor with a weak voice

“Mahnoor” Badar said while creasing her face with his hand

“ Oh goddess!, I thought I had lost you forever” Badar said as he hugged her tightly, tears were pouring out of his eyes as he took in Mahnoor’s scent.

“I…..” Mahnoor tried to talk but her body was still weak and her eyes were closing.

“Shhh! No need to talk, you should rest now” Badar said as he slowly started getting up with Mahnoor in his arms. Mahnoor’s head rested on Badar’s chest as she fell asleep.

“We should head back now” Badar said to John and Maria as he started walking back to his pack.

An hour later Badar, John and Maria reached Moonknight pack. Badar went straight to his room where he laid down Mahnoor to rest. As he got out of the room he went straight to his office where Maria and John were waiting for him.

“Who did this to her? Who kidnapped my Mahnoor?” Badar asked angrily to Maria.

Sitting beside her John growled at Badar.

“Badar, I know you are angry but I will not tolerate you talking to my mate like this” John said.

“Mate? She is your Mate?” Badar asked

“Yup, knew right away when I saw her with Mahnoor today” John said

“I did not mean to be rude to Maria, but you have to understand John on what I am going through right now and Maria is the only one who knows what happened to Mahnoor, Who kidnapped her? I need to know or I think my mind will blow up from all the questions that are going in my mind right now” Badar said.

“It’s ok, I can understand how you must be feeling right now. But I don’t think I should be the one from whom you find out who kidnapped and tortured us.

Just as Badar was about to say something there was a knock on the door

“Yes, come in” Badar said

A girl of about 20 years age entered the room, gave a little bow to Badar and John.

“What is it Ashley?” Badar asked the girl

“Alpha, Alpha Mahnoor has woken up.

Badar, John and Maria rushed towards Badar’s room, as they entered the room they found Mahnoor sitting, holding her legs to the chest.

Badar instantly ran towards the bed and pulled Mahnoor to a tight hug.

“Thank goddess you are awake. How are you feeling? Are you hurt? What happened to you? Who kidnapped you? I swear whoever it is I will hurt them for what they did to you” Badar said all in one breath as he was holding Mahnoor’s face to see if she was hurt anywhere.

Suddenly Mahnoor scorned away from Badar a bit, Badar got hurt from Mahnoor’s action but quickly got over.

“Mahnoor, we all thought that you were dead, your bond from me and your pack was broken, we all got so devastated because of that” Badar said with a more calm and soft voice now.

“Ummm…… Well, after I was kidnapped I was kept in a cell where I was regularly tortured” Mahnoor said

“What about the bond? How did they managed to break your bond” It was John who asked this time.

Mahnoor looked towards Maria as if asking her for permission to tell everyone, to which Maria slightly nodded.

“Well they used witch to break the bond, which was Maria.” Upon hearing this Badar got angry, got out of bed and went straight for Maria. Pinned her to the wall, holding her neck in his hand.

“You did this, you broke our bond, how dare you” Badar said angrily.

“Badar, leave her” John and Mahnoor shouted at the same time

“Badar she was forced to do this, it was either breaking our bond or her family gets killed” Mahnoor said but Badar did not release her, although John was also trying to get him away from Maria.

“Badar, leave her and get out of this room, I don’t want to see you right now” Mahnoor said in a defeated voice.

This caught Badar’s attention “What!” Badar said as he released Maria and turned around to face Mahnoor

“I said get out Badar. I don’t even know who you are anymore, it’s like you are a different person and not the Badar I knew. First you started killing innocent rogue and know hurting Maria” Mahnoor said as a tear fell from her eye

“I can’t even look at you right now for what you have become, please leave. I swear if I have to look at you for one more minute I will never want to see you again” Mahnoor said.

Upon hearing this Badar quietly got out of the room followed by John. As soon as Mahnoor and Maria were alone, Maria went to sit beside Mahnoor.

Mahnoor hugged Maria as she bursted into tears.

“What’s wrong with him Maria? That was not my Badar, he was someone else” Mahnoor said while crying.

“Losing one’s mate can affect someone a lot, Badar thought that you were dead, which affected him a lot negatively” Maria tried to explain.

“But I am back now, I know that he was hurt, and that is why I forgave him for what he was doing to the rogue village. But you, he tried to hurt you even thou I am back now”

“He’ll come around, just give him some time” Maria said to Mahnoor

“I was so disturbed by what he had become, I feared that if I saw him for one more minute I will never want to see him again. That is why I had to send him out of the room”

“Relax, I think what we need right now to relax from all the drama that has been going around is a warm bath.” Maria said as she rose up from the bed and went straight to the bathroom. A minute later she came from the bathroom,

“I’ve started the bath, I’m going to my room to take bath and I’ll ask John to send some clean clothes and food in both out room” Maria said as she started walking towards the door.

“Thanks, you’re the best” Mahnoor said as she got up and started walking towards the bathroom.

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