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**Mahnoor’s pov**

We were in Newyork by noon. Newyork was covered in snow making it look more enchanting. We were on our way to the hotel when I saw the place I love the most in Newyork.

“Stop the car” I said in an excited voice.

“What is it Mahnoor?” London asked while looking at me with a worried expression.

“London look it’s the same ice cream shop that my father used to take me to when I was young,” I said while clapping my hands with excitement.

London’s expression of worry was now changed to the one with a small smile.

“Let’s go there, please, ” I said while making the cutest puppy dog face I could.

“Ok! Ok! Calm down” he said with a chuckle ” Kelvin turn the car around we are going to the ice cream shop”


Other pack members were in one car while me and London were in another car.

As we reached the ice cream parlor the other car also pulled in.

The pack members came towards us in a worried but attentive way looking like they were scanning the surroundings for any threat.

Looking by their expression my beta hurriedly gave them the reason to why we were stopping here.

All of us then entered the shop as an unintended smile crossed my face.

“It’s just as I remember it,” I said in a small voice.

As we reached the counter I ordered my favourite chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips while London ordered cookie and cream ice cream. Others ordered their ice creams and we got a table to wait for our orders to arrive.

We were laughing at one of Noah’s jokes when an attractive looking skinny girl with blonde hair wearing a white silk shirt and dark pink skirt came to our table with our ice creams.

She placed our ice creams on the table while looking at London with a flirtatious smile.

“Enjoy your ice cream ” she said while giving us a thousand watt smile and she turned to walk away but not before she gave London a wink.

As she walked away i instantly looked at London “London looks like you’ve found your mate ” i said with a teasing laugh.

“She is not my mate” he said with an irritated voice.

Seeing the irritated look on his face made laughter burst out at our table. We laughed so hard that our surrounding tables started looking at our table with a weird expression.

“Is too” we all said in unison and started laughing again. We enjoyed our ice creams as we shared our funny childhood memories.

As we finished our ice creams we called the waitress for the bill. The same girl who brought our ice creams came to our table with our bill. As London pulled out his credit card to pay for the bill the girl asked “So are you guys friends? ” to make sure that London was not here with his girlfriend.

London looked at me with the expression that shouted out loud “PLEASE SAVE ME!” and me being a saint and his best friend decided to SAVE him.

“Yes, we are college friends and London has been my boyfriend since college ” I replied with a smile as I placed my right hand on London’s shoulder.

The girl’s expression soon changed to that of jealousy.

“Oh! So how long have you two been dating, I mean is it a serious relationship? ”

“5 years . On our 5th anniversary he took me to the most romantic restaurant to celebrate and there he proposed to me in front of everybody. In Fact we are getting married next month” i said while looking at London as if i was really in love with him.

“Oh! Congratulations ” she said with a fake smile .

“Thanks” I replied with a fake smile as she left the table.

As I turned my attention back to the table everyone was looking at me with surprised expressions on how smoothly I lied to the girl.

“Thank you,” London said with a smile.

“You’re welcome, btw what is it with girls drooling over you” i asked London as we started getting up.

“What can I say , I guess I am too handsome to resist, ” he said with a smirk.

“Yah right! Can’t wait for you to find your mate and see your attitude of i am too handsome to come to an end”

“Can’t wait myself, keep wishing, maybe your wish will soon come true” he said happily.

“Ok Romeo, let’s get to the hotel. We have a big day tomorrow, ” I said while getting in the car.


**Badar’s pov**

As soon as we reached Newyork we pulled straight to the hotel so that i can rest a little before i can prepare for the Alpha of the Alphas competition which was to take place after the World Alpha’s Meeting.

After resting for a few hours I changed into my gym suit. I wore a black shorts that reached just above my knees and a grey tee shirt and headed straight for the gym.

Just as i entered the gym i saw the other door closing and a mesmerising scent surrounded me, giving me a strange feeling that filled my heart. A new feeling that I’ve never felt before.

I scanned the gym to see where the scent was coming from but there was nobody there.

“MINE” a voice from my head said.

“What’s yours Leone? , What happened? ``I asked my wolf.

“The smell, it’s of our mate, i can feel it” he said happily.

“Our mate? Maybe she’s here with her pack to attend the meeting. That means we will get to meet her tomorrow “.

“Let’s just follow the smell and meet her now. I can’t wait till tomorrow. Hey Badar, what do you think our mate looks like? , I bet she is the most beautiful wolf , will she like us?” My wolf said in super excitement.

“Leone cool down, look at the time man, it won’t look good to follow a girl at this time of the day, plus it will bring our first impression bad to her, and we do not want that do we?” I tried to convince my wolf but the truth was that i too wanted to follow the scent and find out who our mate is, but i controlled myself and started to exercise to get the scent out of my head , but it wasn’t working out very much.


**Mahnoor’s pov**

As evening was coming I decided to train for tomorrow’s competition before I had my dinner. So I wore my grey yoga pants and my sports bra and headed for the gym.

The gym was equipped with all the equipment that any world class gym could have. It also had two doors , one leading to the rooms that were on the first floor where the gym was, while the other one was for the guests on the other floor of the hotel. I started my warm up exercises and proceeded with my tough work out routine in the gym.

I had been in the gym for almost two hours when i decided to head back to my room. So I took my towel to clean off the sweat and was out of the door that led to the rooms on the first floor where I was staying when I heard the other door open.

Although it was for just a second but whoever entered the gym, his scent had filled my mind. All the tiredness I had after exercising was gone by just getting a sniff of that smell.

Suddenly my wolf started to jump in excitement as if it found the most precious thing that she had lost years ago.

“Calm down girl, why are you so excited? ``I asked Snow through my mind.

“THE SCENT! MINE! OURS!” Snow said excitedly to me.

“What are you talking about? What’s ours? ``I asked with confusion not being able to understand what she was saying.

“The scent , it’s of our mate. Let’s go and find our mate Mahnoor. I’m sure he won’t be too far away” she said with pure excitement.

“No Snow we can’t just go and start looking for him. There are hundreds of rooms in this hotel and anyways most of the guests here are werewolves who came for the meeting that means we can meet him tomorrow at the meeting” i tried to convince Snow.

“Ok!” She said with a frown as we walked towards our room and me thinking of our mate.

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