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As Badar got out of his room after Mahnoor asked him to he went straight to the training room in the pack house.

“Badar, wait up” John said as he was running behind him to catch up with him.

“Not now John, I need some time alone. Go inform London and Sofia about Mahnoor” Badar said

Badar entered the training room and started punching on the first punching bag he saw. An hour of punching and Badar was drenching in sweat, his hands were bruised from punching on the punching bag without any equipment.

He got away from the punching bag and walked towards the mirror that was beside him. As he was standing in front of the mirror, looking at his reflection, he saw the old Badar, Badar that had revenge in his eyes, Badar that only lived for power and control, Badar before Mahnoor came in his life, Badar the he now feared of becoming.

Badar punched the mirror, punching the man he saw in the mirror, the old Badar that had come back in his life.

Badar refreshed himself and went straight to his office. Just as he sat down there was a knock on the door.

“Come in” Badar ordered.

“Alpha” A boy bowed as he entered.

“Yes Alex, what is it?” Badar asked Alex.

“Alpha, sorry I didn’t inform you earlier but Alpha Ryan is here” Alex said.

“What! When did he arrive?” Badar asked.

“This morning, when you went to attack the rogue village”

“Ok you can leave, I’ll go and met him in the morning” Badar said.

“Alpha, Alpha Ryan said to ask you to meet him as soon as you are free, he said he’ll be in his room”

“Ok, I’ll go and meet him, you can leave now” Badar said.

“Yes Alpha”

Badar got out from his office and went straight to Ryan’s room. Just as he was about to knock on the door he heard his dad talk

“Frank, why aren’t you picking up the phone? Is everything alright, call me as soon as you get this message” Ryan said

Badar then knocked on the door, Ryan came up to the door and opened it.

“Badar my son come in, so good to see you after such a long time” Ryan said hugging Badar

“Good to see you too Dad, was that Uncle Frank you were talking to” Badar asked as he entered the room

“Yes, I have been staying in his pack for the last few weeks. I came back as soon as I got the news that Mahnoor had been kidnapped and killed by some rogues, sorry I couldn’t come to you earlier. How have you been keeping up, I know how hard and painful it is to loose ones mate. Goddess knows it still pains me to live without your mom, but you will get used to the pain in time” Ryan said with sympathetic voice.

“True, the last few weeks had been really hard on me. I had this immense pain and emptiness in me, but I don’t feel that anymore. And you could not have come here on a more perfect day that today”

“Is that so? That’s good to hear. Let me guess, you found the rogue responsible for Mahnoor’s death? Ryan said.

“Of course not, I found Mahnoor. Actually she found me, when I was busy attacking the rogue village” Badar said with a slight smile on his face.

“WHAT!!!!” Ryan shouted.

“Shocking right? I was just as shocked when I saw her” Badar said

“Has she said anything on who kidnapped her, or how she escaped” Ryan said with a bit composed voice now.

“No, Not yet that is. She is resting right now. I swear the people who did this to her will regret the day they were born. I will torture them so painfully that they will beg for death and I will not give it to them. Badar said with anger and hatred in his voice, anger and hatred for the people who tortured his Noor.

Just then there was a knock on the door

“Yes, who is it” Ryan said

“Forgive me Alphas for disturbing you” Ashley said.

“What is it Ashley?” Badar asked

“Alpha London and Luna Olivia have arrived and are with Alpha Mahnoor, and also Alpha Mahnoor is asking for you Alpha Badar” Ashley said

“Ok, thankyou for informing me. You may leave now, and tell Mahnoor that I am coming” Badar said

“Yes Alpha” Ashley said and left the room.

“Dad why don’t you come and met Mahnoor as well?” Badar said as he was about to leave the room.

“You go, I’ll met her tomorrow. I’m sure you two will be needing some alone time after being away from each other for such a long time. Plus I’m exhausted from the long journey and could really use a good sleep to relax” Ryan said

“Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow then” Badar said and left the room.

When Ryan was sure that Badar was gone, he quickly dialed Frank. As soon as Frank picked up the call Ryan started shouting at him.

“Frank you idiot, how could you let Mahnoor escape? And why didn’t you informed me as soon as she escaped. Badar just told me that Mahnoor is here” Ryan shouted

“I have been trying to find her since the afternoon but I couldn’t find her, even her scent is gone. And don’t you dare shout at me. You should be thankful that I let you keep them as prisoners in my pack. You have a problem with them, not me” Frank said

“Them? What do you mean them? The witch escaped with her?” Ryan asked

“Yes, both of them escaped”

“Damn it, I better get out of the pack before that b!!ch or witch tell him that I kidnapped them”

“You better break your bond with the pack before reaching here or they will be able to track you down, I’ll tell the guards to be expecting you or they will think that you are a rogue” Frank said

As Badar entered his room where Mahnoor had been resting he saw that London, Olivia, John and Maria were already there. All heads turned towards him, as if all of them had been waiting for him to arrive.

“Mahnoor! Guys! What’s going on?” Badar said.

“Don’t know, Mahnoor wants to tell us something. We were waiting for you to come so that she can begin” Olivia said.

“Badar please have a seat, I’m about to tell you guys who kidnapped me? Why they kidnapped me? And other things that happened with us there” Mahnoor said

Badar walked and sat beside Mahnoor on the bed while the others were on the sofas

“Now I want you guys to stay calm when I’ll tell you the whole story and not to make any sudden decisions. Especially you Badar” Mahnoor said

“Ok” Badar said and took Mahnoor’s right hand in both his hands

“To calm myself” Badar said before Mahnoor could say anything

“So on my way back from the meeting, our car was attacked by some rogue. While we were fighting them they injected me with something that made me unconscious. When I woke up I was in a cell, He forced Maria to break my bond with you and my pack so that you guys can think that I am dead”

“Who?” Badar said with a firm voice as he held on to Mahnoor’s hand tightly to calm himself

Mahnoor hesitated a bit to speak as Maria gave her an encouraging nod to continue

“Alpha Ryan” Mahnoor said and everyone in the room except Maria gasped out of shock.

“That can’t be right. Dad couldn’t have done that to me, knowing well how loosing ones mate can affect someone” Badar said

“It’s the truth Badar, Alpha Ryan took as to his brother’s pack and kept us as his prisoners. He even threatened to kill my family should I refuse to break Mahnoor’s bond with you guys.

“ALEX COME IN MY ROOM RIGHT NOW” Badar called Alex through pack’s bond as he held held Mahnoor’s hand as if his life depended on it, fearing that if he let go he may lose his temper and do something bad.

Badar’s face was turning red from anger when Alex entered the room

“You called me Alpha” Alex said

“Take some guards and bring my dad here, if he resists bring him forcefully” Badar said as he was shaking with anger

“Why are you still here…. GO……” Badar shouted

“I’m sorry Alpha but Alpha Ryan ran through the packs boundaries a while ago”

Just as he was about to say something he felt a sudden pain throughout his body

“He has broken the bond with the pack, we can’t track him down” Badar said with anger.

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