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**Badar’s pov**

By morning I still couldn’t get that smell out of my head. I worked out for hours just to get the scent out of my head so that I could concentrate on Alpha of the Alphas competition but it was no use.

My wolf on the other hand was super excited to meet our mate in the meeting.

“What pack do you think she will be from?” Leone asked excitedly.

He had been asking me annoying questions since last night.

“I don’t know ”

“Do you think she will like us?”

“I hope so” i answered annoyingly

“Hey wear your navy blue suit, you look handsome in it and do not behave like an asshole at the meeting, leave the fighting part to me, i will make sure that we win so that our mate will be impressed by us and not look at any other wolf. Why would she look at someone else, we are her mate and Alpha of one of the strongest pack ”

“Shut up already ” i said angrily

On hearing this my wolf growled angrily demanding respect from me.

“Ahhh! Sorry but you are making me more nervous by constantly asking questions than i already am” i replies Leone in a more relaxed tone.

“Fine , but when is the meeting starting ”

At 10 a.m. ” i replied

Me and my fellow pack members had breakfast, got ready and headed to the ground floor for the meeting.

As Leone had suggested I had worn the navy blue suit and following behind me was my father and sister, my head beta and the betas from territories we had conquered and some soldiers.

As soon as we entered we were greeted by fellow Alphas but my eyes were looking for our mate.

“Why can’t i smell her?” Leone asked impatiently ” What if she is a human? What if she is in some problem or got sick?”

“Hey! There are too many wolves in the room that’s why you can’t trace her smell and maybe she hasn’t arrived yet, relax Leone ” i tried to relax him but the truth was i too was getting impatient to meet our mate.

**Mahnoor’s pov **

When we arrived in the conference hall everyone was already on their seats. I quickly found the empty Moonstone packs sitting and started walking towards them avoiding the awkwardness as everyone was looking towards us because we were the last ones to arrive.

“Morning gentlemen, ladies” I said with a slight nod.

I got sighted and scanned the room to see who was present at the meeting. Then suddenly my breath got caught as my eyes stopped on him. I instantly knew who he was.

He was the same person from last night. I can’t forget the scent, I could differentiate it from a thousand smells. My wolf was jumping from excitement and happiness at seeing our mate.

That was the first time I saw our mate. He had worn a navy blue suit that fitted him perfectly. Although he was in a suit one could clearly see that his body was well built from workouts and had broad shoulders.

He had a light but well trimmed beard, perfectly tanned skin with black hair and silver eyes. A rather unique combination.

The navy blue suit complimented well with his perfect skin, well set hair and mesmerizing eyes making him look like a beautiful Greek god who had just stepped out of a fashion magazine.

“It should be a criminal offence to look so good” i said while looking at him dreaming while he was looking at me.

“I agree,” said London , who was beside me.

When I turned to look at him he was watching someone near our mate. She was a beautiful young girl . A wave of jealousy washed me as I wondered who she was and why was she so near our mate.

She was tall as me and about my age with a perfect model like body. She was wearing a red knee length sleeveless dress that hugged her body showing her curves at all the right places.

The red dress complimented well with her lightly tanned skin, ocean blue eyes and wavy blonde hair that reached her waist.

“Who is she?” Snow asked with jealousy

“I don’t know but the way she and London are looking at each other they sure look like mates to me” i tried to calm Snow.

“What pack is that?” I asked London to make him come back to reality.

“Oh that?” He said while eyeing towards were our mate was sitting “that’s the Moonknight pack . One of the most feared pack in the whole of the states and the world in fact ”

Seeing me looking at our mate he instantly added like he had read my mind.

“That’s the Alpha of Moonknight pack, Alpha Badar. He is said to be fearless, ruthless and feared by all as well. Just yesterday he took over Alpha Frank’s pack and killed him because he resisted.”

Alpha Badar, a rather unique name just like the person himself I thought to myself.

**Badar’s pov **

As everyone was sitting on their chairs waiting for the meeting to start I was waiting for the Moonstone pack to arrive so I could see our competitor who I have to take over according to my father. Well it couldn’t be a strong competitor as i am the Alpha of the strongest pack in the states.

Soon the door opened as the same smell that took over my mind filled the room. A girl who looked not more than 22 years old and stood at 5′6 walked fearlessly into the hall. Her hair was white, long with braids that had beads, gems and artificial feathers hanging from them making her look like some kind of nature angel.

She was wearing a white sleeveless blouse, camouflage print shorts reaching a little above her mid thighs and a camouflage jacket just like her shorts.

Her look was perfect with her brown mid knee leather boots, black eyes , lightly tanned skin and soft pink lips .

I watched as she was walking to see which pack’s place she would sit as each pack was assigned their own sitting place. I was shocked to see that she went to sit at the Moonstone pack’s place and that too at the Alpha’s chair.

That’s when I noticed that along with her were her pack members whom I didn’t notice before as I was busy watching Mahnoor. A boy of about my age but a bit shorter than me was talking to her whom i presume was his beta and some other members who looked like her soldiers

My thoughts were soon over as the current Alpha of the Alphas entered the hall with his Luna. The Alpha was a gentle faced man in his late 40′s with gray hair and about 5′11 but his presence alone demanded attention and respect.

Today is Alpha Adam’s last meeting as the Alpha of the Alphas. He will lead today’s meeting and the competition in which the new Alpha of the Alphas will be chosen.

The meeting ended at about 1 p.m. for the lunch break before the start of the Alpha’s Alpha competition. I was eager to go talk to Mahnoor, my mate , but before I could talk I was dragged to the side by my father.

**Mahnoor’s pov**

As the lunch break began I scanned the room to look for Badar as everyone was walking around after a long meeting but i could not find him. London however was fast enough to go and talk to his mate.

As I continued to scan the room I saw him going to the corridor that led to the other conference rooms in the hotel. I decided to follow him so I could talk with him privately and get to know him . I was just near the first hall after the hall in which the meeting was held when I heard a man’s voice, it didn’t seem like Badar’s as it sounded more like an old man’s voice.

As I took a peek at who was talking, it was Badar with his back on my side and a man in his late or mid 50′s who seemed as Badar’s father as he looked exactly like Badar but with blonde hair and blue eyes and a smirk on his face.

“Have you seen the Alpha girl of the Moonstone pack , she looked more weak than I thought she would be, it sure will be easy for you to take over her pack . Their soldiers aren’t even many according to my research ” he said happily while Badar stood there with his right hand in his pocket while his other hand set free.

I couldn’t believe what I just heard. London was right when he said that he was ruthless and I doubt heartless too. I can’t believe he is my mate. Even my wolf was sad after hearing what our mate’s intentions were. I walked back to the conference room angrily with more determination than before to become the Alpha of the Alphas. I’ll show him how weak I am.

**Badar’s pov**

As dad dragged me to a nearby hall he started bragging about how easy it will be to take over Mahnoor’s pack, I stood there silently waiting for him to stop talking so I can’t tell him about Mahnoor being my mate and that we won’t attack the Moonstone pack. Suddenly I heard some footsteps. I went outside to see who was listening to our conversation. I was shocked to see it was Mahnoor and she was walking back to the hall.

It suddenly hit me on what if she had heard our conversation. I couldn’t lose my mate even before I got her. With that thought in mind I walked back to my father.

“Who was it?” He asked curiously

Not paying attention to what he asked, I said in an angry tone.

“We are not attacking the Moonstone pack , it’s Mahnoor’s pack, my mate’s pack and I will not tolerate if anyone tries to harm her or her pack” I said and without waiting for his reaction I got out of there and went to find Mahnoor and clear the misunderstanding.

As I entered the hall I saw Mahnoor at the other side of the hall all alone looking outside the window. I walked straight towards her and placed my hand on her shoulder to get her attention. Just one touch of her sent jolts of electricity in my body.

“Mahnoor it’s not like what you think it is, the plan of attacking your pack was made before I knew you were my mate. I swear i wouldn’t have even thought of attacking your pack if i knew you were my mate. I’ve already told my dad that we won’t be attacking the Moonstone pack ``I said and waited for her to reply, when she didn’t say anything I talked again.

“Please Mahnoor for Goddess’s sake say something ” i plead her

“I want to be alone right now Badar . All the talking will now happen after the Alpha of the Alphas competition ” she said without looking at me but i could see hurt on her face and i was the reason for it.

“Ok, but please remember i really am sorry. I would never hurt you like that Mahnoor ” i gave her some space and went back to my pack members before looking at time and realizing

“1 hour till the competition begins ”

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