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**Mahnoor’s pov**

I still couldn’t believe that Badar could do this to me . I couldn’t figure out what my emotions were right now . I felt sad, angry, betrayed all at the same time.

“Even our mate thinks that we are too weak to lead a pack” my wolf Snow said in a sad voice.

“Everybody thinks the same about us Snow, even our mate. He is not different from others, that’s why i told you that we must win the Alpha of the Alphas tournament and prove them all wrong” i said with anger in my voice.

“Yah, you are right Mahnoor, let’s show these Alphas who the real Alpha is” Snow said with determination.

A few moments later Alpha Adam entered the room and announced the beginning of the Alpha of the Alphas competition.

Only 20 Alphas were qualified for the competition based on different criterias. The competitors were to be divided into two groups. And I was praying to the moon Goddess that Badar to not be in my group.

Soon the competition was about to begin. The rules and instructions of the competition were simple.

1. To win one must fight till the opponent is knocked out or until the opponent gives up.

2. The fight will be done in wolf form and no weapons may be used , if found with a weapon the competitor will be disqualified.

3. The 20 Alphas will be divided into two groups and in the first round Alphas of each group will fight in two making only 5 winners from each group.

4. The 10 competitors of the two groups will then fight the opposite group ( one competitor will be from group A and the other from group B)

5. From the remaining 5 one Alpha will be promoted directly to the finals based on how fast and skillfully he/she won the fight.

6. The remaining 4 will then compete in the quarter finals and semi finals. The winner will be promoted to finals and the one among the two finalists who wins the finals will be named the Alpha of the Alphas.

Alpha Adam read out loud all the rules and instructions of the competition and made sure we all understood the rules before the competition started.

The competition was to be done in the forest where a small piece of land was cleared just for the competition.

Alpha Adam then instructed all the members to head towards the area while the competitors were told to prepare for the competition.

The competitors were;

**Group A**

Alpha Badar

Alpha Sam

Alpha Axel

Alpha Peter

Alpha Caleb

Alpha Luan

Alpha Thor

Alpha Hunter

Alpha Arslan

Alpha Stark

**Group B**

Alpha Mahnoor

Alpha Oberon

Alpha Hang

Alpha Zoro

Alpha Kabaka

Alpha Connor

Alpha Caesar

Alpha Trey

Alpha Mufasa

Alpha Jon

Seeing the list I was relieved that Badar was not in my group. Soon I changed into my wolf and headed to the arena with my beta and other pack members.

As soon as all the members and the competitors arrived the competition started . First the Group A competitors were to fight till only 5 of them remained.

I watched carefully on the Alphas’s fighting techniques as it may help me in winning from them in future. Soon our mate’s name was called and a pure black wolf stepped into the arena. Badar’s wolf was larger compared to all the other wolves I have seen , but not much larger than mine.

His fur was black as midnight and eyes silver as the moon.

My wolf saw him with admiration as she longed to see him in action. He stood in the arena waiting for his opponent. As soon as the other Alpha entered the fighting started. Barely 1 minute had passed and Badar had knocked out his opponent.

“Wow! That must be the fastest win in this competition so far” Alpha Adam announced with a little chuckle.

Group A’s competition was over and Group B’s began. Alpha Adam announced the first competitors name for Group B

“So we will begin with Alpha Connor and Alpha Mahnoor. Alphas please step into the arena” as soon as i heard my name i stepped into the arena and began studying my opponent....

**Badar’s pov**

I sat relaxed as I had no worries on how I would win since I knew that I am the strongest Alpha here. A few fights later Alpha Adam announced my name . I got up and walked up to the arena as Alpha Adam announced my opponent’s name “Alpha Thor”

Soon a wolf with sandy fur entered the fighting arena . I mentally smirked as I saw the wolf. He was much smaller than me and looked less muscular even in his wolf form.

I started rounding the arena as I studied what would be the wolf’s next move and made a sudden jump towards him making him fall down as I pinned him under me.

Alpha Thor looked frightened by my sudden move as I attacked his neck.

Soon he was knocked out and I had won the fight in barely 1 minute. As Alpha Thor was sent for treatment i changed back to my human form and went back to my seat winning congratulations from other werewolves.

Group A’s competition had ended and Group B’s began. I was talking with John as I heard Mahnoor’s name . I suddenly straightened up to see our mate’s fight.

A snow white wolf entered the arena and I instantly knew it was Mahnoor as my wolf howled in excitement. She looked just as stunning in her wolf form as much as she did in her human form, just like a pure angel , white as snow and eyes black as a moonless night.

Her opponent was Alpha Connor who was slightly bigger than Mahnoor’s wolf and much more muscular. But I have to say she was much larger than most of the female wolves, almost as large as a male Alpha. Looking at them it seemed that Mahnoor would lose the fight, although my wolf and I said otherwise that Mahnoor would win the fight.

As soon as the fight began Mahnoor started rounding the arena studying Connor. Suddenly Mahnoor’s wolf attacked making Connor surprised and thus not being able to judge what Mahnoor’s move is, Mahnoor attacked Connor’s leg instead of his neck so that he will be easy to pin down with a limp leg as it would be hard to reach to his neck because of his larger wolf.

In around 2 minutes Mahnoor was able to knock out Connor , winning congratulations from other werewolves as well as my heart swell with pride knowing that she is my mate.

As Mahnoor passed by me to sit down I gave her a slight nod and smile telling her that i am proud of her. She looked at me as her cheeks flushed with blush and I swear just her blush was enough to bring me on my knees. But she walked past me to her pack members without giving me a reply.

I wasn’t shocked at her attitude towards me since I knew how hurt she must have been after knowing that I was planning to attack her pack even if all of this was before I knew that she was my mate.

But i am determined to win back her trust in me, although i know it won’t be that easy or fast but sooner or later i will win our mate’s trust, then will i be able to hold her in my arms, protect her, love her, kiss her, feel her and of course to be able to mark her as my mate and make her mine forever.

Both group fights were over and Alpha Adam announced a short break for the competitors so as to regain their energy and get ready for the second round, with only 10 competitors remaining including me and Mahnoor.

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