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**Third person’s pov**

As the break time came to an end Alpha Adam announced the competitors of round two in which the fight will be as follows

Alpha Badar Vs Alpha Jon

Alpha Axel Vs Alpha Caesar

Alpha Caleb Vs Alpha Hang

Alpha Arslan Vs Alpha Oberon

Alpha Stark Vs Alpha Mahnoor

**Badar’s pov**

As Alpha Adam announced the names I was instantly relieved that I was to not fight Mahnoor as I knew that I would not be able to fight my own mate. I instantly thought that I would have to win my fight in the fastest possible way so that i will not have to fight in quarter and semi finals and so least possible chance to have to fight Mahnoor.

Soon after my name was announced and I started walking to the arena as I changed into my wolf with full determination to win the fight in less than a minute. As I entered the arena Alpha Jon’s name was announced and a wolf with dark brown fur entered the arena.

Alpha Jon’s wolf was well built and a bit smaller than mine but also seemed a bit hard to win from. If only I can attack his neck I will be able to pin him down. As Alpha Jon started rounding the arena and judging me and what my move will be while I started doing the same to him.

Seeing the right moment I pretended to attack his right paw making take a defensive position to block my attack on his right paw. Seeing that my plan to fool him is working I instantly turned my position and before he could know what happened I had already attacked his neck making him lose his balance and fall on the ground as I pinned him down while my fangs still on his neck. I held him down till he gave up making me win the match.

“Looks like Alpha Badar has broken his own record by winning this fight in 40 seconds” Alpha Adam announced.

As I walked back to my seat everybody came to congratulate me. I looked at the place where Mahnoor was sitting and saw her smiling the most beautiful smile I had ever seen while looking at me. As soon as she realised that i was looking at her she instantly stopped smiling and started looking at the other way. I chuckled at her reaction and sat on my chair and saw John looking at me with a smirk.

“What?” I asked him looking at him curiously to know why he was smirking at me.

“Nothing, ” he said while making an innocent face .

“Weirdo ” I said under my breath and continued watching as other matches continued.

Soon Mahnoor was called into the arena along with Alpha Stark who looked like he was power hungry, the one who demands respect but has not earned it.

**Mahnoor’s pov**

As the second round began the first match was to be between Badar and Alpha Jon, which Badar won in less than a minute. I smiled as Badar was announced as the winner of the match. Everybody was congratulating Badar as he was walking back to his seat. As he reached his seat he looked in my direction as I was still looking at him, I realized what had just happened and I quickly looked the other way to show that he had no effect on me while my wolf was begging me to look back at him.

“Why are your cheeks all red? Are you alright? ” London asked me while placing his hand on my forehead to see if I was having temperature.

“What? I’m alright London, the weather is hot that’s why my cheeks may have gone red” i said while hiding my cheeks, i didn’t know i was blushing .

“Alright, if you say so” London said with a voice that clearly showed that he didn’t believe me.

After three more matches my name and Alpha Stark’s name was announced for the match. I was first to reach the arena, I turned to see my opponent and saw a wolf about my size, which was a bit small for male Alphas. And the way he was growling at his pack members about something he looked power hungry and respect demanding. You know the ones who just because they have power abuse it in every possible way but in reality they are just weakling. Looking at him I was wondering how he even won his first match.

We stood side by side as an examiner came to us to see if we had hidden any weapons or if our condition was good enough for fighting.

After examining me he turned to Alpha Stark to examine him.

As he was examining he ordered Stark to open his mouth to examine it too. On hearing this Stark’s expression changed but did not open his mouth. After further insisting when he opened his mouth the examiner found a small knife under tongue.

Upon further investigation it was found that he planned to use it to defeat me in fighting and since it was small and in his mouth so nobody would suspect that it was a knife’s mark and not his fang’s . And lucky for me the examiner checked his fangs which he usually doesn’t.

Due to his cheating Alpha Stark was disqualified immediately making me to the next level automatically.

Soon after the decision the quarter finals began but before that one Alpha was to be promoted to the finals basing on the points by judges on how fast the Alpha wins a match and how good their techniques were. All Alphas who were still competing were called up front and the name of the Alpha was announced, undoubtedly that Alpha was Badar since he won both matches in less than a minute and his techniques were amazing.

While he was walking back to his seat he looked back at me and winked at me making me blush but then after realizing what just happened I boiled in anger at his actions, or maybe it was because I wanted to hate him but all I could do was fall deeper for him.

**Badar’s pov**

As Mahnoor’s time came she stood in the arena for the examiner to examine her before the match , as the examiner reached his opponent he was found with a small knife in his mouth with which he was planning to attack Mahnoor and defeat her. Hearing his intentions made my blood boil with anger. How dare he even think of harming my mate. I am gonna make his life a living hell for this.

As the quarter finals began all the quarter finalists were called in front and the name for the Alpha who qualified for the finals was called.

“And the name is Alpha Badar . Congratulations and please take your seat while the rest of you stay here for the quarter finals” Alpha Adam announced.

As I was walking back I sensed someone’s eyes on me so I turned and I saw Mahnoor looking at me so I gave her a wink which made her blush but soon she masked it with an angry face. I swear just her blushing face could bring me on my knees. i turned back as i was heading back to my place while chuckling at her reaction.

I was watching with a proud yet worried expression as Mahnoor was fighting which she obviously won, winning her a round of applause from the audience . She turned back to her human form and she started walking back to her seat.

I watched her as she was walking back to her seat and she looked beautiful as hell in her crop top and shorts. Although she was dressed casually but she still was able to make my heart beat fast like i had been running for hours.

I started looking at the other side as I was having a hard time to control my urge to go and kiss her. But what I saw didn’t distract me but only made me angry. The werewolves were checking her out. The males were looking at her because of her breathtaking beauty and power while females were looking at her out of pure jealousy. I controlled the urge to punch each one of them till they are fucking dead and to mark Mahnoor so that everybody can know that she is mine, only mine.

As the quarter finals ended the semi finalists were called Mahnoor and Alpha Axel . As the match bagan Alpha Axel made his way to Mahnoor to attack which she defended perfectly. After a few more attempts to attack from both competitors Alpha Axel again attacked but this time Mahnoor jumped above him and attacked from behind and pinned him down and pressed her paw where a werewolves mate’s mark is supposed to be which made Axel’s wolf growl in pain. She pinned him down like that till Mahnoor was declared the winner.




WHY GODDESS, WHY ME...........

**Mahnoor’s pov**





Ahh Badar!!!! Why did I have to be your mate out of all these Alphas? Ahhhhh I hate you Badar , I hate that I am falling in love with you, I hate that you are my mate and I hate that I will be incomplete without you....

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