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**Badar’s pov**

I reached my hotel room tired after a long day. Although I had lost the competition I was not feeling bad about it. In Fact I was happy that even if I had lost it was to my mate, my Mahnoor.

Just then someone knocked on my door.

“Who is it?”

“Your father, now open the damn door”

I went and opened the door to reveal an angry looking father.

“What the hell was that? How come you lose the competition and that too to a girl? And what did you mean by ``we will not be attacking the Moonstone pack?” he said in an angry voice.

“Good evening to you too father” I said while walking back inside and ignoring what he said.

“Don’t try to run away from the topic and answer my damn question Badar” he said angrily.

“She won the competition because she had her paws on my neck so I wasn’t able to breath and so I had to give up. And about why we are not attacking the Moonstone pack, I think I have already explained it to you earlier “I said while trying to control my anger.

“What! Just because you think she is your mate you won’t attack her pack. Mates are given to us to just continue our bloodline. Badar you are Alpha. You are not supposed to be under someone. How will you feel if the same pack whom you call your mate’s pack attack our pack, killing someone you love or care about just like how Alpha Phillip killed your mom when he attacked our pack”

Anger was rising in me, I was trying to keep my wolf from coming out. I punched and shouted. “Enough!!! I know how mom died. You can’t emotionally blackmail me like this. This is my pack and I am the Alpha now, and I am going to say it one last time that we are not going to attack the Moonstone pack. If anyone has a problem with that they are free to leave the pack” I said in a loud voice.

With that father left my room closing the door with a loud slam. I let out a sigh , I know he is angry with me but I have other things to focus on, like how to win Mahnoor’s heart cuz right now my image in her eyes is pretty f*cked up.

I know that what I had done or was planning to do to Mahnoor’s pack was bad, and it hurt Mahnoor alot considering I am her mate. But now I will earn her trust back, I will win my Mahnoor’s heart back.

Ahhh!!! Mahnoor. Just thinking about her makes my whole day a lot better. All the tension just disappears. And her scent, Ahhh!!! It just drives me crazy.

And her name. What a beautiful and unique name she has, definitely not an English name.

By the way, what does Mahnoor mean? With that thought I quickly opened the internet browser on my laptop and searched the meaning of the name Mahnoor, clicking on the first result that appeared and it said.

“Meaning of Mahnoor, Mahnoor is an indirect Arabic name for girls that means Moonlight. It is formed from Mah Persian for moon and Noor Arabic word that means light.”

Moonlight, the meaning really suits her. She really is my moonlight. Moonlight to my dark life or at least will be when I win her trust back. Until then I will have to survive by just looking at her. Which sure as hell is gonna be hard considering how much Leone is getting impatient to meet her wolf.

For now I have to get ready for a party held in honor of Alpha Adam and Mahnoor. The party will be both a farewell for Alpha Adam and welcome to Mahnoor.

I took a quick shower before I got ready. Leone wasn’t disturbing me, he was sad because of what happened with Mahnoor and me. I really hope that seeing Mahnoor at the party will cheer him up a bit because seeing Leone sad is really bugging me alot.

Anyways I dressed in black tailored suit with black shirt leaving the top two buttons open and black shoes. I didn’t add a tie or bow because I really hate them. I wore my Rolex watch, put on some cologne and I was ready to go.

Usually the new and the former Alpha of the Alphas enter the party together as the party is in their honor. As soon as all the guests had arrived an announcement came that Alpha Adam and Mahnoor were about to enter.

Just then the door got opened and in came the beauty. As soon as my eyes fell on her my breath got caught. She was looking breathtaking and it was surely going to be hard to just look at her and not take her in my arms.

**Mahnoor’s pov**

I quickly entered my room and placed my both hands on my heart as my back was touching the door. Badar’s beautiful smile and husky voice kept on repeating in my head. It was already hard for me and Snow to keep away from Badar and now he is my assistant.


And on top of that since London got to know that Badar is my mate he has kept on teasing me while I have kept on teasing him about Olivia, his mate. Who I think is Badar’s sister according to London.

Just then my phone rang showing that I have a new msg.

I opened the msg and it was from London, an image from the internet which said.

“Badar, the name Badar is a baby boy name. The name Badar is an Arabic name meaning Full moon”

Full moon and it’s an Arabic name just like mine. Well mine is not fully Arabic but still you get my point right.

Yah get my point as in completely obsessed with Badar to the point that I am comparing the similarities between our names. Next you know i will be seen saying “Oh! We both breathe oxygen”

How am I ever going to keep away from him? And on top of all this Snow keeps on pushing me to run to Badar coz she is angry at me for being angry at Badar and so pushing me for solving my conflict with Badar.

And right now she is pushing me to quickly get ready and go down to the party held in honor of me and Alpha Adam coz all the Alphas will be there including Badar.

So I quickly took shower, dried my long white hair and made it into a beautiful messy bun. I then did light makeup and wore an elegant off the shoulder dark blue ball gown with top fully covered with silver beads and matching dark blue six inch heels with a silver clutch bag.

I got down and was told to go to the other entrance and not the entrance that everyone else was using because me and Alpha Adam were to enter together to the party. As soon as I reached there, Alpha Adam took my arm in his arm as the door got open and we both walked in as everybody was clapping for us. Soon my eyes fell on Badar and boy was he looking hot in his black tailored suit that fit him perfectly and black shirt with top two buttons open which made him look more handsome than usual.

First dance was about to begin and as per tradition both the new and former Alpha of the Alphas were to be in this dance. Since usually the Alpha of the Alphas were males so they chose their lunas as partners but since nobody knew that I had found my mate, not that i wanted them to know , but I was told to have my first dance with my Assistant a.k.a Badar, my mate.

So much for staying away from him.

As soon as the announcement ended that the first dance was about to begin Badar came up to me offering his hand to me.

“May i have this dance malady?” he said with a charming smile.

“Do I have a choice?” I said with a voice that clearly showed that I was annoyed towards the situation which made Badar’s eyes show hurt. But he quickly brushed it off as he took me towards the dance floor with only Alpha Adam and Luna Sofia there.

As the song began to play Badar paced his left hand on my lower back which by Goddess took my breath away, he then took my left hand in his right hand as I placed my right hand on his shoulder. As soon as our bodies connected, jolts of electricity ran in my body and I swear if it weren’t for Badar’s support I would have fallen down.

Crazier by Taylor Swift was playing. One of my favorite songs I would say. Soon Badar pulled me closer to him so that both our bodies were glued together and there was no space left between us. Thanks to my six inches heels I was almost the same height as Badar despite my low height. I looked into Badar’s eyes and I saw him looking at me with pure love while I got drowned in his deep grey eyes.

“*you lift my feet of the ground, spin me around you make me crazier, crazier*

As the song was playing Badar placed his face in the nape of my neck inhaling my scent while I placed mine in his neck completely forgetting our surroundings and that a minute ago I was angry at him.

Our bodies were moving with the music and just then I heard Badar’s husky voice near my ear saying

“You make me crazier Mahnoor” and placed a soft kiss behind my ear.

Which sent shivers in my body as his warm breath was all over my neck. Then I don’t know what got into me but I replied.

“You make me crazier Badar”

Just then claps were heard making us come out of our little romantic moment and realize that the song was over. Coming to realize what just happened i quickly got away from Badar blushing and quickly walked towards London.

As I got there I saw the smirk on his face making me second think my decision of coming to him.

“Crazier hunn! Well I always doubted that you were crazy, but this. You should have seen yourself, both of you were completely drowned in each other’s arms. And you completely smell like him.”

“Shut up London” I said while I was turning red as a tomato. I am sure that even Badar would have noticed my red face from across the room.

“Don’t you have any work to do like ask Olivia to next dance”

London quickly realized what i just said and took off to Olivia and both of them got on the dance floor for the next dance. I have to say they both look cute together. London said something to Olivia and she instantly blushed and hid her face in his chest.

For the next all dances I didn’t dance. Let’s just say that I am not very fond of dances except for when it is necessary or if it is with Badar. Ahh! What am I saying? Badar also didn’t have many dances except for one dance with Olivia.

For the last dance it was tradition that both the guests of honor would exchange their Lunas or dance partners. As for this situation I was to dance with Alpha Adam while Badar was to dance with Luna Sofia. Although Sofia was already mated to Alpha Adam but still I was feeling jealous of her.

“You two look good together” Alpha Adam’s voice came, making me come out of my thoughts.

“Han!!!” not clearly understanding what he said.

“Are you two mates?” he said while pointing towards Badar. His question shocked me. Was it that obvious that we are mates?

“Yes, but I don’t think I will be able to accept him soon” I don’t know why but I said that to him. Maybe sometimes it is better to talk to a stranger to just lower the burden on your heart.

“And why is that, you do know that not accepting the mate makes the wolf go into depression , making them go in isolation and sometimes even death” he said in a concerned voice.

“I know, but our situation is complicated.............” I then explained the whole situation to him.

“Oh my! That’s one f*cked up situation. You know me and Sofia also had a similar situation. And do you know what we did?”

“What?” I asked eagerly.

“I was in a similar position as Badar and Sofia instead of running away from me came up to me and asked me the reason behind why I did what I did. People have reasons behind what they do, they don’t just wake up one morning and are like today I will do this but they do it for a reason. Talking is very important if you want a relationship to work. You see Mahnoor we worked it out. Don’t just make assumptions without listening to the other side of the story. The reason behind that is that we are perfectly happy to work it out. If we hadn’t worked it out, right now we would have been separated and sad.

Just then the song ended and all were invited to dinner. Me, Alpha Adam, Luna Sofia, Former assistant, Badar and high werewolf commission members who were the ones to make laws and set restrictions were to sit on one table.

As we got seated I noticed that Badar was right across me. Next to him was Alpha Adam while Luna Sofia was right beside me.

We were enjoying our dinner while having nice talk with each other, then suddenly mine and Badar’s eyes met and instantly his lips formed a smirk as if an evil plan had just formed in his mind and he turned his face towards Alpha Adam.

“Alpha Adam you are considered one among the wisest Alphas in werewolves history”

“Why thank you Badar, i am truly honored”

“Do you mind if I ask your advice on a certain problem?”

“Not at all, fire away” Alpha Adam said with a kind smile while all eyes on the table turned to Badar to listen to what he had to ask.

“Consider that you were planning on doing something. Not doing it but just planning. Then you get to know that whatever you were planning if done would harm or hurt someone you dearly love or is important to you. So knowing that you immediately cancel your plans but somehow the person that would have been affected and is someone dear to you gets to know about your plans and gets angry at you and stops talking to you. You clearly explain to the person that the plan was before you knew that he/she would be affected by it and that you would never hurt that person like this but the next person is still angry at you. Then what to do in this situation?”

“Wow that is one complicated situation. Although I think that the person involved should forgive him because clearly his intentions were to not hurt the next person and maybe he had reason to why he was planning to do that but when he knew that his plan could hurt he immediately cancelled his plan” Alpha Adam said thoughtfully.

“But Alpha Adam, that man broke the love and trust of the person. It’s not easy for her to forgive him, ″ I said, interrupting him.

“Yes dear but we are not perfect. We aren’t the moon Goddess that we do everything correct. Everyone makes mistakes, I admit that I have done a thousand mistakes, some unforgivable too but that makes us just who we are. But the best among us is he who after realizing his mistake apologizes and is sincerely sorry for it and tries making up for his mistakes, and above even them is he who forgives because this life is too small to be filled with hatred. Now I am not saying that even if your boyfriend cheated on you, you still go back to him but I am saying that you take hatred for him out of your heart and move on. But if someone is sincerely sorry and is trying to make up for it then I believe everyone deserves a second chance”

Alpha Adam’s advice has had me in deep thoughts, should I forgive Badar?

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