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**Mahnoor’s pov**

After the party was over Badar and I were led to a room with the werewolf commission to a separate room where we were told our duties and how we are supposed to work.

I must say I was extremely tried by the time the meeting was over. If it wasn’t for the presence and scent of Badar that was comforting me I wouldn’t have made it to the end of the meeting.

As soon as I reached my room I quickly removed my makeup and changed into my night pajamas. I laid on my bed and thought of Badar’s scent and warm embrace drifted me to a comforting sleep.

In the morning we were supposed to head back to my pack. So we quickly had breakfast and tried to sign out of the hotel before any other pack, mainly because I was trying to avoid it. I needed time to think about Alpha Adam’s advice about forgiving Badar.

So on the way back to the pack, the whole journey back to my pack I was quiet, thinking about Badar and if I should forgive him or not. I know in my heart that I should forgive him. As Alpha Adam said that he quickly cancelled his plan about attacking my pack as soon as he found out that I am his mate.

Maybe I should give him a second chance, and clearly Snow wants me to give Badar a second chance because she has cut off her connection with me because of the bad relationship I am having with Badar. She just showed a small glimpse in my head yesterday when I was dancing with Badar and he gave me a small kiss. Since then she has again disappeared.

The more I thought about it, my heart and mind agreed that we should forgive Badar. But not before we have some fun. Let him think that I haven’t forgiven him yet. Let him struggle to get me to forgive him. Let him feel the pain that I felt. Let me get some revenge for what he did to me.

Well not harmful revenge but little harmless revenge.

**Badar’s pov**

I didn’t see Mahnoor at breakfast. She had been awfully quiet since last night’s dinner. She was also very quiet at our meeting with the commission. At first I thought it was because she must be tired after a long and tiring day. But she had also been avoiding looking at me. Not seeing Mahnoor at breakfast got Leone very frustrated because when an Alpha wolf finds his mate he wants to keep his mate close to himself for the first few weeks. And when he is satisfied that nobody will take his mate away then his possessiveness reduces a little. Let’s just say that you do not wanna mess with Leone right now.

On the way back to the pack I mainly kept quiet because I wasn’t in the mood to talk.

“Badar,” John said.

“WHAT?” I replied clearly irritated and did not want to talk to anyone.

“WOW!!!! Cool down man. What happened, you seem disturbed since yesterday?”

“I said i am not in the mood to talk John” i said while gritting my teeth

“Well whatever it is you look like s%it man” John said clearly not understanding the meaning of shutting up

“Go f%ck yourself John” i said, my anger rising by every minute.

“Ok chill man, I’m sorry” John said while raising his hands in fake surrender.

We stayed quiet for some time, and when I cooled down I decided to tell everything to John coz apparently he is my only friend and my best friend for that matter.

So I started telling him my story from when I found out about Mahnoor and how I screwed up our relationship even before it started to how she won’t forgive me, and all this happened in one day.

“Man, right now i can think of saying only one thing that can make you feel better” John said sincerely


“Badar you are F%cked up” he said while bursting into laugh

“Screw you John” I said while laughing a bit myself. Well that’s John for you, best Beta in the whole world and a best friend you could ever ask for.

“Chill man, you two are mates, you guys are meant to be together, I’m sure she will forgive you eventually, you just have to not give up on trying to make her forgive you.

By evening we had reached to pack. I went straight to my office to read up on any information we have on Mahnoor which can help me to get her to forgive me.

Just as i was reading and getting frustrated cuz i didn’t even a single piece of information that could help me Lana entered the office.

If you don’t know who Lana is then let me tell you that she is a power hungry b%tch. And unfortunately I dated this bimbo for some time. Well i basically just dated her coz i thought she would be my mate mainly because she is the strongest female warrior in our pack, but when i turned 18 and found out that she isn’t my mate which of course every wolf on their 18th birthday finds out who their mate is. So when i found out that she isn’t my mate i broke up with her coz i felt like if i continue this relationship then i will be betraying my mate.

“Hey handsome, just heard that you have returned so i came to say hi” she said in a flirting voice while walking towards me. She was wearing a short red dress that barely covered her butt.

“Lana I am not in the mood to listen to your nonsense flirt ″ I said, trying to get her out of my office.

“Come on Badar, it has been so many years and you still haven’t found your mate and neither have i, maybe our mates are dead”

A loud growl came from me by just listening to the idea of mate being dead. “I don’t know about your mate Lana but my mate is alive and i have already found her”

“Really! Then why is she not here” she said smirking.

“Listen Lana i am sitting her and quietly listening to your nonsense because we used to be friends”

“But Badar.......”

“I said leave Lana before i lose my patience, and it is Alpha for you not Badar”

Seeing my anger she quickly stomped out of my office.

As i was alone again i started reading the files i got by the commission on problems that the Alphas needed help in solving. There wasn’t any big problem, as the commission said that only big problems will be needed Mahnoor’s advice because she has other duties too as Alpha of the Alphas. But since i really wanted to see Mahnoor so will be taking these problems to her pack to discuss them with her.

“John informed the beta of the Moonstone pack that I will be visiting their pack to discuss some problems with Mahnoor” i said to John through mind link.

“Ok I will Badar” he replied.

I got out of my office disappointed that I didn’t find any important information about Mahnoor. As I returned to my room I quickly took shower and got ready for bed. Thinking of Mahnoor I drifted into sleep, and for the first time in many years I didn’t get any nightmares.

In the morning i was super active and excited, i quickly ate breakfast and started heading out to get my car

As I was walking toward the door I saw dad coming towards me.

“Badar, where are you going?”

“Morning dad, I was heading towards the Moonstone pack to discuss some problems with Mahnoor,” I said with slight anger from what he said yesterday.

Without waiting for his reply I got out of the door and got into my black Lamborghini Urus SUV, and started driving towards the Moonstone pack.

**Mahnoor’s pov**

Yesterday night London told me that Badar’s beta informed him that today Badar will be coming to discuss some problems with me. Honestly I was looking forward to his visit and so was Snow. London wasn’t with me today because I gave him off today to spend some time with Olivia, as she came with us yesterday and her stuff will be delivered to our pack today.

Just then Badar’s car pulled in, he was wearing black shirt and jeans, his black hair styled, in short he was looking devilishly handsome.

I extended my hand towards him to greet him but he came and gave me a big hug, which took me by surprise but I didn’t force him to break our embrace as it was calming Snow up.

As i pulled out of his embrace which was very awkward i lightly coughed and said” So London told me that you wanted to discuss some packs problems with me”

“Ahmm.... Ummm yes” he said feeling awkward too.

“Shall we go to my office and discuss them there?”

“Umm... of course, please led the way mademoiselle”

As we entered the office and Badar started explaining the problems that needed my opinion i started getting angry

“Seriously Badar you came all the way to my pack just to discuss these small problems, you couldn’t have solved them yourself”

“Senorita if i would have solved them myself then that wouldn’t have given me a reason to come and visit you, now would it?” he said with a smirk. I sighed in frustration and started discussing the problems. Which were solved in an hour.

In the next few weeks Badar would come visit my pack with similar useless problems

It has been a few days since Badar last visited me, but i have been informed that he is coming today

As we were sitting in my office drinking coffee and i was waiting for Badar to tell me the problem he wanted to discuss with me

“So Alpha Badar what is it that you wanted to discuss with me”

“Ahh.... Actually it is my pack’s problem, and i don’t know how to explain it to you, it is a very complicated and serious problem” he said with a serious face.

“The thing is that in our pack Omega’s are usually responsible to cultivate vegetables for the pack’s needs and for the past few days’ rabbits are destroying our farms.”

I burst into a loud laugh and looked at Badar as if he was joking

“OMG that was hilarious Badar, so apart from the joke what the real problem is” i said waiting for him so say the real problem.

“That was the real problem, and it is very serious to my pack” he said with no sign of mischief

“You really are serious” i asked

And he just nodded

“Seriously Badar, you think that i have no other work to do than to listen and solve your silly problems”

“What Mahnoor , i really do not know how to solve this problem”

“Fine we can discuss it tomorrow, right now i have a pack meeting to attend”

He slightly nodded and got up from his chair. He then takes my hand and lightly kisses the back of it ” Till tomorrow Mademoiselle” he winks and goes out of my office.

Little did I know that he won’t be coming tomorrow?

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