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**Mahnoor’s pov**

I swear either Badar does not have a single clue on how to get a girl to forgive him or he is just trying to get on my nerves. Every other day he comes to my pack with stupid problems, not that i am complaining about it, i mean because of that Snow has connected to me again, anyways today Badar has exceed his craziness by bringing to me the problem of rabbits.

Anyways after Badar left I went to the meeting room for the monthly check up on the pack with my betas, gammas, deltas and other officials. After the meeting everyone got out except me, London and Olivia.

“I heard that Badar came today again, that’s the second time this week” Olivia said asking me.

“Yah, your stupid brother came today, and guess what was the problem he wanted to discuss, RABBITS, like seriously who does that?”

“He was like (Rabbits in the omega’s farm are destroying their vegetables)” I said while mimicking his voice. Olivia and I have become good friends in the few weeks that she has been here.

“Farms? What farms Mahnoor? We do not have any farms in our pack” Olivia said, not understanding what I said.

“I am sure he must have made it recently just to put more workload on the omegas, as ruthless as he is. I am sure he must also treat omegass as pack slaves” I said, thinking that Badar must also be from one of those packs that treat their omegas as slaves.

“No Mahnoor, he isn’t like that, in fact he treats omegas and all other pack members equally. He says that if you live in pack house then you have to participate in the work too, and if you live in a separate house then you have your house works yourself, if you want another pack member to do it then you have to give them pay for it, and this rule goes on everyone whether you are an Alpha or an omega” she said rather proudly.

“I know he looks very fearful and ruthless and all but he is very gentle from heart, but he doesn’t show his kind side to anyone. In Fact from what I remember he used to be very kind when he was young but changed when mom died” she said, getting sad.

“OH!!! By the way Olivia how did your mom die, only if you are okay to talk about it , that is” i asked.

She stiffened a little at my question ” Babe you don’t have to answer that if you don;t want to” London said to her while his arms still around her.

“No, no i’m ok, i want to say it, actually i was very young when she died but from what i heard she died when some pack attacked our pack”

“Oh my God!!! i am so sorry Olivia” i said sincerely

“Ok question time over, let’s get you some brownie and ice cream to make you feel better” London said to Olivia while giving a light kiss on her head.

And just like that she nodded happily and got up from her chair while London got up from his, and they headed for the door. I really feel happy for these two, they were made for each other.

“Bye love birds, see you later” i said just as they were about to get out of the meeting room.

“Yah, yeah whatever, not interested in seeing you again today” London said.

“Who was talking to you, jerk, I was talking to Olivia,” I said with a smile.

“Umm..... sure Mahnoor, see you later” she said with a cute smile.

“Oh yeah.. then who were the love birds you were talking to here?” London said.

“Olivia and some horse face see calls her mate, wonder who he is”

“I am her mate Mahnoor” he said

“Oops i didn’t know, should have said donkey face instead, my bad” i said with a fake sad face.

Olivia burst into laughter while London just gave me a glare.

“Whatever, bye” he said and ran out the room with Olivia quickly before I could make more fun of him.

After listening to what Olivia said i really wonder what made Badar like he is today, was it just because of the death of his mother or was it something else as well.

Maybe i can ask him tomorrow.

Nah, i can’t just ask him questions about his personal life, i won’t even talk to him properly, even if it is just a part of his punishment.

Maybe I can ask him when we are in better understanding with each other.

Which should be soon because in 2 weeks my heat will start and I sure as hell won’t go through it alone.

**Badar’s pov**

As i was driving back to my pack, i was having a smile on my face and i was relaxed, not because i just got to see Mahnoor, well it is part because of that and also because i managed to sneak one of Mahnoor’s scarf out with me.

And don’t get on me because of that guys, it is not stealing, i’m just borrowing it.

I can’t manage to get sleep because Mahnoor is not with me and Leone also gets restless when he can’t smell her.

I’ll return it back to her soon.

I am feeling a bit bad for lying to her about the rabbits thing, but hey! a wolf gotta see his mate.

I have to get back to pack quickly and finish some office work or else my father will start lecturing me about how I don’t give attention to my Alpha duties. I mean he is somehow right, i am so busy with Mahnoor that i barely have time for my duties, and when i have time my mind is busy with thinking about Mahnoor or Leone will start disturbing me to go back to mate.

The next day I was driving really fast to get to the Moonstone pack. Now , I am not a bad driver guys, even at fast speed. I follow all the road signs and rules.

I was just out of pack’s territory and into no pack territory when my car felt an impact from a truck that just came from the other road that intersects this road.

My car got flips, I was losing a lot of blood, my whole body was numb, I had no idea where I was injured and I was stuck badly.

The last thing i remember was mindlinking John that i got into an accident, i closed my eyes and Mahnoor’s face with a beautiful smile came in front of me and then everything got black.

**Mahnoor’s pov**

I was really excited for today’s visit from Badar. I’ve decided that today is the day that I will tell Badar that I will give us a second chance.

I quickly took shower and dressed in black off the shoulder crop top with black jeans and got down excitedly for breakfast.

“Well someone is happy today” London asked as I was getting down from the stairs.

“Yes I am” I said with a smile.

“Unfortunately you just ruined it by......well by just being here” London said and started laughing.

“Screw you London, but even you can’t ruin this day by your negative comments” i just love London, he is my best friend and the closest thing i have for a family.

I ate my breakfast and went to my office to do some work and wait there till Badar comes.

I have been in my office for 4 hours and still no sign of Badar, maybe he is not coming.

Maybe he is not coming because he grew tired of my attitude.

No Mahnoor, snap out of it, no negative thoughts today, stay positive.

Maybe he is just late, maybe his car broke down or got a flat tire.

I mindlinked London “London ask Badar’s beta on where is Badar, we were supposed to have meeting at 10 and it is 11 a.m. now”

“On it boss” London replied.

A minute later London came running to my office with a worried face.

“What happened London, why are you looking like this?”

“Mahnoor....” he said but didn’t finish his sentence.

“What London!!!” his worried face was making me worried.

“Mahnoor, Badar got into an accident, he is severely injured......“he said.

I didn’t listen to what he said after that but i do know that my whole world just got shattered.

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