His Saving Grace

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Dee was a 54 year old female who always did things backwards. Waited later in life to get her teaching degree, worked two jobs, taking care of her mother. Dee never married and had any children although she longed to have the husband and 4.3 kids but that boat sailed on by when she turned 35. She knew she was not ever going to have kids, get married at that point. Dee was poor but rich with love in friends and family although now it was starting to tear her apart. She needed to go on vacation by herself no family, friends, or potential boyfriends. She had to leave and that she did. Dee set her sights on going to Finland, Scotland and Ireland, just a few countries on her bucket list but what she did not know was who she was going to meet. Conall Lyons-Mackley, business owner, tattooist, lycan/dragon all in one. The special one in the group of brothers five. Could she handle him? Would she fall in love with him or give him a run for the money?

Fantasy / Erotica
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Chapter 5


When I arrived in Finland I could not believe how beautiful the country was. Pictures did not do it justice of course. I was so excited to get to my location where I will be staying for a few days. It was a tiring trip with changing planes a couple times to get here but it is all worth it.

When I arrived in Lapland I was at awe how gorgeous it was there. I booked a place to stay near one of the lakes in a dome. It was open the wilderness and I could see everything possible. It was night and after I got settled in and unpacked, I went outside to sit just to look up in the sky at all the gazillion stars in the sky. I was amazed how our universe looks with out so many lights. This is what I miss about being in the country, the peace and quiet, sounds of the wilderness. It’s so relaxing, I almost fell asleep there in the chair but decided to go back in and get ready for a shower. I had met some people when I had arrived and we all decided to take a hike the next day. I was excited to get into the woods and walk the trails and learn more about this town.

When I got into bed I received a text from Conall. I would have like to hear his baritone voice, which I found very sexy, but would settle for the texting for now. I told him what the plans were for tomorrow and he proceeded to tell me I could not do that. The nerve of that ass, who the hell does he think he is telling me what I can and cannot do? I told him nothing would happen and that I was going with some friends that I had just met today. I also let him know that I would have my cell with me and left on in case he needed, no wanted, to contact me. I could tell something was upsetting him just by the tone of the texts but ignored it for now. We said our good byes and I went to sleep.

My new found friends and I went into the woods hiking but I could not shake the feeling that someone or something was watching me. Just a feeling I felt making me feel uneasy, I didn’t say anything as I did not want to alarm them. I looked around but could not see anything or anyone in the woods. Later that night we were all sitting outside by the fire and looking at the stars, I could see eyes in the forest and they sent chills up my spine. We all said our good nights and as I got ready for bed I checked my phone for any calls or text that I may have missed since I was outside. Being on vacation I did not want to be tied down to any electronics like a normal day. I needed that break, badly. I threw the phone on the bed and took a shower but could feel that I was, again, being watched but only felt that someone was inside my room, my cabin. It was unsettling and felt like I needed to reach out to Conall but put that idea out of my mind.

When I got out of the shower I thought I saw a figure inside my bedroom, so I took a gander and peeked through the door and swear someone was going through my phone and looking for any other electronic devices I had with me. Good thing I hid my computer and iPad so that person could not get to it. I went further into the room and viewed a silhouette moving about the cabin very quietly. The person, built like a man, moved towards the door, looked my way as if he could feel my eyes on him. Gasping at what I saw was red eyes, sharp long claws and long snout. I was intrigued to say the least but could not understand why he or she was in my cabin and for what reasons, he left in hurried pace out the door and into the woods on all fours. He looked back at me in the eyes went from red to a bright brilliant green, I did not feel scared but was more intrigued by what he was and what he wanted.

I dressed and looked for my phone it was not longer on my bed but sitting on the night stand, not where I had put it, looked at it but could not see anything different about it. I checked the phone in the cabin and opened it and saw that it was bugged. I do not understand this at all so I hurried and text Conall.

Conall I know your busy, phones bugged in cabin, someone is watching me don’t know why he was here but not human. Had red eyes, very muscular, long snoot, ran into the woods on all fours then eyes turned brilliant green. Not scared but more intrigued. He did have a hold of my cell don’t know if it is bugged or not.

Conall looked at his text, “Champ trace this number and check to see if it has a bug in it, it’s Dee’s. Someone was in her cabin while she was in it.”

“Shit brother what is going on?” asked Damhan.

“Not sure Dam, not sure. I do know she is there for a few more days then she’ll be in Scotland where we can protect her. Once there she will be staying in my room, I do not want her out of my site.”

“I’ll take our jet there and stay with her while you all get this crap settled” Evander said to his brothers. He is not one for the business side of things but likes the fights if ever is one. Conall wasn’t happy but new he needed to be in New York as this was his project and needed to look over it.

“Fine, go watch over her and report back to me, but don’t let her know that you are there watching her. Stay back and leave a day early to go home and meet us there.”

“Yeah, got it. I’ll look for this person or thing she is talking about and see what it is and why he is watching her.”

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