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The Armored Wolf Book Four Order Of The Dragon

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Fenris has been released. As the Black Wolf Society rises in power, the armored wolves must find allies for the upcoming battle. Ellie, with the help of Darian and the newly recruited faeries, must travel to Romania to the ancient home of Prince Dracula and the mysterious Order of the Dragon. As Ellie continues her journey, she'll learn more about her mysterious origin and why she existed. Darian, still injured from his fight against the Black Wolf Society, is determined not to leave Ellie's side. Despite what his family and pack tells him, Darian refuses to give up his fight to keep Ellie safe Seraphina, a young fairy, is intrigued by the ways of the armored wolves. and goes with Darian and Ellie to Romania. Along the way, she learns more about what it means to have a mate and to find love, especially when she finds it in the last place.

Fantasy / Adventure
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A long time ago, before mankind could remember, there was the Great War. The noble armored wolves against the evil werewolves of the Black Wolf Society. The Great War raged for years across what would become Europe as both sides fought for control. However, what most did not know was that the armored wolves had allies helping them.

The faeries, leaders of the Fae and all magical creatures, knew how dangerous the world would become if the Black Wolf Society won the war. Their king, King Avalon, approached the ruler of the humans, Odin All-father, and Akna, the leader of the armored wolves and proposed an alliance between the three.

With the three groups working together, the Black Wolf Society was forced to retreat and disappear into the shadows and peace came to the Earth for many years but the peace would soon end.

The Black Forest of Germany…many years later

A young armored wolf and several of his guards were running in the dark forest. The bright light of fire could be seen behind them in the distance. The armored wolf wasn’t sure how the religious knights knew where his guards and he were staying but they did. He wanted to look over his shoulder but he didn’t. He didn’t want to risk hearing the screams of the people in the burning village. He wasn’t sure who all would survive the massacre but he doubted that there would be that many. Anyone caught helping the armored wolves would be killed by the soldiers of the Catholic Church.

We’re almost to the meeting place.” The young armored wolf told his guards. “Once we’re there, the enemy won’t dare chase us anymore.” He hoped that he was right. The ground on which Akna, Odin and Avalon met centuries before was considered sacred by those who had heard of the legend of the Great War. If the Catholic Church disrespected the sacred land, the chance of an alliance forming again would be gone.

The group of armored wolves reached a clearing in the forest. As soon as they were in the clearing, a large wooden circle appeared around the clearing, encircling them like a wall. The armored wolves saw that they weren’t alone. There was a tall man there with pointed ears. His clothes made him look like he was royal. He had two guards with him. Their crimson armor looked very fancy and matched their long red hair. The three fairies were armed.

The royal-looking man stepped forward. “You wanted to meet me Tyris?” He asked. “What is it?”

The young armored wolf stepped forward, changing into his human form in the process. His gray armor became long gray robes. He looked like he was worn out and tired. “The armored wolves have sent me to ask you and the Fae to once again join us in battle.” Tyris told the royal-looking man. “The religious church is getting more and more of their followers to fight for them. Our people are being forced from their homes and into whatever hiding places we can find. It is just a matter of time before there are no more safe places for our kind.”

Tyris looked at the royal-looking man. He hoped that the faerie understood what he was saying and why he was there. “The armored wolves can’t do this on their own anymore. If we are to survive, we need the help of the magical creatures. We have nowhere else to go and no one else to turn to.” He told the faerie.

The three faeries were silent. It was so quiet that Tyris could hear the sound of horses galloping in their direction. It sounded like the horses were close. They didn’t have much time left. The faeries had to make a choice. Tyris hoped that they would make the right choice.

“I’m sorry Tyris.” The faerie told him. “But the Fae have all already decided that they will not get involved with this war.” He went up to Tyris. “The humans have formed their weapons from iron. Iron is deadly to our kind. The king of the Fae have already given the order. We’re to retreat into a special world created for us to hide in until this war is over and then possibly stay in that world for the rest of time.”

Tyris couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Doesn’t he realize that this war only ends with two races being wiped out?” He asked. “If the humans win, the armored wolves and then the faeries will be extinct.” Was the king of the Fae really that heartless and cruel?

The faerie shook his head. “We’ve already lost Fae to the Church.” He told Tyris. “Just the other day, my wife was murdered by several hunters. Now I have to raise my only child, an infant, on my own.” The faerie turned away from Tyris. In his eyes, the time for war was over. “If your people really want to survive, I suggest you all retreat into a world of your own. A world that the humans can’t get to.”

And just like that, the Fae disappeared from the world of the humans. With the victory of the Catholic Church in sight, the remaining armored wolves all disappeared into a world of their own. Since that time, the world of humans has reduced all of the Fae into creatures of myths and legends while the armored wolves have vanished completely from the knowledge of the humans except for the ones still hunting for them.

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