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Part 2: The Red Dawn

Dawn arrived, as the last patient was dragged in, long straggly hair, which was tangled around her face and an unhealthily thin frame made the small child appear miniscule as they dragged her to her barred cell. Thuggish guards stationed themselves outside, as reserved and as unmoving as grotesque statues. Seconds felt like hours as, trapped in the dark, windowless series of rooms. Silence turned to fear, as a series of bloodcurdling screams began and did not stop.

For an eternal six hours screeches and blood filled the corridors. Footsteps ran through, shouting in joyous exclamation, rejoicing in the death and destruction. The child, petrified with fear of both the known and the unknown, sat unmoving in the corner of her cramped cell, shivering and shaking as untimely, gruesome death approached and hoped that it would not choose her, unknowing if she wished it to obliterate her pain or leave her to the torture.

Fear obliterated every conscious thought, as shock sank over her. They had found her once more; invisible Valkyries dancing amongst creatures of Death and Destruction, crying out her location. Bloody deaths for her parents had not been enough; Fate had plans for her. Despite drawing their silver swords and guns, the Guards were powerless to resist the fate which awaited them; their site not good enough, fast enough to catch the movements she saw so easily. Barely a drop of blood hit the ground as the creature of her nightmares emptied their bodies of blood, letting each one drop to the ground, once unconscious, their bodies on the cusp of life and death. Gasping, rasping, trembling breathes filled her straining lungs, as the gates were wrenched open.
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