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9.His Past

Well, I used to live in an orphanage with my two lousy brothers named Mark and Jake. My parents had dropped me off over there when I was really young, and soon so were my brothers. We always stuck together and had a lot of fun time in the small orphanage with the other kids. I was the oldest, with Jack a year younger than me, and Mark being three years younger.

When I turned thirteen, we got a notice that the nearby town's highschool wanted to give free education to all the orphanage kids. Many of us were excited to study in a high school and not by some 'always furious' teacher from our orphanage. I was totally fine with this, and so were my brothers. So when we were dropped off at the school, we were happy, even though it looked odd with those weird historic designs. Some circles and random horizontal lines but didn't care. And just like the curious kids we were, my brothers and I dashed through the school doors, excited to finally explore a real highschool.

Once we entered high school, our principal who was shockingly pale, greeted us but gave off odd vibes which no one noticed except me. But none of us really cared about that since everyone was hyped up to explore the school.

Only later, once we started regularly attending the school did we notice that some of us were going missing. It happened slowly at first, one kid in a week or two but the number slowly started increasing. Some of us had complained to our orphanage nannies too, but they all dismissed it.

They did return, eventually, but they all returned differently. My best friend Cason who returned after five days had completely changed. He stopped talking to me and his skin color turned into an ashen color, just like our principal.

Which was strange, since we always used to spend time outside and we're tan. The ones who were not kidnapped-like me- noticed this and tried complaining to the other orphanage teachers only to get turned down. We weren't even able to go outside Scarenville since it was very far away from any nearby cities. Devastated, I told my brothers not to attend school to keep them safe. I knew something was wrong with the nannies and the school, so I didn't take risks and turned extra cautious.

The next day, I hopped on the school bus to hell. This time there were only five of us left who weren't kidnapped yet and we were well aware of the situation. Stuck between the strangers who once used to be our friends. One of them was Cason's sister who was the same age as me, with her blonde braids and honey brown eyes.

She looked anything rather than scared. Looking at her gave me some reassurance that I wasn't the only one, and I also knew very well that her older sister who was Cason's twin was also absent. Either she was kidnapped or stayed at the orphanage like my brothers. The bus rumbled and started moving forward. Anticipation pooled in my stomach. I was having some gut feeling that something big was going to happen today. And I was not wrong.

When we reached the school we found it completely dark. No open windows and no lights. And in the cold weather with fog, it felt like a danger zone.

Turn away and run.

My mind screamed, but seeing Cason's sister Cassie just walking forward made me feel stupid. Until I heard her scream just as she entered the dark halls of the school. The other three with me ran, including me. Behind me, I later heard laughter, but that didn't stop me. I could hear that someone was running behind us, the sound of footsteps following was audible and just then I heard a thud and a scream. One down.

I forced my legs to run faster as tears brimmed in my eyes. I heard another blood-curdling scream from another kid. I am the only one left. At that moment I felt so hopeless as I was capable of seeing whoever was behind me now speeding up quickly. While I almost was slowing down as my legs began to ache. I tried my hardest to run, only to later get pushed to the ground with a man with sharp claws, as fangs dug into me. After that, everything turned dark.

I later woke up on a bed with the other students. The principal held a champagne glass filled with a red drink. And for some reason, I was tempted to taste it. But kept me at bay.

"Do you know what happened to you all?" he asked in a monotone. His eyes empty and his lips crooked into a smirk, pleased to watch our confused expressions. My body automatically reacted with a snarl, surprising myself. I don't snarl, I was always a quite reserved kid in front of teachers, and even with friends; I was anything but a snarling boy.

I felt something sharp on my lip as I frowned in confusion, reaching out to touch it The principals' smirk grew. As I felt my canines being extra sharp-pointed. Fangs! My mind screamed. What happened to me? I looked at my skin and found them in an ashen color, just like the others.

"Confused, boy?" Someone called behind me and I immediately recognized my attacker's face which was coming into view.

"You?" I asked in both confusion and anger as my attacker's face became clear. Red eyes and long brown hair tied into a man bun.

"Yes, me," he replied with a smile, not reaching his eyes. It was later explained that I was now infected and would die in a few days if I didn't complete some transition of turning into a complete Vampire until I killed somebody.

It felt fake at first until I found Cassie drinking on her older sister's blood in the corner of our school. Her claws and fangs out and her mouth was covered in blood. As if sensing me snooping she glanced over her shoulder, "I am saving myself and my sister," she said in a stony tone.

"By killing her?" I asked in disbelief as my eyes rolled at the poor excuse.

"Cason bit me too! Now that we are infected, I find it's only better to live together now and accept being a Vampire."

I didn't hear the next part, as I walked away from her. How cruel? My mind wandered. I would never do that to my brothers! I stopped in my tracks. Cassie knows about my brothers and Cammie needs to bite someone too... But I was too late. My brothers were turned.


"That's my story," Damien finishes with a sigh. His eyes are lost in deep memory. But me being myself speaks. Breaking the moment of peace.

"Well, what about you? You had to bite someone too, right?" I ask and look at him nervously. He goes rigid for a second, but then his shoulders slump.

"I still haven't bitten anybody," he whispers so only I can hear it.

"But wouldn't you be dead then?" I whisper back. Maybe this is something he doesn't want other people to know. But how is he alive then?

"Look, back then I was truly scared and didn't want to hurt anyone or else the chain will keep on going... so I tried drinking my own blood, and turns out it worked! And I am not dead... just that I didn't fully transform..." He closes his eyes and tilts his head up.

The rest is up to my imagination; I guess. Since he doesn't say anything. So rather than turning into a Vampire, he became a half Vampire. I don't really know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

There is a moment of silence. In the darkroom, only mine and Damien's soft breathing is audible. It's so soft, one could imagine he isn't breathing, but I can feel it. I put my hand on top of his and continue in my most comforting voice. "And?"

He goes rigid again, but this time he doesn't calm down instead, he stands up. Almost too quickly and removes my hand. Oh, no wrong move. "Have I asked you to tell me every detail of your past?" His voice sounds harsh. And he doesn't turn to look at me.

"No..." I trail off.

"Then this is all you need to know for now," he says and steps towards the door. I stand too and try to reach for him but then stop. It's of no use.

"Look... I am sorry if I said something wrong," I stutter but he just shakes his head.

"No, it's nothing." His voice calmer now, "Go to your room, you must be tired." And with that, he leaves.

I stand there foolishly, but my mind is filled with thoughts. I know he didn't explain everything, and the major stuff is what actually happened after he was turned into a half Vampire. But for now, I won't pressurize him to tell me everything. He told me his secret and I am going to respect that for now.

The hallway is quiet and only my footsteps are heard as I go back into my room. Once I reach my room, I lock it and switch on the lights, only to see an enormous mess. The lamps and glasses are broken. The TV is half shattered and the bed sheets are a bit burnt. Great, where do I sleep now?

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