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10. Damiens lies


"Rose?" A smooth melodic voice whispers. I open my eyes with dread as I know it is my mother's voice. It is yet another nightmare which I am not in control of. Glancing down, my legs shake on their own - something I am also unable to stop.

"Mom?" I question back.

The place I am is completely dark with no light except a few candles randomly placed on the ground. "Rose, my baby." My mom sounds relieved to hear me and I gulp. What will happen this time? I wonder.

"Mom!" I start to pace around, trying to locate my mother's voice, but it seems to lead to nowhere.

"Rose, I need your help!" Tears roll down my eyes.

"Mom? How can I help you?" I said the same words I have said the last 7 years. All the candles blow out leaving me in the dark. I see and sense nothing.

"Help me!" Mother's voice echoes in the background.

"How mother, how?" I plead this time as I fall to my knees. Usually, the next horrifying minutes were of my mom screaming for my help and me pleading to know how, but this time something else happens.

Rather than hearing another 'help', everything quiets down. "Mom?" This is a bit different as I am now lucid dreaming. I am able to move by myself, but before anything else happens, my mom's voice runs again.

" It's too late already, help yourself NOW!" Her voice booms and I flinch.

"Mom? What?" I rub my arms, this is new completely.

"Run away," My mom said and my eyebrows shoot up in confusion.

"What? Where?"


I shoot up from my bed with a gasp. Oh my gosh! Her voice sounded so real.

I quickly check my surroundings and am greeted by the sight of my messy room. I huff a sigh of relief and I calm my beating heart.

I stretch my neck and move to my bedside table to retrieve the empty cup and fill it with water to cool myself. But rather, I find my cup already filled with a note sitting beside it. I frown and tilt my neck. Did somebody enter my room yesterday night?

I stretch my arm open it with suspense.

A note at my bedside table sounds fishy enough I wonder what might be written on it. A death threat? Bad news? Blackmail?
I breathe in.

Take a holiday, you had a rough day yesterday, and your room's a mess (I won't help with the cleaning ) meet us at Amora's room - Your temporary hot next-door neighbour

I roll my eyes once I read it. He isn't wrong, yesterday so much had happened. In fact, after entering Scarenville high school, I am not the same girl I was before anymore. I release my breath and then get up from my bed. Next, I carefully step through all the mess and leisurely walk towards the bathroom.

I take my time brushing my teeth as I am not in a hurry to see
Mr. Temporary (cut hot) next-door neighbour, besides, last night's conversation was surely not as humorous as the note is. I am sure Damien is trying to lighten up my mood, but I still haven't forgotten just how defensive he was. It is no doubt that what lies next after him turning to a half Vampire is a mystery. But before I can think more I close the shower and get out of the steam.

This time I decide to wear a simple black top and jeans with a blue denim jacket.

Perfect. Time to go now.

Locking the doors of my room my footsteps echo as I walk through the empty corridor and pause just when I reach my destination.

Amora's room.

There is no doorbell, so I decide to just knock softly. I am not exactly looking forward to meeting Amora again since the last time we spoke things had gone rather weird and strange, but now I didn't really have an option.

I am eager to know about Vampires and about the agents I had met on a rather unpeaceful occasion but my thoughts are cut short by an "Come in."

I hear Amora's calm voice and I turn the knob to enter her room. Just as I enter her room, I am hit by the smell of a strong scented tea and greeted by her plain white walls. The walls are so plain it feels like someone has recently shifted and to be honest I am hella surprised at how she kept her walls so clean.

Her room is wooden floored and in the middle sits a wooden table where Damien is currently seated with a cup in his hand. He smiles, a dazzling smile and a blush creeps on my cheeks. I see two more doors which I assume one to be her bedroom and the other to be her kitchen. Other than that I find nothing, no photo, furniture nothing, nada.

"Hell to Rose," Damien says and I snap, "What?"

"You were staring at those walls for a long time. I was wondering if YOU turned to a statue this time."

He smirks and takes a sip of his tea. "Rose honey, nice to see you." Amora comes out of the kitchen with a tray of cookies in her hands.

I give Damien a quick death glare and smile kindly at Amora. "Nice to see you too," I say sweetly. She places the tray on the table and glances up at me.

"Won't you join us?" She questions like a grandmother waiting to feed all the towns kids her cookies.


"What?" The last I saw she had no wrinkles anymore and was walking like a lady in her mid-30s. How did she look 50 now, again?

"Lol, you finally realized." Damien starts laughing at my reaction while I frown.

"Oh darling, don't mind me take a seat, and then maybe we can answer your questions." Amora comes to my rescue and I nod meekly and settle next to Damien who gave me a knowing smirk. "Do you like tea?" Amora asks and I nod.

"So, how was your night?" Damien asks and I sigh.

"I need answers first," I declare and all the warmth in the room leaves.

This is all fake, to distract me. The thought hurt me a bit as both of them give a steel look, but I refuse to let it show in my eyes. I straighten my posture and direct a cold stare in their direction.

"I need answers," I said deathly slowly. If this is how they are going to be, so would I.

"Sure, honey what do you want to know?" Amora tries to talk sweetly, but it isn't the same anymore. I see a blink in the truth. This was just to distract me, but that was not what hurt me most. What hurt me most was how Damien isn't looking at me anymore. As if last night meant nothing, after sharing my painful past he simply gave the tiniest glimpse of his life and god knew how many people knew about me now, because clearly, he didn't explain the main part.

But I shake my head and decide to think about the present.

"Who really are you?" I ask and Amora replies, "An immortal." How informative. But I moved on.

"Who are the agents?" She hesitates, but still replies, "They are Vampires of higher ranks."

"Explain," I spit out. Damien flinches, clearly surprised by my change of attitude but Amora isn't.

She looks at me without blinking. "Vampires who work on an organization to prevent the leaking of secrets such as discovering supernatural creatures."

"What organization?" I ask quickly.

"That's confidential." And that's all I get to know, but it is still something. "Any other questions?" Amora asks, not pretending to be a sweet old lady anymore. I shake my head and steal a glimpse of Damien. He looks at me in shock. He probably didn't expect me to be so blunt and straight to the point. But honey, I am all about karma. I am sweet to the people who are kind to me and will give the same attitude to the ones who give a negative attitude. When he realises me looking at him, he eye's turn to steel and he looks away.

"Well, if that's it then maybe you can have some cookies too?" She points at the brown baked cookies politely and it felt as if the last few moments didn't happen at all. But it did. This is fake. They don't want me know more.

I look at Damien as he smirks and takes the biggest cookie and said, "Don't look at me like that! I came first! So I get to choose first!" His words sound like they are coming from far away and I suddenly feel the walls closing in. It is all an act. I cant act like none of this existed. I try to pick a cookie too but instead, I see my hands shaking. I can't do this anymore. I abruptly get up from my seat.

"I am sorry, but I think I forgot to do yesterday's homework. I am afraid I need to leave now." A lame excuse but I didn't let another second pass as I quickly walk towards the door without waiting for any response. But I did turn to look at them at last and both gave me a cold look. I push open the door. And I am out.


Stupid me. Yesterday there was no homework, but I don't care. I am happy that I was able to get out of there. It was getting too suffocating.

I think I might be allergic to fake people.

I am currently laying on my bed with an empty instant noodles cup on my bedside table. "Urg," I grumble and turn to lie on my back as I keep remembering the same incident again and again.

Did I mention overthinking is one of my key talents other than music?

After all this, I honestly didn't know what to do next. Maybe I should try escaping again. My deepest part of my brain thought but, I knew better. It is useless.

Look what escaping from Jennet got me, a worse place.

For all I knew now, I am not safe. Neither here nor outside Scarenville. In here I need to deal with Vampires who think I am a spy and outside, I need to deal with Jennet. No plus points. I was never safe back there and I am not safe here right now, and I probably would never be safe. The only place I ever was safe was with my parents who unfortunately aren't here with me. Except only in my dreams...

Okie that was kinda depressing but I don't care.

Sorry for not updating regularly these few week, for the people who don't know why I was absent last week is cause I have been working on a blog lately.

In which I blog about Crafts, Writing tips and life hacks related stuff. I also take suggestions from readers(already working on a suggestion). :D

And my blog will be updated every Tuesday, Friday or Wednesday (Alternate).

Thank you. :)

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