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11. Agents


Two strong knocks snap me from my deep thoughts. My head quickly spins to my right at the closed door.

Is it Damien? Amora? But I haven't been in here that long, can't I get a moment of peace to myself?

I struggle to get up from my messy bed and struggle more to make my way to the door. Yes, I still haven't cleaned up the mess. Once I open the door, my breath hitches and my heart almost reaches my throat. It's neither Amora nor Damien. It's the agents! They just happen to differ from the ones who attacked me.

The two men stand incredibly tall, dressed in dark coloured suits. Both look identical with short blonde hair and a similar jaw shape. And it's just my luck that I don't have any weapons with me.

They probably see my shock too and decide to speak first. "We apologize for last night's event on behalf of my colleagues, but we aren't here to harm you," the one on the right says and I pretend to ease up a bit. "This is Seth and I am Spike. We have come here to have a talk," Spike explains, the one on the right and I nod cautiously. One thing I learned from these past events is to never let my guard down.

I scan them suspiciously and find no weapons, nodding I then move out. Quietly closing my door I glance at them and shrug. "What? My room is a mess, thanks to your colleagues, let's talk outside."


"So...err Rose?" Seth asks while we are currently seated on the apartment roof in wooden chairs and tables. Since my room is still a mess the twins had decided to question me here. They had revealed that they were twins in the elevator which wasn’t surprising given their identical traits.

"Yes?" I ask while I eye the cup of tea seated at the table. You may never know what might really be in there, I think, and watch Seth skimming through a list.

"What evidence do you have that Jennet is only your stepmother and that you aren't a spy of hers?" Urgh, the same thing again.

"Well, you can do a background check on me and if I really was a spy of hers, I wouldn't have been having a talk with you." I roll my eyes and reply sarcastically.

"Um, of course, but do you have any other proof?" Seth asks patiently.

"No," I reply and look at the skyline from here.

It's afternoon and even in all the mist, I can see a hint of orange, indicating that evening is nearing. I look at the cup again and gulp. My throat began to ache with thirst, causing me to glance at the cup of tea sitting in front of it.

I keep still, refusing to reach out for it. Either I am incredibly thirsty or these agents havd an ability to make people thirsty.

"Alright, kindly write your personal information here so we can accurately do a background check," Spike speaks and removes a small piece of paper and a black Parker pen from his pocket.

I take the objects and put the paper on the table and start writing. The idea of giving my personal information to an unknown private organization is pretty unnerving but not wanting to create more doubt, I provide my information.

I stop writing once I’m done, and Seth takes the papers from me. He neatly folds it up and places it into his pocket. "Ok, do you know any information about Jennet that might help give us an advantage?" My mind wanders to the dairy I had read and all the other bits of pieces of information I remember. But the idea of helping them without me knowing anything isn't pleasing.

"Perhaps, if you explain more on the 'advantage' part I might help you guys," I emphasize. At this Seth shifts, a bit in discomfort and I think I might be getting somewhere. I innocently look at Spike and see him glaring at me; he probably thought I am some kind of fool.

But, as I may look kind on the outside, I am smart on the inside too. Or else how am I still alive?

"Fine, we can explain a bit, but know this. It is confidential information we are about to expose," Seth says. That snaps my attention and in my head, I start hyping and in reality, I smile and nod reassuringly. Spike looks like he might argue but stops knowing that they need information from me. That's a win for me. "Last night we had an attack at the bolt," Seth explains and I raise an eyebrow.

"The bolt?"

He hesitates but continues. "Yes, it's where the supernatural information, portions, rogues, etc are kept." I notice a bead of sweat drop from his forehead and I realize that they are taking a huge risk to get information from me. It was a pity, since I was kinda clueless but I stay still and nod, and beckon them to continue.

"So… what happened at the attack?" I ask and see Spike tapping his fingers on the table anxiously.

"A witch broke in. We are suspecting it's Jennet since… erm… Scarenville citizens and Jennet have a history," Spike says quickly. I get an urge to ask what history, but think better of it.

"Then?" I prod and Spike continues, "They tried to steal an ancient relic which belonged to the first original Vampires," he says, now I don't know who the original Vampire was and why they are keeping a relic of a dead owner, but I keep my mouth shut.

Though in my head I keep on wondering whether we humans also have any relics of the 'first humans'. Jobless monkeys who were recently turned into humans. If there was a relic it probably would have been a banana or something.

"And what exactly was the relic they tried to steal?" I ask and both the twins go rigid. With Seth pausing just as he was about to sip his black tea. A wind blows from the south giving goosebumps as no one speaks for the next two seconds. Until Seth slams the cup on the table and sends a death glare.

"I think, our part of the bargain is over, now it's your turn."


"Oh, yes, uhm… a few weeks ago I had gotten hold of up Jennet's diary," I trail and neither of them say anything. "I learned she is a music witch," I continue with enthusiasm and a smile.

No response.

".And?" Spike asks.

"She-um also does rituals!"

"Which level?" Seth asks, suddenly interested. Shoot. That was just a guess, I don't know what levels are in ritual. I smile at that while I panic internally and tell the first thing that comes to my mind.

"Uhm- sixty---" Seth and Spike's eyes pop out as I drawl.


Everybody breathes a sigh of relief, including me. Wait. They didn't doubt me?

"Alright. Is there anything else?" Seth asks. Phew, apparently sixty-six is a ritual level.

"Uhm-, I don't exactly remember, but if I do! I will ring you up!"

I say with a dimpled smile. "Do you even have our number?" Seth rolls his eyes.


"No" I reply and see him huff in annoyance while he removes his business card and hands it to me. I read the card.

CF~Crystal Fires

Seth Valcomrite
Special Agent 105
Call only on emergency T-T

My eyes linger a bit longer in the emoji and then glance up. "I don't think these numbers are legit," I say and Seth rolls his eyes.

What's up with the twins being hella sarcastic?

"It is legit. We, vampires, use initials too. Even your boyfriend -Who's that smuck…Damien also has that," he says annoyed while they both stand up.

My mouth gapes and that. "He is not my boyfriend!" I exclaim and see Spike smirking. These two twins-

"Whatever, we are leaving. We have other work to do too. Good day." With that they both vanish. Literally! Their Vampire speed leaves me utterly in shock.

The sky seems to get darker as I note the night approaches. The temperature starts to drop too while I close my jacket zip with an involuntary shiver. I look at the card wrapped in my hands again and smile internally. I have gotten some information, all I gotta do is jot down the points now. I am also incredibly grateful that both of them are not keen and haven't noticed the fact that I hold much information than I have given them. Maybe a walk can help me clear my mind and while I glance at the dark streets.

Not a different banner cause I still have the same mood.

Well, has anyone else noticed the number part(not the phone number) or are y'all just innocent?

-Annie is back and she is tired

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