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12. His bite


My footsteps echo through the empty night street as I stroll through the dark, racking my knuckles every now and then as I try to jot down the dots. The twins had mentioned that Jennet might have tried to steal the relic of the first original Vampires and I was utterly confused on why she wanted that.

Didn't she write in her diary of using me later on? The main question now is why did she go for the relic instead of me? Considering the fact that I have no security and if she wanted, she could have easily kidnapped me.

I take a whiff of the cold air that is lingering around me and let out a loud frustrated groan.

I glance upwards at the night sky, expecting to see the moon which might give me a little reassurance, but instead find the sky pitch black, with the only lights coming from the rusty street lights.

This couldn't get any worse. I walk further and kick some rocks on the way while trying to make sense of everything in my head.

Urgh. It's useless.

"Why would Jennet go for a stupid relic than rather than me? And why?" I say it out loud to no one.

My words echo, bouncing in the air. I stiffen and scan my surroundings, shoot! Someone may have heard me. I increase my pace, entering an isolated dark alley and re-start my wandering.

For a town filled with vampires, the night was strangely empty. Which was kind of shocking since I heard Vampires love the night and thrive for the darkness.

Must have been a rumour.

I roll my eyes and continue to stroll at the now unfamiliar path. So why? Why? I am back to square one.

"Maybe, she doesn't need me anymore!" I whisper to myself. It is stupid. After all, I’m pretty sure Jennet is here for me. Her breaking into the town's bolt is too much of a coincidence. And it would probably be stupid to underestimate her. She is no fool and is probably smarter than she looks, hell she looks like the evil smart queen in the dystopian novels.

Small droplets of rain fall onto my skin, causing a small break through from within me. It makes sense. I stop on my path and hear a thunder somewhere far away from me and another piece gets solved. Damn, is this God? Oh my, it's unbelievable.

I whisper the conclusions in disbelief" She is still behind me, but the relic must have been more important. Or maybe it has-"

"Something to do with me," a dark masculine voice speaks behind me and I freeze.

"Damien," I say under my breath and turn with wide eyes.

"Rose." He smirks and leans on the nearby wall. He is wearing a striped denim jacket and jeans with a white top. My eyes trail over to the picture on the shirt - showing an image of fangs with the phrase 'Fang you very much'.

"What are you doing here?" I ask and automatically take a few steps back in surprise.

"You know, just checking on my crazy human friend and explain how stupid her theories are." He smiles, although it doesn’t quite reach his eyes.

I straighten my back and stay alert, by the things I have seen in the past few days, Damien might be the most trustable person, but not trustworthy completely yet - so I can't keep my guard down.

"Well, what do you want?".

"To tell you how stupid your theory is, as I had mentioned before." He stretches his neck sideways and makes his way towards me. I take a few more steps back, trying to increase the distance between us.

He pauses in his tracks and arches an eyebrow at my actions. "Are you scared of me?" he asks and playfully takes a few more steps forward.

"Nope, I just don't want you to break in my personal bubble. And kindly leave," I say as my voice cracks in the middle. Damien notices my appearance and stops.

"How much did they tell you?"

"The CF agents told me enough."

His eyebrows quirks up at the mention of the name. "I didn't think they would tell you the organisation name. They must be rookie agents," he casually replies and walks towards me once again. My feet shuffle backwards, keeping a safe distance between Damien and me.

"I know enough." I curl my hands into small fists by my side and glare in his direction.

He scoffs and starts walking a bit faster. "If you had, you wouldn't have uttered those poorly made thoughts before. You should be happy it was me. If anyone else got to know how much you know already, either you would have been dead or transitioned."

I start to walk back a bit faster as the atmosphere turns intense. I gulp again and reply, "So what do you think? Why would Jennet go for the relic rather than me?" My voice is barely audible but Damien still hears me.

"That shouldn't be your concern. And stop trying to snoop on confidential stuff, trust me Rosey, there isn't anything worth your time."

His pace turns quicker and to prevent him nearing towards me, I start to half walk and half jog backwards, but don't stop. "There is, I know it. I can feel it!" I say the words louder and they echo this time. My back hits a wall, which means I have reached a dead-end and now he is only inches away from me.

I stare up at him. His eyes narrow in my direction, fuelled with fire. His face remains completely blank, except the slight smirk tugging at his lips.

"You think everything revolves around you? Well, sorry to break it Rosey, but you aren't someone special with superpowers or anything. And it's all in your head. You are overthinking this. Hell! The CF isn't even sure whether it's Jennet or not. You are not using your mind now. Going after a relic which a Witch can't even steal is impossible for you to steal."

His words are cold and hard. Not at all Damien-like. Yet, the words are true. He is right, I might be overthinking. My eyebrows lift up sadly and I realise he is holding my elbows to support me. I look at him in disbelief.

His face instantly turns to a lusty look as he licks his lips and looks at me. With no regret of the harsh words said earlier. "It's okay, I know you must be traumatised by what happened before," he says with sympathy, but it doesn't match his facial expression. "You can spend the night with me. If you want."

He hugs me tightly and I lean on to him. I don't know what's happening. His words are like extra honey laced this time and I can't think anymore. I say nothing as Damien puts his dark jacket around me and in five seconds we reach his room. The one opposite to mine.

I gasp in surprise of how quickly we have reached and hit his chest. He smiles wickedly and bends down to kiss me. I close my eyes as we kiss and wrap my arms around his neck. The kiss is sweet and passionate and my insides melt along with my heart.

I have no idea what's happening, but I don't care. We enter the room and the door locks. I don't even look at the room and continue to kiss him.

He then leans down and kisses my jaw and then my neck, I giggle. Me giggling? When did I start to giggle? Wait a second.

Before I can make sense of anything his fangs extend and he bites me at the nape of my neck. His fangs deep in my neck. And that's when I scream. A scream so loud, that even I didn't know I was capable of. The burning sensation seeps through my neck and then to my whole body, causing me to jerk up and down violently. I can slowly feel myself losing my mind and before fainting I hear him mutter something.

Well, I guess Damien really had warned Rose with his 'fang you very much' shirt. Which is a Vampire slang for 'thank you very much'. Get the hint ;).

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