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13. My fear


I groan and my whole body feels like lead. I can barely move my hands and my neck feels as if it has been pierced multiple times. My head pounds and I try to remember exactly how I ended up like a dead body. I force myself to think harder and can't remember a thing.

It is extremely odd since I am not really the kind of person who forgets things. The only thing I can remember is Damien meeting me at the night streets.

But I am unable to remember what I was thinking while I was on the streets, although I can figure out that it was something important.

Remembering him taking me to his room and biting me, my body shakes in anger; despite the fact that I am still paralyzed, the sensation still gives me chills.

It is a while later when the sensations return to my hands and feet, and by this time, my body boils with anger. How dare he!

I shoot up from the bed, ignoring the dizziness and shout "Damien?"

My hands turn to fists and grit my teeth.

"Rose?" He casually walks out of the bathroom with fresh clothes. One plain grey t-shirt which has 'Take a chill pill'' embedded in it and grey jeans. Light smoke escapes from the half closed bathroom door, indicating he just took a hot bath.

"What did you do?" I snap, ignoring his previous words as I slowly walk towards him. His eyebrows shoot up when he realizes I am seething with rage and gulps nervously. You can't play innocent now, not anymore.

"Rose, look—"

"No, you tell me why you bit me yesterday and why I can't remember a thing that happened yesterday!" I shout. At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if steam was pouring out of my ears.

"No, it's nothing important," he lies and steps backwards. This time it's me moving forward with a menacing glint in my eyes.

"Tell me what happened," I say calmly and wait for a response.

Instead he shakes his head stubbornly.

"I can't- I am sorry, it wasn't meant for you to know—" I cut him before he can complete his statement.

"Not for me to know? And who may you be to decide that?" I grasp his collar and glare daggers at him. Damien doesn't look angry, instead he looks sorry and nervous which is an unexpected behavior coming from a Vampire, not that I care, because right now I am furious and I might be more lethal than him now.

"Rose, I am sorry, it was an order from the higher ups," he murmurs and pauses. His eyes are laced with guilt, but this does nothing to reduce my rage.

"Move," I whisper and grit my teeth harder, I don't want to lose control here, not in front of Damien. This would lead me nowhere.

"What?" He asks. Even though I know he heard me I still repeat.

"Move." My words are much louder this time.I need to get out of this place and he is blocking the exit.


All of a sudden, my vision becomes blurry as a ringing sound fills my ears. His hands shoot up and down as he tries to explain something to me, causing more dizziness to form inside of me.

I see Damien's lips mouthing something to me with worry etched on his face and I know that I might faint anytime. But before that could happen, I push Damien out of the way and exit the door.

I make my way through the empty corridor, not giving him another glance and make my way towards my room.

Twisting for the door knob I am grateful that I am one stupid girl who forgets to lock doors. By the time I reach my room and close the door, I lose consciousness and fall on the floor with a thud.


"Do you want to know what memories he stole?" A familiar voice states and I open my eyes, only to find complete darkness. My body feels like stone and I am having a hard time placing whose voice it is, but I still croak a response

"Yes." I try to move my hands, but I am in a fetal position, unable to move or do anything.

"Okay," the voice says and a frown forms on my face. What does it mean by 'okay'? But before I could process more, my body jolts up like I have just touched a live electric wire.

I bolt up from the ground. My eyes wide in alert and my hair a mess. I notice I am still at the entrance of the house where I fainted and I’m wearing the same clothes I had worn yesterday. The only difference is that I now remember what memories were taken away.

Getting up unsteadily, I am unable to control my emotions and I lift the nearby table and throw it towards my bathroom door, shattering the glass door into smaller pieces.

Tears freely fall from my eyes and a ugly sob escapes my mouth. It's all too much to process, getting back a memory which is stolen in the first place is all too much for a human brain.

I felt them come to me in pieces slowly and every time I got a new memory of last night I would shatter something, the pain each one got was just unbearable.

By the time all my memories are returned, the room is in ruins, again. Pillows with their fillings out, glasses shattered and the lamp broken. The room is in a much worse state than it was before.

I need more time to think. I glance at my digital clock which has fallen near my feet and find that it's 9:10 already. It wouldn't matter anyways if I skip school today, it's already late. I lay on my bed and take a deep breath. Even though I had slept the whole night, I still need rest and time, so I close my eyes and slowly drift off to sleep.


Loud heavy knocks resonate in my room and I am reminded of my first day of school when Amora had knocked on the door, surprising me with her new look.

But with the sound of continuous knocking, it seems like the person outside waiting for me isn't patient. I don't want to meet anyone right now and especially not Damien.

My mind is still a mess and I don't know what the person behind the doors wants from me. What if they have come to erase my mind?

My subconscious is screaming and running in circles. I wish I could have done the same, but alas, my room is a mess. Having no other option, I gather some left over courage and walk towards the door hoping it's not Damien.

With shaking fingers, I open the lock and then twist the door knob. One finger crossed behind my back as my mind continues screaming. Not Damien. Not Damien. Not Dam-

The door creaks open and guess who it is?


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