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14. Damien


"Get lost!" My voice cracks at the last word but I stay still with a firm look on my face.

"Rose, please listen to me—"

"I can't, Damien you broke my trust." He looks heartbroken and I can't even tell whether this is all a play or if he is guilty for real. Visible tears pool in his eyes before streaking down his cheek. My eyes trail over to his unbrushed hair, feeling a tinge of hurt on his behalf.

"Rose, you are the only person who I truly ever trust. No one else knows about me being a half Vampire." He holds both my hands and lifts them pleadingly. I gulp and try my best not to meet his eyes because if I do, I know I would end up in a pool of my own tears. Yes, I am pretty emotional.

"Amora does." I drop my gaze to my feet, before slowly flickering it over to Damien’s and realize he is wearing no shoes.

"That's because she is a Witch! Witches can easily identify who is a Vampire and who isn't! Besides, she was the one who actually helped me hide my human habits and traits," Damien explains. If he is telling the truth then it shows Amora has a sweet side to her, but this still doesn't explain why he had bitten me last night.

"Look, I get that Amora is a sweetheart to you but she isn't to me and I still haven't forgiven you about last night," I say and remove his hands from mine, letting them fall by my sides.

"Yes, and I don't expect you to, but I really do want to make it up to you. I won't interfere in your choices again and yes, you can leave Scarenville if you want to. I won't stop you." The last words were a deal-breaker.

Oh, how many times have I dreamed of Damien saying those words to me?

But now that I actually have the permission to leave Scarenville, I have no clue what to do. Whether to leave this place and give my luck another try and hope that Jennet doesn't find me or stay here and face the truth.

"You really won't stop me from leaving?" I ask and imagine him just chuckle and reply sarcastically "Nah! I was just kidding, I was planning on taking you to a-wait for an it-A bloody picnic!" And remove a party hat but instead, he nods glumly.

"Oh, thanks I guess… Bye," I say those last departing words and close the door, but before it could fully close, Damien puts his shoe in front of the door. I roll my eyes, maybe he might actually take me to a bloody picnic but much to my surprise he removes a palm-size wooden box from his pocket and hands it to me.

"Sorry, um this is just a small gift I wanted to give you before you leave-um to stay away from vampires again because fully transformed vampires have no emotion and might be much worse than me," he says and vanishes, leaving me astonished.

I look at the small box and close the door. Sitting on my bed with questions pounding in my head, I carefully open the box. What can it be?

My mind wanders off from each and every sappy gift to the most dangerous gifts in the world. It's Damien after all who has given me this box, anything can be in it.

He himself is a mystery. I ignore the thoughts in my head, I carefully unwrap the box and open it. To my surprise, it's neither a ring nor a bomb. It's a small vial containing a small paper rolled up in it with blue liquid surrounding the small bottle. I carefully open the cap and flinch, expecting an explosion but nothing happens. I continue with my search and remove the rolled-up chit carefully.

Once the chit is removed, the blue liquid automatically decreases and is only occupying half the vial now. Ignoring the liquid, I carefully unroll the paper and read what's written in it.

The vial contains a liquid that would harm any supernatural creatures who come in contact with it including Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Fairies, etc. This is for your safety please use it wisely. (P.s please don't use it on me, even though I was a douche, I am the one giving it to you)
(P.s.s A drop on anyone is enough to give you time to escape or kill.)
(P.s.s.s What I am giving you is illegal so please don't tell anyone about this)
-Your douche half Vampire

I read the note multiple times and look at the vial containing the blue liquid. I am still unaware of what it's called, but I am glad that Damien gave it to me since this would be helpful to escape Jennet or any agents. The wheels in my mind start turning and my heartbeat quickens on what to do next. Perhaps I can leave Scarenville with this keeping me safe forever? Although that thought doesn't please me as much as it once used to.

Now that I got to know that I have a greater purpose in unraveling the secrets here and get to know who my step-mom truly is, there is no way I can ever 'just leave' again.

Hell, I have made my mind, I am going to break into the bolt. Now I am more interested in doing it after Damien tried erasing my memories. I must have gotten back my memories for a reason and I wasn't going to waste this opportunity. I am going to find my answers, no matter what.
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