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15. Escaped

I am shivering like a leaf and I’m still in disbelief over the fact that I left my apartment in my pink unicorn pajamas to break into a bolt. I rub my hands on my arms and keep taking random turns. If I learned anything from last night, it is that you could never tell who was watching you.

I try to make it look like I am trying to find an exit to this Scarenville town when in reality, I am searching for clues on where the bolt might actually be. The wind is chilly and the moon is shining brightly-only getting covered once in a while by the clouds. The alleys and mansions are all quiet and dark, but I don't think vampires need lights to see - after all they are the children of the dark.

After a while of endless walking, I realize I am far away from my apartment and most mansions are far past me. I am coming to an unknown territory.

The fog has cleared and now I can see where I really am. A mile away from me is a giant castle with guards-shoot- and a few nearby extraordinary large mansions. Past that I can see a tiny hut.

Odd. Out of all the large buildings, what's a hut doing here? What if this is a pathway to the bolt?

Damien had mentioned that finding the bolt is hard and a hut in the middle of nowhere is suspicious. From the outside, it may look like a hut, but who knows what's inside? Finding the way to the bolt was easy - now is the hard part.

I need to get past the guards and the castle towards the hut, without knowing what reins in there and get in the bolt. Find the old relic and do some snooping until you can find something that is worth all the risk and answer your questions, then get out there safely.

After this, I don't even know what to do. Knowing that I dont have much time left, I take the vial out and sprinkle a bit of liquid on myself. Doing my own research on the vial taught me that its effects are beyond weakening a supernatural creature as it also messes their mind if a small whiff of the scent enters their lungs.

Now applying the liquid on my head, the strong scent of chemicals fills my nostrils, causing a nauseous feeling to rush through me.

Damn, this is strong.

Taking out my mask, I slowly move towards the castle. As I inch forward, I slowly realize the guards aren't Vampires. They stand 8 feet tall, hovering near the gates with wolf features. It’s only when I get closer that I notice they are part wolf. Every guard standing on the post is shirtless; showing off their very muscular body-which gives me an idea of how quickly they can turn me into a pulp.

Their faces resemble that of wolves, with their bodies all covered in fur.

I pause in my tracks as I notice they aren’t vampires but are werewolves, which causes me to cringe at all the fantasy novels I had read.

All those fictional books portray both vampires and werewolves as hot creatures, but in reality, vampires are just heartless and cold perverted beings, while werewolves look like a few escaped wrestlers from WWE.

A movement catches my eye consisting of a small shadow escaping near the tall trees, causing the guards to turn in that direction. Some of them growl and say something in an ancient language to one another before running towards the trees in a pack.

So Werewolves are fools…

I take this opportunity to run past the gates as quietly as possible. Trying my best to make no noise, I slowly tiptoe forward and cross the enormous golden castle gates. I am yet to find out what caused the noise and don’t want to waste time when I should be taking advantage of the situation.

Taking it as a sign from God, I start to tip-toe quicker only to pause when I see a large whiteboard stuck in the middle of the golden gates, just below the locks with written words on it.

Damien Adler
Sub-Head of the Scarenville Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Dark Fairies, and Mortals.

My jaw drops to the ground as I read the sign. Holy fangs, this is his castle? And he is the Sub-Head? I have no clue what that means, but the title sounds important. I shiver involuntarily and quickly make a run for the other side. Heck no! If he finds me here he will definitely decapitate my head and forget about his apology.

I gasp for air after I have crossed the gates and hide under the bushes which creep up towards the castle wall, not that I care, now I only need to successfully reach into the hut. My luck couldn't get any better, hopefully, neither Damien nor the guards had noticed me.

Just when I had an optimistic thought, I hear some movement and crouch behind the bushes. My hands fling to my nose in an attempt to prevent any noise from my gasping.

The Werewolves return all together as they speak in hushed tones. My heart continues thudding loudly as some Werewolves sniff the air and produce an animalistic growl.

I can’t help the feeling that they are heaving sharp senses, leaving me no choice but to wait. Each sniff brings them closer to me, one Werewolf covered in brown and white fur turns its head towards the bushes I am hiding in while taking a deep sniff of the air.

I gulp involuntarily; it is only a matter of time before they find me and bring me to Damien.

Gosh, the guilt and embarrassment when I get decapitated by Damien for hiding in his castle while at the same time having the vial he gave me sent shivers down my spine.

Sweat drips from my head and I breathe heavily waiting for my doom. A brown werewolf appears in my peripheral vision, just merely inches away from my hiding spot. My mind goes blank as he bends down to pounce on me and then in sheer desperation, I howl.

Yes, I howl just like the Werewolves. All of them pause and the deafening silence fills the air. It is quickly broken by the werewolves howling one-by-one.

Some try to stop themselves by clasping their snouts shut, but it only lasts for a second before even they start howling. Soon, within seconds the whole pack is howling, including the ones reining inside the castle bars. I don't waste any time. I run past them at full speed and cross the road. I don't regret watching animations.

Running past the howling pack, I crash across the tiny hut door, expecting it to be a metal door. To my surprise, the door is made of thin wood and I instantly break it with my push. I hit the hard ground with a thud and hear a tiny ping from somewhere within the hut. Before I know it, the mud splits into two, causing me to fall straight into a net trap.
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