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16. Caught


The alarms starts blaring loudly and I am stuck in the net like a hopeless fish, trying to wriggle free, but is of no use. My whole body goes into panic mode and I try to get out but fail miserably with each attempt; the net cutting deeper into my skin the more I wiggle.

I take a deep breath and calm myself down, freezing my body movements.

Wiggling won't get me out of here, so there has to be another way.

My body goes limp as the list of possible scenarios enters my head. I glance around, blinking several times to try and catch sight of something, but it is way too dark.

It is only a few seconds later when the sounds of werewolves howling above me break the deafening silence. I close my eyes and clutch my knees to my chest as tightly as possible, releasing a deep sigh. Tears threaten to spill and I realise what a horrible plan this was from the start. How did I think that I would have easily entered the bolt?

Feeling completely hopeless I wait, strangled in the net, waiting for my doom.

Within several seconds, a large werewolf falls on top of me, causing me to gasp, before I let out a piercing scream. My scream echoes loudly around the empty space and I feel the Werewolf whimpering and trying to move. I start thrashing around.

"Help! Somebody! I give up!" My words echo and now both the wolf and I start panicking. "Hey! Where is your pack?" I try talking but all the Werewolf does is squeak and thrash more.

I let out a loud scream when its claws scratches over my arms, causing blood to flow through it. But, the Werewolf still continues thrashing around the net which keeps adding pressure to my injured arm.

I try to push him away from me but the net is too small and the Werewolf is panicking more by each passing second.

In the near distance, I hear a snapping sound, causing the net to break. I hit the ground and immediately groan as my injured arm comes in contact with the hard ground.

In pain, I try to untangle my legs from the net and within a few minutes I am out. Whimpering, I put my arm on the wound and get up, once I am up I realize why the Werewolf is thrashing around.

He himself is wounded, below his stomach is a huge gash, so deep that I could see its rib cage. I feel like puking and go forward to help, but pause.

Whatever did this to him must still be up right? No wonder his pack members haven't arrived. They all might be injured or dead.

The thought made me shift a few steps back. Looking up at the wolf, I am pretty sure it wouldn't survive much longer, and it's a miracle how he is still alive after that huge gash in his stomach. It would be of no use of saving him now.

My palms close into a fist and I take some more steps backwards. The wolf notices me out of the net and stops thrashing and looks at me from the trap.

Its white fur continues getting coated with red. Its eyes filled with pain, almost expecting me to help him. But I can't, I might get killed by it or the creature above us. Either way I am losing time.

Gulping, I turn away and start walking. I hear it whimpering and then howling loudly and I feel a deep ache in my chest. Was I always this selfish? Maybe I was.

By the time I reach the end of the dark hall, the whimpers are far gone. And now in front of me stands a door with a lock, broken. I hesitate, why is the lock broken? What if it's a trap? Like the one I fell a few minutes ago? The thought of the trap makes my heart ache deeply again and I groan.

"Get a hold of yourself, Rose!"

I shout at myself and grip my hair, pulling it as I try to release my frustrations. The wolf's face just keeps coming to mind. For a brief second, I felt like I heard it whimpering, but I know it's all in my head.

Feeling my emotions blocking my thoughts, I waste no time to remove the rusty lock from the door and open it. Tears flowing freely now as I sniffle and enter the room.

The whole room is doom shaped and on either wall is a window showing the whole Scarenville town.

The moonlight passing through the windows makes me realize it resembles a study room. There are books sitting comfortably on the bookshelf which fills the corner and there are vials in the other.

What didn't make sense was- "But I was underground" I speak my thoughts loud.

My tears are now dry as I rake my brain on how I ended up on the top and where it is exactly? Having a lot of fog everyday hadn't made me realize Scarenville had tall buildings.

"You were, but the hallway you passed is made by Witches who cast a spell to directly take you here - the bolt. In a nutshell what you passed through was a magic floor."

A loud voice booms through the room. I spin around to check who is speaking, but it is too dark for me to figure out who it is. All I can see are shelves, tables, a statue of a werewolf and some medals long forgotten on the tables.

"Who is this?" I question. "You left my beta down there didn't ya?" The statue moves and comes forward in its prime. Looking just like the Werewolf novellas.

Standing 6'2 he hovers above me and glares through its purple coloured eyes. He is on his half human and half wolf form and is wearing a warrior heavy suit. I gulp audibly and take a few steps back. "Who are you?" My voice shivers, for some reason the sight of him scares me. Considering the fact that he looks handsome.

"Funny, I was supposed to ask that." He chuckles to himself and takes a few more steps forward. His eyes squinting he says,"I am the Alpha and my name is Ernouf, and the Werewolf you just abandoned was my beta."

For a person who just lost his right hand, he looks pretty calm. In fact, he doesn't even look angry at me. "I am sorry but he might still be alive." My voice shivers again as the aura he gives off is menacing, but his face speaks otherwise. "He died 30 seconds after you left. The net pierced through his skin, causing his body not to self heal. You could have saved him."

His words run in my mind continuously as my body stiffens.

He died because of me, I could have saved him.

My hand shakes and so does my legs, they could give out any seconds and I would fall just like that.

"Why haven't you attacked me yet?" A tear escapes my right eye and I fall against the glass widow, using it to support my body weight - not caring that if this breaks, I'd be dead.

He explains, taking steps towards my direction and stops at a distance, respecting my space. "The magic hall was supposed to make people drive crazy if someone entered the bolt with ill intentions, but you have made it through safely. But by the looks of the situation, it's hard to figure out what is going on, considering the fact that my pack is dead and you, a human have killed them all." His eyes turn cold.

"What? No! I did not kill them!"

"Then who did?" He growls and I see his ears turning pointed. Shoot! He is switching to a full fledged wolf now.

"I don't know" I helplessly try, he sniffles the air.

"You are a pretty good liar."

That's when he pounces on top of me in his wolf form, showing off his bright golden fur and sharp fangs.

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