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17. The records


Ernouf, being the Alpha werewolf, easily pins me to the ground and a groan erupts from me when I hit the floor, injuring my head. For a split second, I actually see three versions of him, all looking equally terrifying and deadly.

"Tell me, how have you entered here so easily?" He growls showing his canines, but the impact on my head still hasn't shaken off from me yet and all I can respond is a groan. What does he mean? How have I come here so easily? It didn't feel easy, but I am gonna count myself lucky.

"I don't know."

"Liar!" He accuses me and adds pressure on my shoulder, where his paws pin me. I let out a blood-curdling scream.

" I am not lying!" I shout and try to move his hands from my shoulders, but they don't even budge. Instead, he applies even more pressure and I can feel my bones cracking at that.

"Get off me!" My mind starts to panic as my shoulders ache. It’s almost as if my bones have been long crushed already.

"Only if you tell me how you did it," Ernouf bargains and stares at me. For a second I see his beta wolf in his eyes and I wonder if this is Karma.

"Yes! Fine!" I grunt in pain when he finally removes his paws from my shoulders and I can finally feel the blood rushing in. Grunting a few more times, I finally get up and stand. The pain subdued a bit, maybe my bone wasn't broken after all.

"Look, I didn't kill your beta. After entering, I fell in a net trap. Now, I don't know what happened up there but there was some commotion and the next thing I knew was your beta falling on top of me. That might have caused the net to break, after that I ran into the darkness and that's when I found a door which led me here."

I hold my breath, waiting to hear what Ernouf has to say about this.

"Impossible. You aren't even lying" He whispers and gazes off, staring into the Scarenville town which is seen from the window. Still injured I wait for him to continue, but instead he doesn't react and his face remains neutral, his eyes life less and his mouth half open.

This posture soon reminds me of the moment Damien had turned into a statue for a few moments when he had caught me escaping from Scarenville the first time. Maybe it's a thing amongst supernatural creatures. Recalling, when Damien was deep in his thoughts, he hadn't moved a bit at all until I moved forward towards him.

I quickly steal a glance at Ernouf one last time before I slowly start tip-toeing towards the shelf of books.

When I reach the shelf, I completely forget about a statue werewolf nearby me and get completely lost within myself. The shelf is covered with thick old books and spiderwebs, and dust covers most of the books.

I mindlessly search through the number of books, resting my hand on each of them and moving to the next. There are a lot of books starting from the original copy of human mythologies to the record book of each supernatural creature. There are volumes on each record, having information about old war and short biographies about each important person.

I find the VII volume of the Vampire history records and find it to be the newest version. One not having much dust upon it, I wonder if anything is written about Damien. For a shot, I felt like taking a sneak-peek and checking what's written, but pause when I notice there is another book next to it completely clean.
X volume of the Witches history record. My heart stops beating for a second before my eyes pop out in shock. The book looks even neater than than the recent Vampire records.

Would there be information about Jennet? I gulp and quickly snatch the book from its place and open, coughing a bit when I realize the first pages contain dust, indicating that they are old.

I reach to the end of the page and flip a few white pages until I freeze when I see the biography of the one I was truly searching for- Jennet Gracia. Feeling that it would be a waste of time with shaking hands, I flip to the last written page about her and find fresh ink. I start reading quickly.

Recent: Jennet Gracia wast hath found near the bolteth #5738. Proof wast eke hath found yond the lady might has't murd'r'd beldams sapota, the creator of the magic hall to passeth through it. Unfortunately the hall wast too powerful and till anon remains in work, but is weakening day by day. Jennet later did escape the bolteth safely. We suspecteth yond the lady might has't hadst the aid of an unknown, the identity is still anonymous. Higher-ups believeth t's did relate to the recent arrival of the mortal, Rose who is't claims her stepmother to beest Jennet. Though the lady did confesseth yond the thee hadst nay clue what Jennet wast up to at yond moment. We has't been spying h'r and till anon we has't hath found nay proof.

This attacketh hast taken us by surprise. We hadst been planning to useth h'r stepeth daughter as a bait but instead we w're taken by surprise. More information needed. Sub-head Damien isn't willing to bid much about Rose's past. Reasoneth not hath found.

I squint my eyes till they almost close and try my best to understand the Shakespearean writing, until I feel a soft breath on my shoulders.

Peeking from my shoulders is none other than Ernouf the Alpha wolf himself. "Is this the reason you have come here for?" He gives a throaty laugh, as if mocking me. Making me frown, "No, I just found it." I close it and put it back to its place.

"Why do you need this information?" He puts his paw on my shoulder and tightens again, making me jump in pain.

I don't need to turn my head to look at him, but from my view I can almost feel his eyes glowing. "I-I just came here to see what's going on. I know it's related to me!" I protest and keep a neutral face, but feel a bead of sweat drip down from my neck.

"You must be Rose? The mortal who everyone has an eye for, except me." I arch my eyebrows and tilt my head a bit, just a bit only to show my confusion.

"You know why? Because I see nothing special in you." He whispers near my ear, my legs immediately move on its own and stay a few feet away from him.

"You want to know why everyone is interested in you?" He folds his arms, his voice sounds playful but his eyes tell something else. Shining bright purple eyes look at me, waiting for my response and then calculating a move. His eyes look anything but innocent and I don't need to be told twice that he had something up his sleeve.

I stay in guard, "Because Jennet is my step mom?" I have a gut feeling I am wrong.

"Wrong." Ok, I was correct.

"Then why?"

"Why shall I tell you?" There it is, the deal. He looks purple eyes twinkling after he says it. Perhaps, he wanted to always say this to someone. After all nothing is for free, might as well hear his deal.

"What do you want then?" I clasp my hands in front of me and straighten my back, keeping a strong demeanor.

"Do you know why I am not with my pack?" he questions, I shake my head.

"It's because I am prisoned here for guarding the bolt forever.Scarenville is a place filled with history and secrets, and to keep those safe, they had asked for security long ago. The Werewolves committee, without permission, chose the weakest pack - my pack and put a spell on me. " He takes a deep breath and continues, "With my pack being loyal to me, they decided to guard the nearest place to me. Not many vampires know that I am prisoned here because it was done long ago."

He starts walking back and forth while watching me, taking notes of how I am processing the information. My face remains neutral as I tilt my head for him to continue.

"It's simple, you free me. Lets see how powerful a mortal you really are" Ernouf says with a smirk. Even though he is requesting me, it still looks like he is doing me a favour instead.

"And what happens if I do free you?" I ask and step forward.

"I will make sure that you return back to your home safely without the notice of any Vampires on where you went."

The deal is tempting, I know it would be impossible going back to my apartment. Now that I have broken into the bolt, the security outside will double.

"Quick, we don't have much time before the guards come in to check," Ernouf reminds me, knowing the deal is set. I take a breath and try to get hold of myself.

"Alright tell me what to do," I say and his smirk widens.

"I need your blood, if the rumours are true, this will be quick and easy," I frown.

"What rumour?"

"I will give you Jennet's records to answer all your questions, if that satisfies you."

Before I could argue, he removes a small blade from his pants pocket and smiles eerily at me. Maybe being locked up in this bolt for so long might have turned him like this. I almost feel bad for him.

Walking slowly towards the scary Alpha my heart stops beating when I bring my right hand forward, making sure to keep my left hand back. I need to keep my strong hand safe. His paws turn into human hands and grip me tightly and I grit my teeth when I feel the burning sensation of pain in my wrist. I hear a slow chanting coming from Ernouf and soon feel myself getting lifted. My eyes still closed, I frown, maybe I am getting dizzy because my blood is draining.

The pain continues to increase and once I realize that my feet aren't touching the floor, I open my eyes and gasp. Standing in front of me with a tight grip on my hand is a purple glowing Ernouf who is chanting in an ancient language.

He is holding my wrist in a death grip and I can see a small line cut through my wrist and find shining orange blood seeping from the cut. My mouth opens in shock, it looks as if lava is pouring out of the cut and that's when I realize I'm floating.

Without the grip of Ernouf's hand, I might have hit the ceiling. I turn my head around the room and I can see a small golden thread floating around and its source is my cut. Soon, Ernouf's chanting grows louder and faster, causing more blood to fall out of my wrists, dropping onto shoes.

And before I know it, I let out a scream of shock and surprise when I see cuffs breaking from his ankles, which were hidden by his pants.

He stops glowing too and I land on my feet again, my blood turning back to red. I am too shocked to say anything, Ernouf glances up at me while breathing heavily. His whole body is filled with sweat which drips down his face. Before he could explain anything, the doors to the bolt burst open and in come the Vampire guards.

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