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18. Why can't I?


The moment the Vampire guards break through the doors, I freeze. We've been caught. But that's not what Ernouf thought as he lifted me up in one swift move and ran towards the glass wall at an inhuman speed.

I hear the guards yelling something but I am still in shock by what's happening - eyes wide and all I could do is watch, hoping we can safely escape. My ears start ringing and I see Ernouf's determined face as he smashes the glass window while still carrying with one hand. Without any hesitation, he jumps from the window, leaving me and the guards surprised.

Once again, I feel the extreme lightness of free falling but I don't scream; I am too scared and shocked to scream.

We swiftly land on the ground and Ernouf starts to run again at an inhuman pace , much faster than I had seen Damien. The trees on either side of the road turn into a thin black line and I feel a headache rising, but what's worse is that the Vampire guards too are following us.

I breathe a sigh of relief when I realise they are not fast enough to keep up with us. My grip around the Alpha’s neck tightens and I try to shrink. I have never been in a situation like this.

I have always been safe, but now facing the fact that the guards might catch us and we might get executed is a lot to take in. Bullet shots are heard from behind us, but Ernough doesn't stop, peeking from his shoulders I let out a muffled cry when I see his back is filled with red holes.

"Holy hell, are you fine?" My voice muffled by the wind, he only grunts in response.

Ernouf, being the strong and smart Alpha roams around the whole town, going in random directions until all the guards have lost us. A few minutes pass and we climb a tree nearby my window.

If it was any other time, I might have had a fear of falling, but right now I know that we might get caught anytime. So bravely I catch a strong branch for support and reach for my window, with Ernouf supporting me in case I slip.

Once I catch the corners of the window, I bring my other hand and open the windows. I gasp a sigh of relief when I see that my room is exactly the same as before. Entering it carefully, I turn to look at him.

"Where will you go?" My question surprises him, he frowns at me before shaking his head.

"I am going to take the rest of my pack and move to another location. Far away from Vampires and those traitorous wolves," I nod in response.

"I wish you luck." My voice is short and curt.

"Same to you, oh and here" He shuffles through his pockets before removing the Witch records. I gasp in shock. When did he have the time to take the book?

"When did you take this?" I ask, voicing out my opinion.

"I got it before the guards had entered, you don't want it?"

I shake my head quickly and look down at the book to hide my face.
Opening the book I find that there are at least a few pages written about Jennet at the end, which satisfies me, because now I can finally get to know more about her and everyone else.

When I glance up to thank the Alpha, he is long gone. Instead of him lies the recent records book of Vampires. My jaw drops, before I could read what's written in it someone knocks on the door heavily, making me jump like a cat. Who can it be?

My mind runs to all the people who might possibly be behind that door and I wonder if anyone had seen my face while we were escaping. I glance down at myself and see my clothes covered in mud, hell no! If anyone sees me like this, they would easily verify that something is wrong. Someone knocks at my door again, louder this time and I know that I need to hurry. Snatching my daily perfume from my cabinet, I apply it all over me and reach over to my bathroom to get my robe and cover myself.

By the time I reach the doors, the person behind it almost seems to break through it. "Coming, relax!"

I open the door and cross my arms, my heart thudding loud. In front of me stands our one and only Damien with a hint of worry etched on his face. What's worse is that his frown deepens more when he sees me and listens to my thudding heart. Which indicates my sarcastic mood and heart aren't on the same page.

"Are you alright? Your heart is beating like crazy."

"It is? Of Course it is! I was practising breathing control so I could perfect an Ariana Grande note I was working on for the past few weeks." I smile awkwardly and put a hand on my hip and rest my shoulder on the wall.

He squints his eyes suspiciously at me but before he can open his mouth, I Interrupt him. "May I know why you are in my room at midnight? And in a suit?" He indeed is in a black suit, with his initials on the right side of his coat. With his dark circles on his eyes, fangs out and shuffled hair, I can only ponder on why he is in a suit and why he looks like he hasn't slept in an eternity.

"Well… That's a Vampire sleep ritual. It's mandatory to wear suits while you sleep.” And ladies and gentlemen is the worst excuse ever made, clearly both of us are lying and I bet even Damien knew what I had said before was a lie. But, none of us dare mention that, knowing that both of us will not say the truth. "Ok, why are you here?" My voice is casual and stress free.

"I just came to check on you. Sorry, to wake you- err, sorry to Interrupt your vocal practice." I nod my head and smile. My brows lift up in the irony of his words.

"Thank you. Bye." I dismiss him and turn away. . He grabs my arm, causing me to shiver.

"If something is disturbing you, feel free to tell me. I mean it. Also, thank you for talking to me and staying here." With that he leaves. I totally had forgotten about Damien's apology. I just hope that he doesn't question me much about this.

Seeing him in a suit and stressed is a clear indication that he knows that their bolt guardian and two record books are missing. It is better if I keep a low profile for the next few days. I enter my room, the books are still at the same place I had kept under my bed covers, but as I move forward to read them, my hands shake in anticipation. This is it. The questions to my answers are all written in these books.

Then why am I shaking? Why can't I open it? After holding the books in my hands for a whole five minutes I give up. Tossing the books beneath my clothes in the wardrobe, I free fall in my bed and lie down, closing my eyes. I try to sleep. Perhaps I am too shocked by what has happened today. My mind will definitely be clear after sleeping.

With those final thoughts, I close my eyes, but of course I spend the whole night tossing and turning. Screw this.

No no no, don't screw the book. It's important.

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