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20. Secrets unravelled


I am wrong. I am not on the end, but on the front and unfortunately I only realize that when the teacher blows the whistle and fifty pale depressed students turn towards me, including Damien who is still glaring daggers at me with those shining golden eyes of his.

I waste no time and turn to run. The coach lifts three fingers up, showing me that we need to take three rounds, which is a lot since the field is twice the size of a football field.

I start jogging at a normal pace and see a few students crossing me and even if the idea of running and staying first is pleasing, I find no reason to do it.

My mind is racing and my heart is beating quicker. I steal a glimpse of Damien who is behind me to see what he is doing and I see he is neither too close to me nor too far, keeping a similar pace to mine. He and I both know that we can do better but aren't doing it due to our own reasons.

I stay quiet and try enjoying the heat and the burn the run is bringing me. Even though the sky is cloudy and there is still some fog lingering around the field, I still sweat.

By the time I have completed one round, I am behind at least twenty students, but Damien still hasn't crossed me yet. I feel his stare digging in my back and for a shot I get the urge to run a bit quicker. Not because I am uncomfortable because of Damien but because of how I treated him today and the guilt overbuilding with every step I take.

Clearly, it wasn't his fault that I am a mess but I treated him like it is. I want to apologize to him but not now, now I need space which Damien is making extremely different for me.

Lost in my own world just as the turn to complete the second round comes, I lose my footing and like a deer caught in the headlights, a gasp escapes my mouth and I embrace myself to hit the ground, but I never hit it. Instead two cold hands from behind catch me. And I know it's Damien, blushing red I turn my head up and see the grey sky and below it, Damien's face comes into view with his eyes a dull yet brightish shade of golden.

"You fell for me from 15 feet below before and now you almost fell in front of me. What's next?" His tone is plain and bold but I still blush furiously. How did he say that so casually?

Still blushing, I stand up and mutter a quick thank you before I start jogging again but with a little bit more enthusiasm. I flip my head a bit and see Damien right behind me like before but instead of ignoring me, his lips turn upwards in a slight smirk. It isn't much but it is enough for me to know that he isn't mad at me for my before attitude.

I return his smirk back with a small smile of my own before I start crossing students with the rush of adrenaline I just received now.

By the time the jog is over, our coach separates us into five teams and all the students decide to play basketball, which is pretty obvious that this is their usual ritual since no one has a word and one of the students simply vanishes for a moment before returning with dirty basketball balls.

Unfortunately Damien gets selected in another team and we both move over to opposite ends of the court. After this we don't meet much. Once P.E is over I quickly head over to the washroom to remove the make-up. Even though I couldn't remove all of it since I don't have actual makeup remover with me. I still feel better when I look at my face in my mirror and see the familiar acnes visible again.

Wiping my face with a towel, I head towards the chemistry class. It's still recess so it’s likely most of the students will not be in there. I don’t let that phase me as I want to reach that class early just so I can apologise to Damien.

Walking past the stuffy corridor filled with students, I peak at the class from the small window and see it's pitch black. That means no one is in there and I will be the only student there if I enter. Flicking my wrist I see there's 10 minutes until the class starts.

So shrugging to myself I enter the dark room and switch the lights on.

They flicker twice before shining brightly and the first thing I see is Damien and the red haired girl who navigated me to my locker sitting in the teacher's desk together, her with her back to me. But that is not it, his pale skin shines brightly against the whole room and his golden eyes glitter as he meets his eyes to mine, his fangs and claws out free grasping the girl from her shoulders.

On her neck is a bite mark and Damien's lips are red with blood dripping from them. His hair is still a hot mess, the red haired girl turns her head, who is clasping on Damien's hair and looks at me with her fangs covered in his blood.

"Rose," Damien rasps and my hand slips from the door knob.

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